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Posted on Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 at 4:25pm CDT by 4b5db785

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ADT is a ripoff. I haven't been able to use my alarm system in over a year because I had to move into a rental house. You have to be a homeowner in order to have the equipment installed. I have been paying $37.99 a month all this time even though I can't use it now ADT has gave me a rate increase to like $39.28 a month. I called to cancel my contract and I was informed it would be the $39.28 times 12 months still remaining on my contract times 75%. So they still charge you for the service for all those months but they give you a 25% discount. Big deal. This is still $350. That's ridiculous. But that's only the half of it. I proceed to tell her go ahead and cancel it and bill me for the charges. I can't pay them right now so I'll have to send you payments. She tells me if the total is not paid in 90 days they will turn it over to collection. I already owe over $200 just for the monthly charges I haven't been able to pay yet so they want to send me a bill for almost $600 and expect it to be paid in less than 90 days. yeah right. I can barely put food on my table each week how can I afford that. So I told her fine just leave the contract alone and as soon as it is hope I'm never using ADT again and I'm turning them over to the BBB. She says "that's fine. Is there anything else I can help you with?" She didn't even help me in the first place. ADT Sucks. If you see an ADT Rep run, run fast. Use Brinks or someone else.

Christina Null


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74763c7a, 2007-11-01, 02:17PM CDT

I have the same situation. I am attempting to cancel the ADT Service after fulfilling the 3 year contract. However ADT has put so many road blocks to prevent cancellation it is mind blowing. First I called them, and they advised me that I wasn't the "Authorized" user, even though my name is on the bill they send me. Then after I got the Authorized user to call, they said "you need to send us a signed letter". So we did. After two months of no reply, then sent another bill charging us for future 3 months. We called them, and was told that they never received anything from us.

We faxed and sent registered mail to them once again. Again, we have no reply.

I am sure my bill will be sent to collections soon and my credit rating will go down.

There is just no way a average consumer can win.

2c075410, 2008-04-06, 09:37PM CDT

Next time read ! You are signing a contract! If you dont have responsibilty then dont sign ANY contract! If you read it ,then you would have known better,think any other company is different?

996c8fb5, 2008-07-14, 12:26PM CDT

I left ADT after three years of employment at the National Marketing Center (NMC) in Jacksonville, Florida. The pay was good, the benefits were good, but job satisfaction evaded me for the entire three years. My job was to assist customers in reactivating and reprograming existing ADT alarm systems in their homes remotely over the phone. I was also an ADT customer for three years; ADT employees get a 50% discount on installation and monitoring. During the three years I was a customer, I found that my alarm system was typically effective and that the monitoring center did a pretty good job of responding to the few false alarms I experienced. There was one incident that prompted me to leave ADT (as an employee and as a customer) that occurred several months ago. A fellow employee in my department, for reasons unknown to me, decided to tamper with my personal home alarm system programming using the remote downloader hardware/software ADT utilizes for reactivating existing alarm systems.

This person changed my master arming code and disarmed my alarm system while my wife and I were both away from our home. When we returned home we were obviously concerned that not only had our alarm been disarmed, but we could not re-arm the system either. I discovered the program tampering to my alarm monitoring account when I returned to work and made copies of all program documentation and reported the incident to upper management. No action was ever taken, that particular employee is still at ADT, and I'm no longer an employee or customer there. I have filed a complaint against ADT with the Florida Department of Consumer Services because of this incident.

I'd like to let everyone who stumbles across this post know that paying for alarm monitoring should be a thing of the past. Most everyone has a cell phone these days, so why not monitor your own alarm system. With simple programming on the alarm keypad, you can change the phone number that the alarm system dials from the alarm company's monitoring center to your personal cell phone number. You can call the police, friends, and neighbors and have them check on your home just as easily as some $8.00/hour monitoring center employee can. Most alarm company monitoring centers are required to contact the homeowner or a key holder to the home before they can notify the police anyway.

To monitor your home alarm system via cell phone, you'll need a few things. First, you'll need the manufacturer's installation and programming guide for the make/model of your alarm system. This will walk you through the programming steps for changing codes, phone numbers and so forth on your alarm kepad. Second, you'll need the phone number and monitoring account number that your alarm is currently programed to dial. You can get this information from your alarm company's monitoring center operators; if not, ask around in your local area and find a alarm technician (or ex-alarm technician) who can find this information for you (usually for a small fee or favor). Third, you'll need the installer code for your particular alarm system. This code will allow you to access the advanced programming for your alarm at your keypad. Once you have the programming guide, all phone numbers and codes, it's just a simple matter of following instructions and typing in numbers on your keypad.

