Posted on Friday, September 29th, 2006 at 8:12am CDT by 4ab8884f

Company: NHBC

Category: Other

What body can we complain to about the poor standard of service we received from the NHBC – they have a charter – response times etc but they never follow them – they actively and routinely ignore you – pretend they have not received things. Because our claim was so water tight – they had to begrudgely accept it but it took nearly a year to get the work done and they still haven’t paid us the money they owe us (ie that they have agreed to pay to settle our claim) they just ignore us and wont pay up – despite letters, emails and calls (the calls don’t even get logged most of the time and you never get to speak to the claims inspector)

They cannot claim that they have a charter and that they are a professional organisation when we are treated like this. Although I must admit – we are the lucky ones as most people don’t even begrudgedly get their claim accepted (we had no choice but to keep soldiering on with recorded delivery letters, taking copies and recording everything as the claim exceeded over


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