Complaint - Closets By Design

Posted on Saturday, September 30th, 2006 at 7:54pm CDT by f85de369

Company: Complaint - Closets By Design

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Do not sign with them - RUN THE OTHER WAY!

Yet another consumer who has been taken for a ride by this company.

They didn't show for their appointment to install a closet. But not only did they not show up - they didn't call to cancel the appointment and didn't even bother to return calls trying to find out where they were!

They totally breached their contract but absolutely REFUSE to return the $1,000 deposit they were given. Stating that it is simply too bad. For some reason they don't think that not showing up and not installing the closet is a breach of contract. Therefore, if the consumer gets fed up - they believe they are justified in keeping the entire deposit because the consumer "canceled the deal".

And absolutely NO ONE in the company will return a phone call.

They did the old rip off and I recommend that you stay away from them. They don't come through, they don't return your calls and they don't show up with the product.

They simply take a 50% down payment and leave you flat.


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652e4dfe, 2010-02-03, 11:31AM CST

Get a lawyer, or take them to small claims court.

b57ca8cf, 2010-06-16, 03:34PM CDT

omg. where do i begin, i contacted closets by designs after speaking w/ a general contractor who wanted to charge me 4times @ much, so i went on line and spent a whole day on-line researching closets on top of closets! i loved the design i'd seen w/ cbd, i called & they couldnt get here fast enough...THEN, here we go...the salesperson by the name, Carol Stojkov came to my house and explained everything and i made it crystal clear, what i wanted! She was very nice and professional and represented the company well, but something was strange when i offered to pay the complete bill up-front because i just wanted to get it outta the way, because she kept saying, "don't do that, just pay atleast half! well i had to wait for a check to clear in my account so i had to wait a whole week and a half until they were able to start...i ordered the most expensive color (so they said), but it's what i wanted and it went w/my furniture...the start date was the middle of May..for whatever reason, it ended up being June 3rd..gotta call june 2nd stating the coler i ordered was going to be a week late ( mind you, my house had been torn up already due to construction going on in my home) then the owner calls himself helping me out by installing (temporary closets) so i can atleast put "SOME" of my clothes up..finally, yet another week later, i was given a call by Carol, stating that the materials were all the mean time, i'd spoken w/her because as i was looking @ the contract and layout of the closet, i kept seeing starting and stopping designs, where what i'd seen and asked for, was a continuous flow of wood paneling, because i wanted a walk-in closet feel! she assured me that she'd spoken w/ the owner "GENO SAVARINO", and it would be exactly what i wanted, including the crown molding @ the top and continual flow of wood (pressed)on either side of the 2 windows in the room! (i still have her message on my phone (which i played for my lawyer and bank)...on the day of the installation for what i ordered and had alrdy given $3,000.00 deposit for, the men were hours late, and when they got there, they were so rude that we had a shouting match and they LEFT! i called GENO, and he told so many stories that i was tired, but i wanted my house back in order, so i agreed to let it go and go the whole weekend w/my house still in shambles! 3weeks after the initial installation date, they came and started putting in my closets. i went downstairs w my family, and when i came bck upstairs, they were gone! didnt say boo, and i had no idea what came next! i called the store to find out when they were gona finish (left a mess in the room and didnt clean even the wood shavings on the floor)...the owner would not call me back,the secretary was getting very ANNOYED with me calling for 3days, and no1 knew what was going on...even Carol would not return my call, so i called my bank and told them what happened, & they agreed to give me back the $3,000.00 and they would fight it out w/them, and i called my attorney to sue for fraud, misrepresentation, and pain and suffering,and sheer inconvenience! (i have a bone disease so i move slow when it flares up, and my mom has alzheimers, so i didnt want her to be here during all the noise and in and out because it would have been a nightmare, so my mother was stuck @ respit for a month because i didnt wanna keep changing her location and confusing her)...I ENDED UP CONTACTING A CABINET MAKER TO INSTALL DOORS AND DRAWERS, which i'd already paid CBD to install later! i'm very upset by the whole thing but grateful to have learned something as well, and i now TRUST N O B O D Y! what ashame! the address of the CBD IS 15504 MADDISON, LAKEWOOD, OH 44017 and the owner is GENO SAVARINO! GOOD LUCK

e4246f6e, 2010-07-21, 03:41AM CDT

My family has a long genetic history of dandruff and if i get it, i would like to know how to cure it. :)

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