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Posted on Thursday, September 28th, 2006 at 11:21am CDT by 2783a0a9

Company: California Family Fitness / Gym

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California Family Fitness

Elk Grove, CA

I joined California Family Fitness about 6 months ago. There was tons of processing fees about 250 dollars worth, I talked the salesman down to 130. You have to be careful about their "processing fees" this is where the salesman will try to milk you. The salesman told me the processing fees will be like a safeguard, so if I leave the club prematurely and without notice, then they would use that money to pay off my last month of membership fees. Well time came to cancel my membership due to an upcoming move to south California. I find out that my last month won't be paid for and I will also have to pay this deferred fee of 100 dollars and I would also pay an extra month even though I won't be there. I thought I could call up the customer service rep and try to work a deal out, because personally I thought they would understand my situation and give me a break and not charge me for something I won't even be around to use. I was wrong, the lady kept referring to the contract, which I wish I read more carefully before I signed up. They were pretty cold, no understanding of the situation I was in. I started to become angry with the rep, after I realized how the company really treats customers. I couldn't believe it was so important for them to get that last monthly fee from me, rather than trying to save customer loyalty in the hopes I would be a return customer once I get settled down. They just seem like such leeches no in retrospect, if you plan to go to that gym be careful about the contract read it carefully before you sign, ignore the friendly salesperson and ask them for time to read the contract no matter how silly it may seem. Don't believe anything the salesperson says go by what the contract says only. It's sad when you can't trust a word out of the salesperson's mouth no matter how genuine they will seem, some are willing to flat out lie to you, be careful. That's the last time I do business with this gym.


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