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Posted on Wednesday, September 6th, 2006 at 11:01am CDT by 751c9a56

Company: Tim Horton's

Category: Restaurants, Bars

Dear Consumer complaint department,

I recently had an awful experience at your Don mills and Lawrence store today. I have been a loyal patron to that store for nearly 5 years and I have never had a bad experience until today. I went through the drive through and asked for an extra large double double. When I reached the window, I saw three ladies standing around chatting while one of them asked for $2.48. She then handed me a large double double and I told her that I ordered an extra large. She then added that I was wrong and I ordered a large. I responded, "I know what I ordered." She continued to charge that I was wrong and the machine said I ordered a large coffee and a bagel. When I told her that she was wrong and I didn't order that, she huffed and proceeded to pour me another coffee. I took the new coffee and drove away. When I got home, I realized the coffee was pure white and that she had simply poured the large into an extra large cup and indiscriminately added cream and sugar. I also noticed a few fruit fly in the coffee that I felt may have been planted as some sort of retribution I was outraged and I got in my car and drove back to the store. This time I went into the store and asked to see a manager. I told her the situtation and asked for another coffee. The lady who originally took my order began to snicker at me again with her friends and said to me that I ordered a large and that I was wrong. At that point, I realized that these women had not respect for the customer relation code that "the customer is always right." Overall, my feeling of the customer service in that store was horendous. First, I get the feeling that these employees resent their job and have no patience for customer service. Also, I beleive they as so intwined with monotously serving coffee that they forget that we are all individuals. And further more, they take action against those customers that question their competence and won't admit to making a mistake. This may be an isolated incident, since I have been very happy with and have made several friends with another tim Horton's station closer to my work at 207 Queen's Quay. I truly believe that you may have a few bad apples at your Don mills and Lawrence store.


Loyal Patron

* store: Don Mills and Lawrence

* time: 11:30 am on September 6, 2006


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