Posted on Thursday, September 28th, 2006 at 5:53pm CDT by d2135bca


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I recently acquired an Visa credit card for use when buying from (which I was forced to do because the check authentication company Amazon uses, Certegy, is holding my checking account hostage and not allowing any of my checks to go through)

I called Visa to get the card activated, and the next day used it to place an order on It has been several days, and I should already have my order, however Amazon continues to have "problems processing my credit card" and they keep sending me e-mails telling me there are delays. Which is it? Are there delays or are you telling me MY credit card (an AMAZON Visa, even) is not working? It only has a certain monthly limit, and if I re-order, it'll go over the limit, then what am I supposed to do, pay a 25% penalty? I think not.

This is Amazon's problem, so they should deal with it. I want free overnight shipping on my purchase when they finally get off their asses and process my order. There's nothing wrong with my card. This is America and I work my ass off for the money I spend, I don't appreciate having to wait!


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