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Posted on Tuesday, September 19th, 2006 at 9:15am CDT by 707d489f

Company: Norton Internet Security

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I can't believe the torture that this cyberspace companies put us through.

After several calls to the Norton people(or Symantec) I am totally frustrated!!

There just isn't anyone there that will listen to your problem.

I have the Norton Internet Security 2006 on my computer with updates. It is suppose to protect my computer against viruses,spyware,adware and provide ad blockers and a firewall. But my computer was just infected with a spyware which Symantec charged me $69.95 to remove. My question to them was why do I have to pay $69.95 for them to remove something that should have not enter my computer in the first place because I am paying for their service already. I only received,well, I am terribly sorry about that but that's the way it is.

How do I know that Norton isn't sending these spyware to my computer so that they can charge me an additional $69.95.

I told them I was dropping their service and they won't get another penny out of me and they acted like, OH WELL.

These people have no CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL. They are definitely insensitive to your situation. And it is like dealing with robots that barely speak English.

I will be looking for a new internet security system if anyone has a recommendation.

With Love,Hope and Faith,



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