Frigidaire Gas Range Malfuntions

Posted on Sunday, September 24th, 2006 at 12:07pm CDT by 7eabeb55

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Frigidaire gas range – replacement of clock and the thermostat; constantly malfunctioning

Frigidaire gas range is a poor product!

Don’t put your family in danger - repeated clock/thermostat malfunctioning in Frigidaire gas range. I first purchased ($539.00 sale) in January 2002 as part of a remodeling kitchen project. By January 2005 the clock/thermostat was beeping for preheating and soon after that malfunction the stove started turning itself on! Leuptow’s Store in Port Washington, WI, where my remodeling purchases were made, “diagnosed” the malfunctioning clock at no cost. After several calls to Electrolux Corporation (owns Frigidaire), arguing the danger of stove turning itself on, and contact with the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau, Electrolux agreed to pay for the clock/thermostat replacement ($238) or give me a 20% voucher towards a new stove. I paid for the service call and labor from Leuptow’s Store in Port Washington in March 2005 ($70) to have the replacement installed.

Again the clock/thermostat began malfunctioning in September 2006. I called Electrolux again (through menus and on hold for 25 minutes long distance). I explained the 2005 replacement was malfunctioning, but since once again it was over a year (1 1/2 yrs) they will not cover replacement due to warranty expiration. (This oven had extremely light use as well). I gave them the file# from the previous complaint and again said the Better Business Bureau wants me to try once more to solve the problem. Electrolux said I would need to have it diagnosed again before replacing the same part. This time Leuptow’s said I would have to pay for the diagnosis ($60). I argued to the owner of Leuptow’s that this is a dangerous product that our hometown appliance dealer was selling. I asked that he cover the diagnosis since I have purchased all the remodeling appliances and other items from his store totaling over $2500. He explained that cars and all things people purchase have limited

warranties and no he wouldn’t offer a free diagnosis. He said there have been no other complaints on this product; I pointed out that yes there had been which I will send him copy. He said the thermostat would prevent a fire from occurring so not to worry if it turns itself on! The thermostat is malfunctioning!

Again I will be responsible for the service and labor for replacing clock/thermostat if Electrolux replaces the part ($260) at again a cost of proposed $130 for both diagnosis and replacement service. By now I could have bought a new stove with time off work, calls, and associated costs.

I have lived through many remodeling projects this being my third house as an owner. I am not sinking any more funds into this malfunctioning, dangerous product, especially after reading web pages regarding others experiencing problems. I am disappointed with the lack of concern for the safety of customers by my hometown dealership owner (customer service from “hometown” isn’t what is use to be) and intend to go to a different nearby town to purchase future appliances or perhaps a “Big Box” store. The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau will keep file of the report and the steps I tried to resolve the complaint.

Last night I went to 4 stores to find a new stove. I talked a couple out of buying Frigidaire they were interested in. I have talked to the first time owners of homes at my place of work and warned them of my experience.

Model# FGF354BGWE

Serial # VF03311757

Purchase date 12-19-01 Installation Jan 2002 Paid VISA

Lueptow’s 211 N. Franklin Street, Port Washington, WI 53074 , (262)-284-5519

C. Necci

Saukville, Wisconsin


Consumer Product Service Commission or call toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357)

Better Business Bureau /Complaints

Lueptow’s Furniture Appliances Carpeting, Port Washington, WI

Electrolux and other brands ownership check:


(800) 724-7519


Head Quarters: Electrolux Home Products

P. O. Box 212378

Augusta, GA 30917

National Complaints Registry



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33367c62, 2008-01-21, 02:15PM CST

I have the same model range and have numerous problems with it.

I purchsed it on 03/28/01 and had it repaired in 2002, 2003 and 2004. Each time the eoc/clock had to be replaced. My oven would beep for no reason, it turned it self on, it turned itself off and the locking mechanism woulf run for no reason.

Electrolux was kind enough to pay for the repairs and the last time they used a different eoc/clock part. This one was all electronic instead of the knob version. I was told this would fix it for good.

It did last three and a half years but last week it started again.

The oven got to hot, my dinner burned in ten minutes. It was making clicking noises, it turned itslf off and then the locking started running and running. I unplugged it and it was still going when I re-plugged it. I tried to open the door to see if it was locked and to my surprise it opened. Now I can't close the door because the lock is stuck out and now my oven useless because it won't reset itself.

I am in the process of shopping for a new range, I will never trust this one again. I just hope that other manufacturers don't use the same part.

Teresa P., 2013-11-12, 07:00PM CST

This same thing happened to me with my Frigidaire gas stove. I purchased in in 09. In just a little over a year it began to malfunction. I was not home and it turned it's self on to over 400 degrees. And will not shut off using the control panel. This happed a few times before I started calling the company to make a complaint. The stove is gas ? with an electronic ignition. They told me they would replace the part that was causing this to happen, but could not guarantee it wouldn't just happen again. They also said I was responsible for labor. I had already read where several people replaced the part only to have the same thing happen again within a very short time, so I didn't spend the money. Instead I unplugged the range so that the electronics that cause the range to ignite were disabled. I am still able to use the stove top, but light it with a lighter, and only plug the stove in when I need to use the oven. I told the manufacturer that I was incredibly disappointed in the way they refuse to stand behind their product, especially went the situation is this dangerous. I also told them to remember my name, because when my house burns down, due to their faulty product (an issue that they CLEARLY ALREADY KNEW ABOUT AND REFUSED TO RECALL) - they would be the 1st name listed in my law suit. It has been three years since my initial complaint, and I still have the stove ? UNPLUGGED! I check often for a recall to be issued, but nothing yet. I tell EVERYONE I KNOW about this potentially deadly product, and warn them that when you purchase from this company ? your life is in your own hands. OH, YES!!!!! ? THEY KNOW ABOUT IT!!!! TRUST ME!!!! They just refuse to do anything about it!

FYI ? I lost my house and everything in it when out town flooded in 2008. I had to completely rebuild, and replace EVERYTHING. The stove was purchased during this recovery time along with matching refrigerator, dishwasher and under counter microwave. Needless to say, we incurred a huge amount of dept. while rebuilding, which is why I have not replaced the faulty stove. If ever there was a situation that adds insult to injury ? this is it!

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