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Posted on Sunday, September 17th, 2006 at 7:23am CDT by a5783f04

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I want to add to the Encore Western Channel complaint on showing the same

old thing over and over. Lets have some the good ole TV series that there

is a ton of out there from the 60's. I think we all love the older movies

and they do show them!!


The Hideout

Omaha NE


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4ec707be, 2008-03-14, 03:53PM CDT

What happened to my Encore Westerns Channel and The Rifleman on 275? And, how about more variety rather than the tons of repeats.

6ad85dfe, 2008-03-20, 02:18PM CDT





4b3d8928, 2008-05-09, 06:12PM CDT

First off, thanks for providing us a western channel at all. Now if I could chime in with my own suggestions, get rid of the watermark logo that stays stuck to the bottom right of the screen all through the movies. It's highly irritating. Please show letterboxed versions of the movies. Please show the old Warner's tv westerns from the Sixties . Maverick, Lawman to name but two were excellent programs. That's it from me. Thanks again. Pistol Pete

b50cecc9, 2008-05-22, 09:22PM CDT

I would like to see Brent Mavrick by James Gardner guns of fort pettycoat audy murrphy The broken land cripple creek george montgomery Thanks Jerry

7f65630b, 2008-05-26, 11:22PM CDT

i would love to see the old 1955-1960 30 minute gunsmoke special series on encore westerns . i like all the old westerns you show , like john wayne , glen ford, clent eastwood,sunset carson,randolf scott,chuck conners, gene berry.gene autry, roy rodgers & etc.i love the old gunsmoke's, so please show them again.

236d2e63, 2008-06-17, 03:33AM CDT

being a western fan, this station is the best ( I can't stand new westerns), so they are repeats. And I really hope they get more. They are getting Maverick, one of the best. I can't handle the singing movies, Gene, Roy but I guess they have to have them. What about Have Gun will Travel, Cheyene, etc.


add34968, 2008-07-04, 07:13PM CDT

Why in the hell do you put Maverick on both channels 160 and 161 all day July 4th, 2008, I like Maverick but thats to much, Why in the hell did you tie up 2 channel all day long with Maverick. Why didn't you put some top notch western movies on at least one channel.., You people have your head up your ass to often.

89d2bf15, 2008-07-16, 12:02PM CDT

My complaint is that I know there are movies and TV series we never get to see on encore westerns. For example: Movies: "Once Upon a Time in The West" staring Charles Bronson & Jason Robards and "McClintock" staring John Wayne... TV series: Have Gun Will Travel, Sugarfoot, The Virginian, Cheyanne, The Rebel and many others... Also watching Gene Autry & Roy Rodgers is about as exciting as watching the grass grow... Their both phony as heck!!!

7dd3fcf1, 2008-07-23, 05:18PM CDT

Not a complaint, but a thank you for the westerns. How about Cheyene, Sugarfoot, Bronco Lane & Gunsmoke. Also use to enjoy the Hop A Long Cassidy on weekends.

6e7cd550, 2008-08-19, 12:35AM CDT

I m glad im not the only one I think they have seven of eight hours of roy, lucas,bat,big valley and maverick. how bout rawhide or even bonanza or gunsmoke

5aefec0b, 2008-09-20, 09:16PM CDT

i have a complaint about your channel i

am a western movie freak i love them all

but there is something that's making me

wonder if i should keep watching your

channel,and that is "gene autry" since wwhen did he become the singing cowboy?

when you talk about singing cowboys you

can't overshadow mr roy rogers that was

a singer and an actor not gene autry he

doesn't even look like a cowboy on the

movies and that is constantly showing his advertising it is exremely disgusting to see somebody that does not

deserve so much compliments, talk about willy nelson, hopalong cassidy, the lone ranger, roy rogers and dale evans

those were western worth spending the whole day in front of the tv set not gene autry sorry but to me he is a nobody a fake dress as a cowboy, sincerely

francisco r soto

1b705c6b, 2008-09-23, 10:39AM CDT

i want to know if you can buy the history you show on all old western movie clips,my husband watches it every day & nite. his brother who is 70 yrs old knows all about westen movies. he would love to watch the clips of the past. thank you velvet walker

1ebf3d85, 2008-09-29, 06:18PM CDT

I agree with TwoGunKen! Where's Sky King? The Lone Ranger? Roy Rogers? Annie Oakley? C'mon! Show us some REAL Westerns that we knew as kids! And, HEY! Why'd you take off The Rifleman? He's our hero!


Clear Lake City

Houston, TX

6f8974d2, 2008-10-01, 06:33PM CDT

First off I agree there needs to be a lot more variety in shows considering there's so many good westerns out there, more modern ones too. Not only just the old tv shows but the old Saturday matanee movies and main stream movies.

