Hitachi 51S500 Projection TV From REX TV & Appliance

Posted on Saturday, September 2nd, 2006 at 1:50pm CDT by d9226039

Company: Hitachi 51S500 Projection TV From REX TV & Appliance

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Hitachi Model 51S500 Projection TV

Purchased From:

REX TV & Appliance

2095 Florence Blvd.

Florence, AL 35630

Hello, My name is Greg Emerson. In July 2004, we purchased a Hitachi 51" TV from REX TV & Appliance. The total price was $1,777.94 and we got a two year warranty. We have been having problems with the TV since July 2005. The video stops working and the screen goes blank, but the audio continues to work. It is an intermittent problem and it usually happens at the worst possible time, like 5 minutes after the start of the Alabama and Auburn football game last year. We have received terrible service from both REX TV & Appliance and Hitachi. Rex sent a young repairman from TVR Service to repair the set. TVR Service would always either not show up and have to reschedule or be a couple of hours late for every scheduled appointment. TVR worked on the TV several times, but could never get it repaired. We have asked REX TV & Appliance for a refund or a replacement TV several times, but they have refused. We also contacted Hitachi several times, but didn't get any help from them either. On October 29, 2005 we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. REX answered the complaint by just saying that they would get the TV repaired, which they still have not done. REX finally sent out another service company, Audio Video Specialists, and they picked up the TV on 7/6/06 and kept it for a week. They claimed that they replaced some parts in the power supply circuit, but we continued to have the same problem after they brought it back. Audio Video Specialists picked up the TV again on 7/28/06 and kept it for 17 days this time. They replaced a defective focus block assembly, but again we continued to have the same problem after they brought it back. As before I asked REX TV and Hitachi both to either replace the TV or give me a refund, but they have refused. This has been going on for 14 months and I just want my money back so that I can go somewhere else and buy a new TV and never have to deal with REX TV or Hitachi again. I will never buy anything else from REX TV and Appliance or Hitachi. I would appreciate it very much if you would help us to get this resolved. I am telling all of my family and friends to not buy anything from REX TV and Appliance or Hitachi. Please show them that they can't provide terrible customer service and expect to stay in business.

Thank You,

Greg Emerson

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146ffb1c, 2009-08-18, 11:25AM CDT

Take the seller to small claims court. With all your documentation and you will get reimbursed. I have had many problems in the past years and was completely satisfied by the decision of the court.

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