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Posted on Tuesday, September 19th, 2006 at 4:44pm CDT by 16523905

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My husband and I experienced computer breakdowns within 3 days of each other during the month of April, 2006. Since we own a small business and have a website to maintain, a computer is a necessary item. We purchased a Compaq for my husband and I picked out HP's Pavilion A1410n at Best Buy, located in Westminster, California. The salesman was very helpful and we thought it a very good idea to also purchase their "Geek Squad" service for use beyond the warranty expiration. We happily used the two computers for about a month when the HP Pavilion A1410n began stalling. It intermittently refused to go into Windows XP. The fan made a loud whirring noise and wouldn't shut down. We

took it back to Best Buy's Geek Squad for repair. They kept it for two days and announced that all was right and to pick it up, which we did. It worked a couple of times, although the fan still worked furiously. But then it again began stalling and freezing even though I was able to navigate. Opening three programs was a no-no. The computer just couldn't handle that and would freeze. We took the computer back to Best Buy and complained about the bad performance and they suggested sending it back to HP. We left the computer with them and didn't see it again for over a month! This is terrible as we later found out that HP prides itself in making repairs within a week. It should never had taken that long to return a computer. Best Buy admits they had sat on it for over a week before shipping it to HP.

Now this brings us up to the middle of July, 2006. We again picked up the repaired computer and hooked everything up. Again, it began the same problems. We unhooked the computer and took it back to Best Buy.

The Geek Squad were able to turn it on without it stalling twice. But as I said this was a problem that didn't occur each time. I tried to explain this to them, but they proclaimed the computer was operating fine. I insisted that there was definitely something wrong and felt that I should get a replacement. They refused and didn't even bother to suggest returning it to HP for repairs. They flatly left us high and dry. I would like to mention that there was a line up of at least 8 disgruntled customers with similar complaints. Best Buy's store managers have no authority to do anything. They blindly follow rules stated by the home office.

We came home and decided to contact HP directly, which we did. HP was courteous and very helpful. They made arrangements for Fed Ex to pick the computer up and ship it back for repair, which they did. Within 10 days I had the computer back. They had replaced the motherboard. They were very careful to not destroy any of my information or programs.

Unfortunately, this didn't solve the problem. Again the same problems. I contacted HP and talked to Angela, who knew us quite well by now. After a brief discussion at HP, I was informed that HP was replacing the computer and shipping it to us. All we had to do was ship the A1410n back to them via Fed Ex. All this was done without paying a cent.

When we got the new computer, I called both the store manager and corporate offices of Best Buy with my grievances regarding our treatment and felt that they should pay for the transfer of data to our new computer. They refused. We ended up going to a local computer store who took care of our needs for far less money.

Never have we been treated with such deference by a store. We wouldn't recommend Best Buy for any purchase, no matter how large or small. We hope that this will serve as a warning to all unsuspecting customers....beware!

Here is a statement directly from Best Buy's website. Note the PSP service plan's statements which we had purchased.

Warranties and Performance Plan Basics

Enjoy some peace of mind by learning about your new product's manufacturer warranty—and extending your coverage with a Best Buy Performance Plan.

Manufacturer Warranties

Any manufacturer's warranty on a product will apply when purchased through To receive a free copy of the manufacturer's warranty details prior to purchase, call 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) or write to:

Attn: Warranty Request

Customer Care,

P.O. Box 949

Minneapolis, MN 55440

You can also contact the manufacturer directly (see list of manufacturers) or visit your local Best Buy store with warranty-related questions.

See all Manufacturer's Information Help Topics

Performance Plans

We offer two types of protection plans that go above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty for most products we sell, each designed to ensure you get the best possible performance from your Best Buy purchases. You can purchase these plans both online and in-store at the time of purchase, and in-store only if you purchase a plan at any other time within the product's return period (typically listed on the product's receipt).

Both plans are fully underwritten, feature 24/7/365 service, and involve no deductibles or hidden charges.

Performance Service Plan (PSP)

This fully transferable plan includes prompt, professional product service. Coverage begins the day of your purchase, and includes:

* Protection from dust, heat and humidity

* Failures due to normal wear and tear/usage

* Failures due to power surges

* Full parts and labor

* No-lemon guarantee

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086cba0e, 2009-11-18, 11:59AM CST

I am very pleased you took the time to rant about your experience. I too am about to go through the same thing, I was just burning cd's and started hearing the fan making loud noises. I was told to bring it in. My system is only 2 months old. I will contact hp and leave best buy and geek squad out of the equation. Sorry you had to go through this, but thank your for sharing and sparing me the experience of their incompetence. lol.

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