Secondly I liked to point out the comment about Gene Autry not being a real cowboy is far from the truth, maybe he wasn't the greatest of actors or the only singing cowboy, but considering movie technology of those days they're alright. No I'm not a huge Autry fan but he was a REAL working cowboy off screen, Autry was one of the few real deal cowboys that made it to the silver screen.

Now with that said, come on folks lets see more John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Sam Eliot, Tom Selleck, Dermont Mulroney, Ben Johnson, Slim Pickens, and the huge list of other actors that have made their way into western movies.

d739dddc, 2008-10-02, 10:22AM CDT

Add more Tim Holt, Tex Ritter, Buster Crabbe, Johnny Mack Brown, Hopalong Cassidy and other B&W 1930s, 1940s movies to the schedule. I watch the Western channel for the Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Charles Starrett, Rocky Lane and The Three Mesquiteers or other B& W westerns from the 30s and 40s. Please continue the all of these but add some other stars that are available. Do not drop Gene Autry, if he goes I go and I've been with the Western channel for more years than I can remember.

I would also like to see more Roy Rogers movies and the TV westerns like Have Gun will Travel, Wanted Dead or Alive, Sgt Preston, The Range Rider.

JJ Jackson

B-Western fan

Lake Saint Louis, Mo

d739dddc, 2008-10-02, 10:51AM CDT

I have read that Encore plans to cancel the Western Channel due to a low viewing audience. I have the Starz package for one reason only, the Western Channel. I do not watch any of the other Starz or Encore channels that are available with this package. If Encore cancels the Western Channel I will cancel my Starz package. If encore wants to increase the viewing audience they need to add some new choices to the schedule. In my estimation the interest in Westerns was at it's peak in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Lean more toward the Western fans and show more movies from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. Show more of the fun westerns and TV shows. Get away from the Spaghetti Westerns and junk pulp westerns. Bring back the fun to watching a western, Quick guns, cowboy values, shoot'em up Good guys and bad guys, horses with names, marshalls and sheriffs, ghost towns, Whips as fast as guns, white hats vs black hats.

John Jackson

B-Western fan

Lake Saint Louis, Missouri

f613592b, 2008-10-02, 03:22PM CDT

I would also agree that there is to much repitition on the Western Channel. I love the old westerns and tv shows. How about Laramie??? Great show. I also would like to know why there is soooooooo much attention paid to Autry, ie, his tv show, his movies. Sorry, but I am a Roy Rogers fan and would like to see the same attention shown to him. No one else had as great a voice as he did as well as the kind of person he was. Thanks.

6dc5626a, 2008-10-10, 08:19AM CDT

I agree with you 100% - I have the Encore package to and the only reason i got it is because of the Western Channel and if they cancel it I will get rid of Encore and my cable service at once... Keith in Cincinnati OH.

b69955d9, 2008-10-13, 09:37AM CDT

Yes lets have some show like Ciseo Kid, suger foot,wanted dead or alive.

b7aec391, 2008-10-20, 07:12PM CDT

DITTO!! With so many wonderful Western movies and shows that have been made over the years, there is not one reason why viewers should be subjected to the same movie again during the next eleven months. Our children and grandchildren could benefit from some wholesome TV even if it is in small doses while visiting Grandpa and Grandma.

Seriously, I'm considering dropping the channel and invest in Western DVDs.

0ce4ed9b, 2008-10-26, 09:02AM CDT

i have worked for cble since 1980 just retired and to all encore reps who came to visit my concern was #1 we still have baby boomers alive and well you have the rifleman and maverick etc but what happend to the sico kid-roy rogers-lone ranger was dropped years ago what about broken arrow the series -- also you show some black westerns on stars your sister channel i have been asking about these things for years both myself and customers keep asking thnaks for listening sue

38ab512c, 2008-11-05, 10:20PM CST

I also have a complaint on this same thing. You have shown Marathon after Marathon for Gene Autry and the Rifelman and Maverick which is all fine but what about Roy Rogers. Nov. 12th is His birthday and we haven't heard anything about honoring his birthday with a Marathon. Roy made over 250 movies and if You show any of them it is two or three of the same ones over. How about a Roy Rogers Marathon


Roy's fans

from his homestate OHIO

9e923fee, 2008-11-09, 12:08PM CST

i want to know why they don;t play GUNSMOKE again. golly, the rifleman, big valley, and gene autry has played over and over. it time we seen a diffrent variety. this channel is getting old.. thank you.

