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Posted on Monday, September 25th, 2006 at 5:20pm CDT by aa5136f1

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s Here is my complaint about our 55th anniversary cruise with NCL> The trip started off the wife and i not being able to sit together on our flight over to Hawaii . We tried , but no good. When we landed , we was herded on to a shuttle that was so hot and smelly we about choked.Once aboard and in our room,the drawers would not slide, we stood in about 2 1/2 " of waste water in the shower. We called, but nothing was done. Next they had our papers mixed up at the desk. We was being charged for others, our card would not work when we tried to get a drink , and it was embarassing when that would happen. This happend 3 times.Once was to many. We was told our food was paid for once aboard. WRONG. You don"t pay for food, but you have to pay a cover charge to eat in the best restaurants. The ones that was free, had the same menu . that didn"t make sense when both place"s was separate . When lobster night rolled around,the lobster was over cooked and it was about the size of a piece of sausage. We don"t know what they ment about formal dinning night, we didn:t see one unless it was in one of the restaurants you pay a cover charge. The buffet had the same menu day after day. 7 day:s a week. The first couple days the bus boys would keep the tables cleared. After that you was lucky to get a clean table. We stacked the dirty dishes at the end of the table. and they would still be there when we finished eating. We payed 140 dollars for this kind of service .(gratuity) It was automaticaly put on our bill. Over all i think we should be compensated some how on this messed up cruise. Thank you for for reading my letter. e-mail COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_62455# Bob Helms 210 W. Cypress rd. #44

Oakley Ca. 94561


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