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Posted on Tuesday, September 5th, 2006 at 3:49am CDT by e7a74b59

Company: Asurion Insurance Services for Metro PCS

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I'm a realtor in Northern California, Concord to be exact and after waiting

what seemed like an eternity for a replacement phone, it finally arrived last

friday. Upon calling Metro PCS to have the phone initialized I was told the

"ESN number" cannot be initialized and I would have to call Asurion to have it

unlocked. They told me I would have to wait another 48 hours for something I

don't remember what!

Needless to say, my ulcer was trying to eat it's way out of my chest and my

blood pressure beginning to go off the scale. I demanded to speak to a

supervisor and grilled him to the fact that it seems I got stuck with a "stolen

phone" that had the ESN number flamed and that this phone was not a new phone

but a meticulously repackaged used phone that Asurion was palming off as new.

He appologized and gave me the forty eight hour routine to which I asked him

why don't I just go down to the Metro PCS store in the neighborhood and let

them trade this phone for a really new one, to which he agreed, asking me to

have a Metro PCS person call him when I got there. I drove to the Metro PCS

Store, went throught the scenario with them after which the store manager

called Asurion several times but could find no one there who recalled out

conversation and that I would have to wait the 48 hours!

Needless to say, the real issue here is why is Asurion misrepresenting

themselves and sending out refurbished phones when their insurance contract

clearly calls for new phones to be issued to insureds. This seems like a

blatant misrepresentation, an obvious fraud and should make one hell of a case

in the courts. It's obvious my phone was used, the ESN number shut down and

somehow it got through Asurion's refurbishing process without being turned on

again. I'm sure the Insurance Commissioner for the State of California would

be interested in hearing about this incident and I think I will just buy

another blue-tooth phone and keep this one as evidence. Has anyone else had

this experience. If so drop me an email. And I'm talking about replacement

cellphones that look new to the naked eye, but have some defect that could only

mean it was used before and simply repackaged as new and sent to a insured.

When you pay an $85.00 deductible, you expect a new phone, which is what you

contracted for.

M. Swan



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6f9d1a77, 2008-04-23, 05:09PM CDT

i had the same thing happened to me first they sent me, a refurnished phone it was all scratched up and stuff i sent it back, then they told me that they dont make Motorola krzr K1m any more so they offered me all those gay phones, i said no thanks and asked to talk to a supervisor, so she finaly offered to give me a better phone the motorola rockr z6m i got it and tried to activate it and the person in metro store told me that this phone is on some one else accent and i cant activate it, i called asurion back and they sent me another phone, and when i got it didn't come with a battery so will see what asurion will do about this. the company really sticks it took me 2 months to get 2 this point with no phone and i lost my number.

b5f945c6, 2009-02-23, 08:40AM CST

Yes, I live in Florida and the same thing happened to me. I paid 89 dollars and recieved the phone in a very quick manner. When I opened the packed, all I was to see is a phone with no labels of brand model ex. I paid 300 new for my phone then had to pay 89 deductible and received a knock off used phone. I called them very upset and asked to speak with a manager and got no where. So I went to the store and told me it the insurance co I have to work with. So I let it be. I then started up my phone to find the speaker did not work, They then sent me another knock off motto. What to do?

72d0dbf7, 2009-07-23, 03:30PM CDT

hey i got my phone lost and i want a new one im on asurion i would like to pay online

c4b3f043, 2010-04-06, 03:25AM CDT

yes i am glad some one is bring this case to courts i dont like the fact that i go spend all this money on a metroPCS phone and then when something happened to it the insurance company give me a refurbished phone and i dont feel that right at all because when the insurance company sent me out another phone it had a lot of problems and i did not want to keep sending it back because i realized they were giving out refurbished phones so i felt no reason to keep sending it back.

9022f8a7, 2010-07-04, 10:07AM CDT

phone freezes and button popped off

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