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Posted on Wednesday, September 20th, 2006 at 9:23am CDT by 1acc3858

Company: IncrediMail JunkFilter Plus

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I am not a business just a private individual who purchased the JunkFilter Plus and am not pleased with it - it is not stopping any Junk mail and I wish to cancel it. I never did receive a notification that I had even been enrolled in this system. My reference #SH115835492068 -

Ann Mitchell

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48b1ed09, 2008-08-17, 04:32PM CDT

I wish to cancel my JunkFilter Plus. I am not a business, only a private home computer. It is NOT working to my satisfaction. I ordered it on the 9 of August and understand I have 10 days to be completely satisfied and I am not. My order number is 1723264. My name Lois Stiteley It was purchased with my Mastercard. The cost was $39.95. Please credit my account and send the credit by myk e-mail [email protected] If you need the code it is IM-JFPLUS-1987948853-1651388705

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