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Posted on Thursday, September 7th, 2006 at 1:07pm CDT by 1b0d5ffb

Company: preferred platinum

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Preferred Platinum located in California, # 1800-775-1135.

We have received several calls from this company for an E. Spears. This person in no relation or aquaintance. Told the company that there was no one here at this number by that name I was called a liar and hung up on. I have received several of these calls before I was able to even identify who the call was from. The call was always blocked on the caller i.d. I had to call the phone company to get call intercept just to find out who is calling and harrassing us. Today, I received a call and told them they had the wrong number and again I was called a liar. Spoke with the supervisor who was also rude and didn't believe me and she also hung up on me. I have filed complaints with my local police department and the State Attorney Generals Office. I also attempted to call the company back and asked for an account number!?! If I'm not the customer why would I have that information. Told them the scenario again and claimed they could not help me without an account number. They claimed they had records of this guy calling from my phone number but yet when I called and gave them the number they had no account of the number. What am I to do? Help!!!!



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6865b24f, 2008-01-18, 01:02AM CST

Yes I agree with the poster. I have some prefered platinum something or another taking money out of my bank and I have no idea who or what they are. It is connected with Black Onyx but I have nethier card. Watch out folks this place is BAD NEWS!

2f68ed3a, 2009-12-11, 10:38AM CST

I also have the same problem with this company. THey have gone as far as to leave messages saying "we'll be sorry" if we don't answer the phone. When I called to make a complaint I was called stupid and deaf,yelled at and then hung up on. My mother is ill and when she spoke to them they were accusing her for "covering up for her son and to not be "ignorant and blind" to what was going on. I have no idea where to launch a complaint as I called them to place a complaint to a manager and the manager was the same way if not worse.

9b877531, 2010-09-16, 04:28PM CDT

an asian woman called from prefered platnum saying my boyfriend would have a warrent out for his arrest if he didn't call them back what do I do?

7440810c, 2011-06-28, 05:28PM CDT

I just block the number on my phone. Maybe then they'lll quit harassing me

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