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Posted on Tuesday, September 5th, 2006 at 7:15pm CDT by f6893c87

Company: Scotty's Gifts and Accessories

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Dear Complaints,

I am so pleased there is a website that I can use to let others know about the poor service I received from Scotty's Gifts and Accessories.

I placed an order for an item that was billed to my credit card on August 7, 2006. On August 22 I still had not received my order so I called the company. When my call was returned, I was surprised to hear that my order hadn't been sent out until Aug. 17, 10 days after my card had been billed, and the clerk had no idea why the package had not been received. I explained I needed the item to give as a gift on August 31, so the clerk said she would send another item out overnight and we would deal with the initial package that had not arrived if it did. I called a second time to let the clerk know that I had not received the package and could they send another out. Unfortunately, I never received another call, the date came and went with no package. The package finally arrived on Sept. 5, not that I needed it any longer for the day I had planned to give it as a gift.

So much for ordering from this company. I won't use them again.


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3c8d72f2, 2008-02-18, 03:14PM CST

Let's be perfectly clear about this issue:

1) The customer placed an order on our website on 7 Aug

2) Wells Fargo Bank, our credit card bank, transmitted the order to us on 8 Aug

3) We entered the order into our store computer system for order fulfillment the same day.

4) The customer received an e-mail order confirmation message indicating the 10 business day fulfillment and credit card processing policy.

5) Our company has NO access to her credit card information. She is responsible for placing her order and charging her account - not we.

6) Her order was fulfilled on 15 August, one week after transmission and 5 days after our company received payment from the credit card company.

7) Her order was promptly picked up by DHL Ground service on 17 August, 10 days after she placed her order.

8) Her package arrived 3 days later, well within the time that she requested for gift giving.

9) We have records indicating that we called and spoke to the customer on 18 August, asking her to call us on 25 Aug if the package did not arrive. The customer never called us nor placed another order.

10) Our DHL tracking records clearly indicate that her $21 order arrived nearly 10 (TEN!) days before she needed it.

From our records and those of 2 other companies, this customer is clearly a LIAR! She is obviously attempting to maliciously damage our business.

We demand a full retraction or we will seek all resources available to be compensated for this false allegation!

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