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Posted on Thursday, September 28th, 2006 at 4:38am CDT by 2d30ac9a

Product: Continuous Renewal Service

Company: Readers Digest

Category: News, Media

I am writing to complain about how Reader's Digest secretly tricks you into signing up for their Continuous Renewal Service. They will send you a bill or a promotion stating that if you "pay now" you will receive this or that.

They then tell you to "Check the appropriate box" when submitting the return card to them, what they don't tell you is no matter what box you check you are signing yourself up for the Continuous Renewal Service.

When you start receiving subscriptions after your year is up they send you a bill for the current issues you are then receiving. If you call and state that you did not renew your subscription they tell you that you have signed up for the Continuous Renewal Service but you don't ever remember doing this because they have tricked you into getting the service.

You must pay the bill and then write Cancel on the bill to cancel the service. This happened to me and it is total deception, if they want to offer a service like the Continuous Renewal one, they need to add a separate box so you can plainly see what you are choosing. I feel that anyone tricked into this service should be reimbursed for any money they have been "tricked" out of.

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e6e36c93, 2009-08-03, 02:01PM CDT

This happened to me as well. I cancelled my subscription and a gift subscription. Only to find the gift has not been stopped. They are now trying to bill me again.

There must be some way of stopping this from happening

Christian S., 2013-04-15, 07:23PM CDT


This happened to me also! My aunt bought me a 1-year-subscription. They sent me recently a "past due bill". I mean, it was clearly 1 year agreement wtf!

Is there anything we can do?



Leomie P., 2014-01-29, 03:14PM CST

I renew Readers Digest every year by check.every year I have the same problem after my check clears the bank.Service notice-Lapsed Account ect:I thought Iwas the only one with that problem.I realize that it is the incompent people working at that department.I will not renew after 2014.I will pay the regular price rather deal with them.


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