It's really quite simple; if you can set up address book phone numbers in your cell phone, you can reprogram your alarm system. When the alarm goes off in your home you'll be notified directly on your cell phone, and you can in turn call the police yourself.

Now, if all that's too complicated for you, or if you can't obtain all the codes and information you need for your alarm, there is another option that will still allow you to monitor your own alarm system. You'll have to purchase a digital alarm phone dialer. You can usually find one of these at your local Radio Shack or electronics store or by searching on-line. These automatic phone dialers can usually be had for around $80.00. A digital dialer can easlily be wired (just two wires usually) to the siren output connection in the main control panel of your alarm system (that's the metal box that houses the main circuitry and system back-up battery for the alarm system). When the digital phone dialer is installed you'll unplug the alarm system from your home phone wiring and plug the digital alarm dialer phone cord into any phone jack in your home. The digital phone dialer will come with wiring and programming instructions and are much easier to program than the alarm system itself. A big plus with most digital phone dialers is that you can program two, four, or even six phone numbers for the system to dial in the event of an alarm. This allows you to program your cell phone, neighbors phone, friends, other family members, etc...please note; however, you should not program the dialer to call police or other emergency services; that's unlawful in most areas.

So, stop paying $30, $40, $50 per month or more for alarm monitoring and take control of your own home security. You can do this with a lot of the alarm systems that are out there; it's just a matter of doing some research and/or spending a little cash, and doing a little wiring.

For those of you that do not have a home alarm system and are thinking about getting one for your home a company called X-10 has a pretty good do-it-yourself system that comes with keypad, remote keyfob, six number digital voice phone dialer, five window/door contacts, two motion sensors, and an additional wireless keypad, all for under $200.00. Just google X-10 and you'll find their website. I bought one of these systems for my 75 year old mother-in-law and it works great. I installed the entire system and programmed it in under two hours.

I'm not a what you would call and expert alarm technician, but then electronic alarm systems and alarm system monitoring is not rocket science either. Even the latest and most advanced electronic home alarm systems still use the same basic circuitry and components that have been used in home alarm systems for the past 30 years or more. I have to laugh whenever I see ADT's new commercial where they talk about their "new" keychain remote control...they've been selling that same remote for at least 20 years now.

You'll pay $400/year and up for monitoring with most alarm companies, and yes, they do sometimes provide technical service if the alarm breaks, but most problems you would ever have with a home alarm system you can fix yourself (if you have basic mechanical skills), like replacing the system backup battery, reattaching a lose door or window contact or replacing batteries in wireless door/window sensors and motion sensors, etc...

If the alarm system is just totally screwed up, you can easily replace the entire system yourself for less than one service call from an alarm company technician.

I hope the information I've provided on this post is usefull to some of you out there. At least you know that there are alternatives to paying extortion fees to an alarm company and being locked into a 3 year contract. I'm sure that there are many other alternative home security solutions out there that cost way less than ADT that I have not mentioned here; so get off this blog and start doing your research.

adf7a502, 2009-07-24, 09:33AM CDT

My alarm had went off several times. I waited and waited for ADA to call like they are suppose to but they didn't. So I call them and ask them. They said that it was my fault because I am the one that is suppose to be testing the system every week.They schedule a technician to come and fix it who never showed up. They also promise a credit card for $150 and a $99 gas credi card that I have never received. Now I am stuck in that stuppid contract. What do you do in a situation like that where they have you stuck in that contract but they dont provide what they promise.

3fb9c6e7, 2010-07-28, 06:09PM CDT

ADT Security is a joke! And a ripoff too!

I know because I worked for them for almost 2 years as a commercial and residential service engineer in Arizona.

I designed, installed and tested technical security systems at US embassies and consulates before I retired from the USG and went to work for ADT. I am an electronic engineer and had specialized USG training in all aspects of technical security. I did military communications systems engineering for 23 years prior to working in security.

