I would like to Report the following company

Posted on Wednesday, September 20th, 2006 at 7:23pm CDT by 9ec0bacb

Company: I would like to Report the following company

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Accounts Receivable Management

733 State Street

Camden, NJ 08102


(856) 931-4500

I would like to report a complaint against the following company. This organization was in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the privacy act. When I tried to contact the company for information about who they were, they had said that there was a file in my name that had been sent from Wachovia Bank of Delaware and that I had owed an amount of $1,200. I did not receive, in writing, any notification that Wachovia Bank of Delaware would be reporting my personal information to this organization (Accounts Receivable Management). Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, consumers have a right to know in writing if accounts are being opened in their name. Wachovia was not authorized to send this information without my consent.

This company demeaned my self-employed business (which is also in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), and I recorded one associate from Accounts Receivable Management who was quoted as saying: "I hope you don't treat your customers the way you treat us" and "this is an unprofessional way to do business." The company threatened to continue to make harassing calls if I did not pay them the amount that they requested, and my family and I were in fear for our safety. As a result of this company's activity, I have had delays in my credit and I have also had to report inaccurate information that I believe was on my report because of unknown companies such as these. I had to report a company that was fraudulently making electronic debits to my checking account (which I also had to close.)

I have filed a report with the FCC regarding Accounts Receivable Management as well as Wachovia Bank of Delaware for their activities. I also believe that Accounts Receivable Management has continued to dial my phone and may have recorded my conversation with them because often I will answer my phone and there is silence on the other end. I have contacted the phone company, and they have told me that if this activity occurs, to try to report a civil violation. Often companies such as these will send information to third party affiliates without the consumer's knowledge in which social security numbers and other information is passed to an unknown or fraudulent company. I have had problems with unknown entities online as well that use a person's information for identity theft purposes (there has been several credit card companies that have claimed that I owed them for transactions when I never even purchased the card.)

I am requesting that this company be reported and investigated and that I receive a copy of this complaint for my records. I would also be willing to provide additional help if necessary, and I am alerting consumers to be aware of unknown activity by companies that can be prevented in regards to their identity.


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fa308054, 2011-09-26, 12:17PM CDT

ARM must be fraudulant, or just scandalous. The stress they are causing me is outrageous!

JOHN B., 2012-10-11, 08:59AM CDT

I have been receiving calls from them for an account that was in my mother's name. They have tried to get me to pay it from my Social Security Disability checks coupled with my wife's underpaid job. Another option they had was putting the debt on her BoA credit card and then try to pay them off for the ALLY Bank debt.

ALLY BANK had a previous agency BBC collecting and when they got the entire picture they informed us that ALLY was forgiving the debt. A month later, BBC started the calls. I have terminal heart disease with about 2 months to live and told the rude collectors that I want the calls ceased as they are running my blood pressure up into dangerous limits.

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