Whirlpool Refrigerator / Service Call - A&E Factory Service at 1-800-905-9505

Posted on Friday, September 22nd, 2006 at 2:41pm CDT by 0aabc50d

Company: Whirlpool Refrigerator / Service Call - A&E Factory Service at 1-800-905-9505

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A&E Factory Service at 1-800-905-9505

First off this is either the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with, or they have hired a bunch of unprofessional service personnel. My wife stayed at home for their "allotted time frame for service" from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm today (9/22/2006). By 11:30 NO ONE had showed. My wife took soaking wet towels (from another problem due to the builder of our home) outside as well as pulled the garbage cans from the curb. This took all of maybe 10 minutes to do. SHE NEVER LEFT THE HOUSE/ADDRESS WHERE THE SERVICE WAS REQUESTED THE ENTIRE TIME. My wife went back in the house to find a message from some male individual WHO DID NOT LEAVE A RETURN NUMBER, and basically the message effected a "no show service call" because he didn't hear from someone. So I guess this means that you can't use the bathroom if you have a service call pending or you will miss the phone. Guess you have to hold it for 4 HOURS.

I called the number listed above and some call person (female who was quite nice and tried to handle everything, but I was upset so she may have caught the hard end of a message intended for a LAZY and INCOMPETENT SERVICE PERSON) tried to locate a supervisor. After 10 minutes on hold, the female call person came back on a politely explained to me that she couldn't find someone but took my call back number so a manager/supervisor could return the call.

If the call isn't returned in 10 minutes (which is what A & E service says you have to return a call or your service call has to be re-scheduled) then I am formatting a complaint letter that is going to both newspapers in the Hemet area, maybe even the LA times, the local television and radio affiliate, as well as an official complaint filed with the Bureau for Electronic and Appliance Repair/Better Business Bureau.

I am on Active Duty with the Navy and set to deploy to Japan for 3 years starting next week. These missed service calls because of a LAZY service person just adds more stress and stupidity onto an already stressful situation. Because a service person didn't want to get their LAZY rear end off of their main path/highway/route and drive to an address; I am now stuck with a refrigerator that is still broke and cost over $1000.

If Whirlpool uses A&E Factory Service for all their appliances, then Whirlpool JUST LOST ONE CUSTOMER FOR LIFE AND ANYONE ELSE I CAN SWAY FROM BUYING WHIRLPOOL APPLAINCES AS WELL!

Completely UNACCEPTABLE behavior and business practice.

Philip Burnett

881 Aria Road

Hemet, CA 92543



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ff03912f, 2008-07-23, 04:57AM CDT

You are right my friend!

Whirlpool is very strange company!

My experience:

In the year 2004., I have bought Whirlpool combined refigerator with freezer. Big one (ARC4030)! Prior refrigerator lasts for OVER TWENTY YEARS without problems and could last with adding freon for meny years. But, I have wife ("When we will buy something new...") if You know what I mean...

Ok, I've visited ALL TECHNICAL STORES IN MY CITY (there is a lot of them) and, finally (what mistake!) I've decided to buy Whirlpool!

Big, new, well lighted, no frost system - what the hell, the life is only once! (It costs about 500 EUR.)

Before two weeks, it start malfunctioning: when You open door, the light inside starts to blinking and, what's worst the motor so!

When You close the door, everything is OK.

It happend after ONLY FOUR YEARS!

Ok, call service support...

I have explained problem and they said that the problem is in electronic (processor) board on the back side of the refrigerator!? (I have never had an idea that this masterpiece HAVE processor board! I didn't wont ANY electronic board and no one warned me when I was buying this robotic appliance. The old one have had motor - compressor and freon and it worked over twenty years without problems!)

OK, let's change damned processor, I've said to service stuff! No problem, but the price is about 150 EUR! About the one third of new one refrigerator!

No, thank You, I've said to them and with few bypasses I've made the refrigerator is working almoust properly (only, there is no light inside) but for saving 150 EUR it doesn't matter!

Another refrigerator when this one would be dead for shure WOULDN'T be WHIRLPOOL for shure! And wouldn't be with ANY ELECTRONIC inside - and it would be cheaper, that's for shure!

Don't buy anything from them, I wouldn't!

Zoran Radosavljevic, b.sc.e.e.

3e57149b, 2008-11-25, 09:12AM CST

I certainly agree with Philip Burnett's comment about A&E having totally unacceptable service.

We purchased a Maytag high end Refrigerator-freezer combination from Sears in July 2008. This was the most expensive one they had (bottom freezer, ice and water in door, "counter depth" so it took up less space in our walk-thru area.

