Outley, Inc. - Complaint re: Aluminum Construction by Outley, Inc.

Posted on Wednesday, September 6th, 2006 at 9:28am CDT by 7f196a88

Product: Aluminum Construction

Company: Outley, Inc.

Location: 3670 U.S. 1 South, Suite 285

Category: Building, Construction

I am writing to file a complaint against the above named company. In May of 2006 I signed a contract to have Outley build a pool enclosure over our pool. I sent Mr. Outley half the agreed price ($7,315.00) in June. There was some delay in getting the building permit, however, it is now September 6, 2006 and I have not heard anything from Mr. Outley as to when he might build the enclosure. The money I paid him had been invested at 5%, so I am losing about $30 a month on the money I sent him (and presumably he is gaining a similar amount if he invested this money). This amounts to $90 in interest that I have lost to date with nothing to show for it. I have called Outley's office on several occasions, and the secretary says he is out but will call me shortly. He has not called me. I therefore claim that Aluminum Construction by Outley is engaging in deceptive business practices; an inexplicable failure to begin work as agreed in our signed contract, and non-delivery of goods/services.

Please contact Mr. Outley to let him know of this complaint to the Better Business Bureau of NE Florida.

Thank you for your help,


St. Augustine, FL 32080


83e92cbf, 2007-09-23, 10:32PM CDT

In response to Mrs. Minckley's complaint against my company, I, Ken Outley, as the contractor/president/owner, feel it is very important that the public understands the circumstances surrounding this situation. It is normal for a customer who goes into contract with a company for a service to set aside money for the project and pay a deposit, such as Mrs. Minckley did with my company, to install a new aluminum & screen swimming pool enclosure over her existing swimming pool that was installed several years prior. When the deposit payment is received this starts an Immediate Processing of the project which includes drafting, engineering, permitting, office expenses (to name a few). It makes no sense that a customer would set aside money for a project and then slander a contractor for any reason involving interest the money may or may not have earned during the construction process. It is normal to expect uncertainties,set-backs and unexpected delays when you enter into contract for a construction project such as we did for Mrs. Minckley. We experienced unusual delays with the St. Augustine Beaches Building Department when we submitted the package to them for the building permit. the beach building department was going to force Mrs. Minckley to add footers to her existing pool deck (concrete) which would increase the cost much more for the project we were installing for her. This was because of a new code change that no one was aware of until we submitted our permit package from the engineer. This also would have defaced the look of her pool deck if we would have had to cut it to add the footers. I spent a lot of time with the plan reviewers to help them understand that this would be wrong to do to a homeonwer who had an existing pool. After many meetings and discussions, the plan reviewers agreed that they would grand-father in all Existing Pools to Not Have to Add These Footers. However, they would require footers to be added to any new swimming pool decks in the future, during construction. This was a very intense situation that I willingly went into on Behalf of Mrs. Minckley, and thought I was doing her a great service at no extra cost to her. I do not regret that I was able to accomplish saving her a lot of money and avoided messing up her nice pool deck (as well as preventing future homeowners from experiencing the same situation for their existing swimming pools that were installed before the code change in the aluminum engineering). Additionally, Mrs. Minckley had a drainage pipe that ran from her house to the street, in the rear of her home, that was root-bound and clogged up. She called our office complaining that our rain gutter was not delivering the water through the pipe..... I personally went there to check out the situation and showed her that her drain pipe was clogged with the tree roots and advised her to get a plumber to clean out the pipe, and she agreed. It is obvious that I did respond to Mrs. Minckley, and we installed the enclosure as soon as we could. It takes about 3 or 4 weeks for the aluminum engineer to Sign Off and Seal the Plans before we can submit the package to the building department for the building permit. Mrs. Minckley is attacking our integrity while we have installed humdreds of aluminum enclosures all over St. Johns County including the City and St. Augustine Beach & surrounding counties. All of the permits have been completed and finals approved by building officials without any complaints about the deposit payments. We are sorry that Mrs. Minckley is accusing me of engaging in deceptive business practices when we have done a lot of jobs for customers that are employees of the building departments including the beach, city and county, councel members, their families and friends (who all appreciate our integrity) along with the many referrals from their families and friends as well as business owners/realtors throughout our community. We hold no grudge against Mrs.Minckley and hope she enjoys the job we did for many years to come. Feel free to check us out. (904) 797-7347 - Sincerely, Ken Outley, (Marvin Kenneth Outley, Pres/Owner/contractor).

fd4c2b1d, 2015-10-13, 02:35PM CDT

Is this Ken Outley who used to work in Natick, MA?

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