Circuit City - Circuit City...Hey! Complaints.Com really works!!

Posted on Wednesday, September 27th, 2006 at 8:34am CDT by 1bb8c145

Company: Circuit City

Category: Stores, Shopping

Complaints.Com really works!! About 8 hours after sending my complaint to and a copy to Circuit City I got back the following response:

Dear Rod *********:

Thank you for writing to

I understand your concern regarding the restocking fee portion of our Return Guarantee. I apologize if you are dissatisfied with this fee.

Please note that the restocking fee is a measured change in our policy, but is in line with return policies at several other national retailers.

We hope that you will understand that we made this decision based on sound financial analysis, in hopes of being fiscally responsible to our customers, associates, and shareholders alike. Please remember that most products sold at Circuit City Stores, Inc. can still be returned for a full refund.

However, I would like to issue $15 Circuit City Gift Card for the

compensation towards the restocking fee. Your mailing address in our records is as follows:

ROD *************



Please revert back us with your new mailing address (if changed), so that we will be able to forward the request.

I apologize again for any inconvenience that this situation may cause.

If we can be of assistance, please contact us again via e-mail or call

toll-free (800) 843-2489.

Thanks again for writing to


Yogesh S.

Customer Support Coordinator

But you must note too that there was no offer of restitution for the hassle that they put me through trying to get this back. Additionally, had I borrowed the $15.00 from them and kept it for 12 years, at their interest rates it would be about $110.00 now!

One side note: Whenever I would see a Circuit City ad on TV it would remind me of this problem. About once a year I would email them with a list of the electronics I had bought that year at other stores! Home theater, Wide screen TV, Xbox 360 and etc. Nothing but canned answers.

So, thank you Complaints.Com for providing me an avenue that apparently finally got their attention.



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