1st Financial Bank - 1st Financial Bank Complaint

Posted on Tuesday, September 19th, 2006 at 8:45pm CDT by 6d6c495c

Company: 1st Financial Bank

Category: Business, Finances

1st Financial Bank USA issues a credit card to my 19 year old claiming that she would only be responsible to pay what she charges and no interest would be charged. Well this is not the case. Her credit limit is 300 dollars. she used the card and I paid more than the amount of the minimum amount due. For example the payment was $10 and I always sent $30 however they said it was always late so they charged a late fee.. I usually mail the payments, but I had my daughter call an make a payment over the phone and the attendant try to encourage her not to make the $30 dollar payment, because only $10 dollars was due ( this was a red flag to me that they are all about taking advantage of students and not to help them)then some how or another with continuous payments being made there were late fee charges then over the limit charges and then all of this interest and now the amount owed is over 700 dollars. They call at least 3 to 4 times A day and you tell them the same thing, yet they continue to call on a daily basis several times a day. I had my daughter try to cancel the card so we can just pay it off. However they said we have to send in the total amount before that can be done. The lady refused to talk with me on one line while my daughter was on the other, that is until I informed her that then my daughter would just repeat what I say...then the lady proceeded to raise her voice at me and tell me that we have to pay our bills. I informed her that it was very different talking to a 19 year old then someone who will not allow being talked to in this manner. This is a TERRIBLE Credit Card and they target students who they can take advantage over.


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