We did not have it a month when we suspected something was wrong with the fridge temps. On occasion, we would see light freezing on a couple of items, lost vegetables, etc. I put a digital monitor in both the freezer and refrigerator sections. The freezer kept excellent temps - close to what the external front refrigerator display said (zero).

But the refrigerator section would vary from 29 to 44 degrees (with a setting on the front door external display of (initially - 38 degrees). I changed Refrigerator temp to show 42 degrees. That raised it to keep from 34 to 40 degrees most of the time. Suddenly in late October, it went to below freezing - 28 degrees. We lost all vegetables and some other items than froze. It was not like a short time freeze, it lasted several hours apparently.

I kept track by day of the max & min temp readings and called Whirlpool, attempting to get this unit exchanged to no avail (yet). I did agree to let them have a service company come out & determine what was wrong.

Whirlpool sent A&E Factory Service out. The technician determined that the circuit board (on the back of unit) was bad. He had one with him, but could not get it programmed to accept the codes for our model. Then said he had the wrong board. He did order what was supposedly the correct board & it came via next day delivery. We called back, they sent another technician out two days later (on a Saturday). He could not get the new board to accept the specific codes, then said that the "supposed incorrect board the previous A&E tech person had that was not correct was in fact the correct board".

So he ordered a new board to be sent and set up an appointment for four (4) days later again. But two days later, we received a call from A&E saying that Whirlpool was out of the part we needed and it would be two more weeks. I asked for someone to expedite this at A&E, they told me that was the best date & if I wanted to contact Whirlpool to do so (they gave me a phone number).

I "elevated" this to the VP of marketing, of course the call was intercepted, but the person at Whirlpool (Jay) was very sincere in his attempt to calm things down. (I wanted this replaced with a new one - tired of being run-around).

He did send out another company "Mr. Appliance" who we never heard of. I must say that both my wife and myself were very impressed by the apparent skill of Mr. Appliance repairman (Jonathan Pelous). First off, he put on white shoe covers to protect our floors (A&E never did this, in fact the 2nd A&E repairman left dirt all over our floors with his dirty, greasy shoes.)

Mr. Appliance did install the board that arrived at A&E's request. He questioned how it was determined that the board was at fault and did some checking, was very fast in his work.

The problem did not improve with the new board. He (Jonathan) gave us his personal cell number it call if the problem was not solved. When I called him, he immediately determined that the most likely culprit was the temperature sending unit (the internal temp monitor in the refrigerator section). He and I both questioned if this had been tested or eliminated as a possibility by A&E, but could never find out. Jonathan had the part ordered from his company, it arrived a couple of days later and he came right out & installed it.

Since the temp sending unit was replaced, the refrigerator has been operating "more normally". With a setting on the front door display of 42 degrees, our digital wireless temperature monitor shows a variation from 32.4 to 43.7 degrees. It did dip briefly to 29.2 degrees one day, but most of the time the temp is staying around 37 - 39 degrees. I do not know if this is correct for temperature deviations or not. I have checked my wireless monitor against a second wireless monitor and one stationary refrigerator temperature monitor. All three temperature monitors are within one degree of each other.

My final comment is not done yet. I am waiting a callback from Whirlpool - they did call to see if we were satisfied, I returned the call and left a voice mail message on Nov. 24, 2008.

I definitely would NOT recommend A&E for service though.

35d9dcbd, 2009-09-09, 02:24PM CDT

I would have to agree with Mr. Burnett. I used the online service to schedule a repair through Sears, and wound up dealing with A&E for weeks.

The repairman arrived a week early, and completed the repairs. After which, I called Sears to notify them of the update. A week later, on the originally scheduled repair date, I began receiving calls from A&E. Not one person could understand that the repair had already been made, and after a few days they started calling and leaving messages indicating that I would be charged for another service call, even though their scheduling error caused the problem in the first place. In the end, I wound up getting charged twice, enduring weeks of phone calls from A&E trying to reschedule, and waiting almost a month to be reimbursed for extra service call.

Absolutely agree: unacceptable behavior and business practice. I won't do business with Sears again if they keep this company as a business partner.

0bdac06f, 2010-01-05, 12:26PM CST

I have been dealing with A and E since August of 2009. Today is January 5, 2010. Here I sit. The washer dryer combo stopped heating in August. They came out supposedly fixed it but they didn't have time to run a cycle before they left. I called them again. They came were here for several hours before calling the manufacture to determine the problem. They had to order a part that was to be delivered the next day. It never came. In fact it didn't come for 3 months. All this time I called inquiring about the piece. They never called me to let me know it was not to be delivered "next day". Anyway, finally right before christmas the piece arrived!! They set up an appt. for last week on the 31st. I waited for the 4 hours and they never came nor called. I was beyond angry at this point. New Years Eve and nothing to do but wait for this unprofessional company?!?! I called to inquire again when they would be coming. Well today they were to be here between 8-12. At 8:56 I was in the bathroom and I missed their call. The voice mail said they would be here in 20 minutes. I waited an hour and a half before I called the 1.800 number. They said he was still on his way. Ok. I waited another hour. Well he claimed he came and tagged my door. Folks I am here to tell you I am still in my pj's waiting. There is no tag, there are no footsteps in the snow, nothing. I told them if someone is not here today I was going to call the manufacture and demand a new machine and they should bill A and E. They promised he would be here at the end of the day. Great an all day appt. I have nothing to do... except laundry!!!

