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Posted on Friday, September 29th, 2006 at 2:30pm CDT by 6e961128

Company: Hyattsville, MD - Lens Crafters

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I have been wearing glasses/contacts for years! since I was 7, I am 33 years old and am well aware of the procedures when purchasing both. I went to Lenscrafters because I worked for one of the county school systems and they were listed as a participator in the insurance plan.

When I got there, it said walk in appointments accepted but they tried to make me schedule an appointment. I sat for 2 hours and there weren't even that many people in the office. Once I was seen, I thought I was ordering contacts for 6 months, I was given a trial pair that did not work out, then I brought those back and got another pair, when I returned, they had not ordered the contact, I decided to wear my glasses. I called again, no confirmation of order or returned phone call.

I had actually forgotten because they took so long. I paid 290+ for a year supply of contacts. Once I realized I had still not received them, I called and again no answer or return on my message.... This was 4 months later. So I finally get someone to talk to me a year later about something I ordered and they tell me that my money is non refundable because I never came back.

Needless to say I am livid and this crazy office manager named Earlene is the worst. She said nothing is refundable and they never even ordered my contacts. She kept talking about I did not order them and what I paid for was a package deal!?! I tried numerous times to obtain them and either they did not have them or were avoiding me. I definitely feel cheated on this deal and will never use them again. I have had contacts from other offices that sat there for 6 months and was still able to receive them.

This company is horrible with customer service and pricing. Steer clear for the pricing tricks as well as their shady contracts. I just ordered new contacts and they say they have never heard of this type of business practices.

Sydney Kane

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bb09ebe9, 2008-07-06, 10:04PM CDT

""I have had contacts from other offices that sat there for 6 months and was still able to receive them"""

WHY IN THE WORLD would you let something sit for 6 mths -

Seems as if it is not that important - ? or don't care that folks have to sit there -and follow up on your laziness for 6 mths until you decide to drag yourself to get them -

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