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Posted on Thursday, September 21st, 2006 at 6:50pm CDT by ad8a2c3f

Company: Great American Products/Ultimate HGH Supplements

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I just thought I would let you know about a scam operation in Destin, FL known as Great American Products. They offer phony health products and overcharge people's credit cards. For instance when you choose to have products delivered by Priority Mail and pay $15.95 they will send them UPS Ground for the same price when Ground is offered at $6.95. They will offer no refund. They will offer a 30 day trial period for their products and then charge you for a 2 months supply at $106.95 within 3 weeks instead of waiting the 30 days; even if you have canceled your order/membership/30 day trial period. The customer service rep will tell you it has been canceled. This only signals them to charge your card as soon as possible figuring you won't want to fight the charges. They have been sued by the FTC for fraudulent advertising. If it were my town, I would not want these guys doing business.

The address is:

Great American Products, Inc.

101 Mattie M. Kelly Blvd.

Destin FL 32541

Call Toll Free: (800) 772-2724

FAX: (850) 269-0922


bcad059e, 2008-11-17, 06:24PM CST

I used to work there and you hit the nail on the head. Problem is these are the same things that the employees are complaining about because we are the ones that have to deal with the customers who are angry...and justifiably so. Just to let you know the NSR's (Nutritional sales reps) notice this as well...unfortunately we had no pull at all. People who complain are pretty much fired because the thinking is that they can just hire someone else off the street to do the same thing.

2e0cc748, 2009-09-20, 06:32AM CDT

I could not agree with you more. A few years ago I responded to their TV ad for a product called Calabsorb, their high priced powdered calcium-magnesium supplement supposed to "taste great." Well, all I can say is that this product must have been ground sewage, it was that disgusting to taste. I returned it immediately and hassled with them for a long time, finally getting a refund. These people are to be avoided at all costs.

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