Christine Neidhardt

Cleveland, Ohio

[email protected]

506e404a, 2010-06-29, 06:11PM CDT

I totally agree that A&E factory service is a non-professional and fraudulent company. They are complete liers. I had my bad experience with them starting with this month. My washer is broken and called them to schedule a service. First time, a guy came and ordered a part from Whirlpool. Second time, another guy came and told me that the part first guy ordered was wrong and rescheduled another service which was next day. But since then, no one showed up, I kept calling them including supervisors, they kept telling me that they will come, but they did not showed up at all. I felt like I was being cheated and fooled. I almost begged them to tell me the truth but they just ignored my request. I filed a complaint to BBB and hopeful to get fair treatment to resolve this issue.

321042ef, 2010-11-05, 10:13AM CDT

I have a Whirlpool front loading washer and dryer. Prior to buying a Whirlpool front loader, I had an Asko front loading washer and drying for ten years and never had a problem with either.

The Whirlpool front loading washer mildews to the point of reeking. I was told to leave the door open. I did. It still molds and reeks. I have to wash loads of clothes twice. Whirlpool's A&E tech suggested I purchase an expensive front loader cleaner and run it through my washer once a week. Gee, at $8/per bottle, that sure will add up! Get real. The A&E tech said, "All front loaders mold." No, they don't. My Asko never formed mold, never reeked, and I never had a problem with it.

Mold and smell aside, the Whirpool washer's fabric dispenser quit working. I called A&E, Whirlpool's suggested repair company. The tech said it was a "take up part" that had to be replaced. Almost $200 later (service call and part charge), I just ran a load of wash and--you guessed it--the fabric softener "take up" part didn't "take up" the fabric softener. Here we go again. I have to stay home for four hours, again waiting for a service tech to come and NOT repair my literally stinking, molding washing machine. I will NEVER purchase another Whirlpool product. And here's some news for Whirlpool: I'm a kitchen and bath designer. Do you think I'll recommend Whirlpool products to future clients? Not a chance!

eda1e0fb, 2011-07-18, 07:14PM CDT

agree 100 percent...they were scheduled today to install cmpressor to my kitchenaide...they went to wrong addres (about) 1/2 mile, then left...have been without refidge for days....terrible company and no remorse,,wanted to reschudle in a couple of days.....noway need fridge fixed to day...just read all complaints...really terrible company

4cd19309, 2011-12-29, 11:12AM CST

I totally agree. The costomer service is horrible and none of their reps speak english!!!!!!! worst company my advice is do NOT deal with A&E Factory service!!!!

4cd19309, 2011-12-29, 11:13AM CST

I totally agree. The costomer service is horrible and none of their reps speak english!!!!!!! worst company my advice is do NOT deal with A&E Factory service!!!!

b1443f48, 2012-12-31, 12:23PM CST

My whirlpool french door died after 5 months. They have worst customer service. They don't care if your appliance died or not. I refrigerator completely died and they were offering my service appointment after 10 days. I will never buy whirlpool again very unreliable when it comes to these new refrigertors frech door , side by side blah blah . GE is the best.

1f63cd46, 2014-02-20, 04:59PM CST

I TOTALLY AGREE! The worst company ever! We had a service call today, my Mother was staying at our house for the allotted time frame for service from 8:00 to 12:00. At 2:30 the repairman called and said "I am on my way." At 5:16 no repairman and no call. I call A&E Factory Service and was told that was unacceptable and was told that the repairman would be at the house at 6:00 and he would call first. I had the repairman phone number from were he called at 2:30, so I called the repairman at 5:45 and was told "there is no way I can make it." No phone call from him, nothing. He told me I had to call and reschedule service. I called A&E Factory Service and was told sorry and I can reschedule. The earliest appointment available is Saturday 22nd. We already have plans, so Saturday is out. The next appointment is scheduled for the 28th, nothing earlier even with the terrible service we received today they could not schedule anything earlier. I have set the appointment so lets see if they show up. I will let you all know. If we do not receive service I must agree that we will not purchase any more Whirlpool appliances ever again. Awful service!

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