Blockbuster Video charge my credit card for dvds I didn't rent

Posted on Friday, September 8th, 2006 at 12:02am CDT by 5476b453

Company: Blockbuster Video charge my credit card for dvds I didn't rent

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Blockbuster Video Store at location 5100 66th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33709 (727) 546-3244. I signed up for blockbuster online which gave me 4 in store coupons a month included in price. I went there with my coupon to get a dvd never thinking that I had a problem. I started getting automated phone calls say that I had an outstanding dvd entitle "Candy Stripers" that I didn't return. Called the store and a girl told me that someone must have used my number on their account. Then they charged my credit card $23.47 which put me over my limit. I'm not going to go into all the details of the consequences of that. Talked to sales manager (who would not give me his name) all he could say was he's sorry. I don't have the receipt in question because I threw it out like all the rest of them. I checked my credit card records and bank card there was no blockbuster charges anywhere. They usually charge me for dvds when I go to the counter on my way out. Which means that I paid cash. I also keep track of my cash transactions with MS Money. No blockbuster there either. I going to go there in person and ask them to provide me with the receipt that I always have to sign. I really don't know what happened I'm an honest customer and hate when others don't play by the rules. Well I'm going to dispute it with my credit card company and chop up the card. They really screwed me up and my credit rating. They're probably going to get away with that one. I'm so angry about this thats why I'm writing this and will check you site before doing business with anybody again. Please tell people maybe to use paypal or cash and please don't throw away your receipts.


ec24eec0, 2008-04-16, 11:12AM CDT

Unbelieveable! I, too, was falsley charged by the SAME Blockbuster Store: 5100 66th street!!

I received a $10 gift card for Christmas, and filled out the form to rent a movie. I rented 1 movie, and that's it. For 1 full year, I was charged $15 (and change) every month for "blobkbuster Online", a service I NEVER signed up for and never rented through. I rented ONE movie from the store and have had to call both my credit card company and blockbuster VERY MONTH. Luckily, my vcredit card company was great, they kept reversing charges, howver blockbuster was another story. Most times, I was never able to reach a person and wehen I did, they were rude. One particular month I finally got ahold of someone at Blockbuster who was "helpful"..she said, it sounded like I was fraudulently signed up for the service and she immediately connected me to their Fraud Dept. I repotted everything and thought that would be the end of it. WRONG. Another cahrge on my bill. This time, when I called and got someone, they said that once it goes to their fraud dept, they no longe rhad access to that account. NO ONE, not even the supervisor who got on the phone could help or tell me why I was still being charged. Nor would they reverse the charge or do anything. They kept telling me it was out of their hands and they had no idea who could help me! then they had the nerve to tell me that if I claim to have not signed up or used the service, then it wasn't my account to begin with and they wouldn't give me any info on an account that wasn't mine!!! I was in shock! I said as long as it's being charged to MY credit card, it IS my business. They said the only way to keep from being charged AGAIN was to cancel my credit card. Well, I was steamed and said I wouldn't inconvenience myself because of THEIR mistake. Well another month went by and I got charged AGAIN!!!! I called again, this time they told me the only way to stop the payments was to cancel my credit card so that when they tried to charge me, it would bounce back. I was angry and said I wouldn't cancel my card and then have them ruin my stellar credit because of THEIR fraudulent activity. After finally calling my credit card company AGAIN, they, too suggesteed cancelling the card. So I did. What a pain, as I had many "easy Pay" payments connected to that card number! I will NEVER do business with Blockbuster and I warn others not to either! I have yet to check my credit report, but I fear the confrontation I will have with them if they dare to put anything against me! BE WARNED CONSUMERS....DO NOT USE BLOCKBUSTER!

afbdcb15, 2008-08-18, 09:24PM CDT

I have a refund of about 50.00 from a game that was returned last week - please credit it to my account immediately.

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