When ADT hired me, they promised 30 days of training and I got nothing! They also said I would earn $75k but it was less than half that amount. And ADT managers, who knew nothing about security, expected and demanded that service personnel do at least 7 service calls per day, regardless of the complexity of the problem. Service crews were sent out with no parts and often had to call other service personnel to see if they were nearby and had the part needed.

ADT installs alarm systems that do not work and when a burglary does happen, they tell the customer ADT is not liable since the customer did not test his alarm system monthly as they are supposed to do.

Most homeowners would not even know if their system was communicating or not with ADTs monitors (they either have a communication link over a telephone circuit or a wireless connection via a cell radio transmitter). I personally saw situations where the system was installed and not working properly and the customer had been paying for months or up to a year without knowing it.

Yet despite all the shortcomings, ADT sees fit to charge $30-40 a month for a false sense of security - it's all about profit and little to do with customer service and satisfaction.

And ADT has no installation standards, installer training, or spare parts on service trucks. I was sent to one customers home which was about a 1 hour ride away; when I arrived he needed a few standard 1.5 volt batteries and I had none on my truck. I had to drive to the nearest Ace hardware and buy them using my own money. At other residences, I found the heavy alarm panel mounted with only drywall screws (it was falling off the wall), exposed conductors on wires, panels installed upside down, and sensors that had been installed days ago falling off.

ADT sales reps know little about security principles and how to design a proper alarm system. They advertize the $99 special, which is OK for a studio apartment at best, and then use the bait and switch scam to get the customer to shell out $1000 or more for an expanded home alarm system. Sales reps are out to maximize the total sale dollar amount since they get paid on commission.

And ADT will take over any system ever installed by anyone else, as long as the customer pays the $30-40 monthly fee. Then ADT will not have trained personnel or parts to support these odd ball systems when they do fail.

Buyer beware! It is a known fact that a big guard dog is a better deterrent for burglary! And keep in mind that a critical factor for any alarm system is the time it takes for police to respond to the alarm if you are in a remote location and it takes 30 minutes for police to get there, burglars have this much time to crash and grab.

2c4c6eba, 2010-08-18, 01:58PM CDT

ADT just plain sucks.

My story here:

66bdde34, 2010-09-19, 02:02PM CDT

I've had a very similar experience. I tried to cancel after a year. There service is overpriced, run-of-the mill at best and they have a cancelation fee buried deep in the contract that would make the banking and Wall Street shysters blush. over $700 dollars for us in penalties. In addition, during at a least one occasion, our system went off - a false alarm, but nary a call from ADT. Really makes you think. If you are considering contracting their service, I would recommend that you run (Not walk) away from ADT - nothing but bad news. They run interesting advertising and that's about the only positive thing I can say about this company. Spread the word!!

9075984d, 2010-12-07, 05:10AM CST

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3cf0e9f1, 2011-08-22, 12:08PM CDT

So you couldn't really afford the cost yet you signed a contract agreeing to pay ADT for service over a certain period of time, and now you want to renege on your contract. ADT wants you to abide by the agreement you signed and THEY suck?

57932ec7, 2012-01-05, 02:28PM CST

I spent 15,000 on my pulse system. The concept is great, but I have nothing but trouble getting access to this system. More than 1/2 the time I cannot get to my cameras on my iphone or my computer. Their system has been horribly slow to respond if at all. Their tech support is almost non-existent. Their installers are virtually incompetent. And I won't even begin to talk about their sales staff.

I think they have oversold systems to the point the pulse system is not able to handle the demand on the system for information request. Over the past couple months the access has been un-usable and completely un-reliable. For a security system this is criminal and amounts to a tremendous fraud perpetrated on the customer thinking they are buying security they can rely on.

There is a reason they require you to lock in for these annual contracts, because if they didn't they would lose the business almost before it started. That in itself is poor business to lock people in and then use aggressive processes when people want out of this system.

If I didn't have a DVR separate from ADT which I insisted upon when they installed my system, I would probably rip this system out and dump it on their front lawn. From the beginning they screwed up the installation and it wouldn't communicate with the sensors, they damaged my windows with sensor that weren't designed for the system, they had control panels that didn't match the main control panel, and on and on. I should have run them off on the first day.

I am hopeful there are other systems that have the same features that this system claims to provide. The concept is great, but the company sucks and and system don'est work as advertised.

Run the other way,the day their ADT truck rolls up in your driveway and save yourself the pain of fighting these ASS#%#%%.


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