Las Vegas Planet Hyundai - 05' Hyundai Sonata Service&Parts Detp

Posted on Wednesday, September 20th, 2006 at 3:10pm CDT by f8adbc5f

Product: 05' Hyundai Sonata Service & Parts Department

Company: Las Vegas Planet Hyundai

Category: Stores, Shopping

Las Vegas Planet Hyundai on west Sahara has the worst service ever!!! I have an '05 Sonata and I called to schedule service for my vehicle. My center console is damaged and I need a new one. I am more that willing to pay for it, but if it's under warranty then that's great. I called to get more info and I was on hold for 45mins. I had been transferred back and forth from one extension to the next. (the women that handles the scheduling needs an attitude check!!!) after holding for 45mins. I then hung up and called right back. A lady answered the phone and said "who are you holding for" i replied and said I am holding for anyone who can help me, she then hung up the phone. she didn't bother putting me back on hold. So I called right back and asked for a manager. I was forwarded to a voicemail. I stated the problem on the machine and I have not heard a word form Planet Hyundai!

it's been 3 weeks!!!!! Hello where's my service???!!!!

They have forced me to take my service to Henderson Hyundai! They have been great!



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