3aab372a, 2008-11-15, 07:04PM CST

Gentlemen I enjoy the old tv series you run. I would also like to see the lone ranger, hop along cassidy tales of wells fargo, yance deranger,the reble wagon train,union pacific and have gun will travel,the roy rogers show, the cisco kid wild bill hickoc,rin tin tin. thank you

e2ab6a41, 2008-11-15, 09:17PM CST

Id like to thank you for allowing us a place to make comments ,I have been reading all the comments on complaints for showing same things over and over, with the comments being seen I have not seen any answers coming back on them. my father watches as much of the westerns as every day he is 88 and im in my 60s and enjoy also seeing some.

my questions is can you get other series like, Roy Rogers, sugerfoot, and others or are you not able to afford to show series?

d739dddc, 2008-11-18, 11:40AM CST

I enjoy the Gene Autry Show. I never tire watching his TV show or the repeats of his Western Movies. I would like to see more B-Westerns added to your telecasts. The Pulp Westerns, spaghetti Westerns and Most of the modern westerns made in the 80s and later do not interest me and I don't watch. I have found that most of the people I know that watch the western channel are in their 50s and 60s or older. The majority of those that I talk to agree to add more B-Western movies including Roy Rogers, Tim Holt, Lash LaRue, Hoppy, Tex Ritter, Buster Crabbe, Bill Elliott, JOHNNY MACK BROWN, Eddy Dean, Sunset Carson, Three Mesquiteers (including the earlier Mesquiteers), Red Ryder (Lane, Elliott),Ken Maynard, Tim McCoy and others of the 40s and early 50s. They must be available because I buy them on the internet from several sites.

There are more TV shows that could be added instead of multiple viewings of the same shows daily, The Range Rider, Sgt Preston, Wanted Dead or Live, have Gun Will travel, Wyatt Earp and other 50s TV serials. I like the Encore Western channel but I found myself watching more off channels or my B-Western DVDs now rather than the Western Channel. Please update your movie data base and keep this channel available.

John Jackson

Lake Saint Louis, Missouri

a7cc68bd, 2008-11-19, 12:49AM CST

I commet is more a request that a complaint. There have been so many great western tv series in the pass that I would like to see episodes of them. Like, "The High Chapparal", "Paradise", "The Magnificant Seven", "Wanted Dead or Alive", "Laredo", "Lancer", "Gun's of

Will Sonnett", "Rawhide", "Wagon Train",

"The Virginian", and "The Lone Ranger".

With western series like these shown periodicaly the Western Channel would have an endless assortment of westerns to show constently. Plus more of a viewing audiance would watch, I am sure.

ca5118d4, 2008-11-22, 08:42PM CST

As a subscriber for Encore I am not in the least satisfied!! Everyother day, the same programs play and I am old enough to have seen them a million times!! If, this is the type of programs and the ways you leach the public, fine but at least show something that might cost you a few bucks to acquire the right to view it and a quality program might be a start!! Quit hiding behind them orbiting satillites!!

Robert Garvey

Do yourself an honorable favor and quit being like GM and other leaches on the American People.

f851f641, 2008-12-01, 07:25PM CST

please bring back the rifleman!!!! It is my favorite show. You could also add Dr. Quinn Medicine woman.

thank you!!!

a16f0632, 2008-12-01, 07:54PM CST

Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!! I am done with Gene Autry! He is just not believeable as a hero. Every show named here is a classic. I want to see the black and white gunsmokes. The Western Channel could be something out of this worlde if they would show the really great westerns from our past, just like the ones mentioned.

74ddff51, 2008-12-03, 07:00PM CST

I watch Encore Western or use to the Rifleman was a very good western to watch very clean movie so play it some more even movie Lonesomedove was very good no Gene Autry , Tom Mix, Tombstone hey dont show all that 30,40,mess they even look fake


da8ffe6e, 2008-12-03, 10:43PM CST

I love the RIFLE Man. I haven't seen it on Encore for about four days now. I like Maverick , Big Valley also. But my favorite is Rifle Man.. Can I buy the CD series from Encore?

726de30a, 2008-12-06, 08:30PM CST

What happen to the Rifleman, it is the one show I watched faithfully, a man can learn a lot about being a father watching this show. All of a sudden this week it has been taken out of the lineup, come on Encore.

84825d50, 2008-12-07, 09:42PM CST

I just called Directv and cancelled my Starz package because of the Rifleman a being taken off. The operator said that its unreal how many people did the same thing. Or atleast complained about it. I have 80 episodes on dvr but thats not the point. I looked forward to 7pm every night so I could kick back and enjoy Lucas McCain and his many stunt doubles kick butt.

347a0d54, 2008-12-09, 06:42PM CST

I would also like to know what happened to the rifleman. I enjoy this show and would like to see it put back on. I prefer the rifleman over maverick any day.

180d354f, 2008-12-10, 11:45AM CST

Where did my Rifleman go Encore!!!!!???? That is the high light of my day to watch that show and escape the drugery of the day!!! Come on....you can rerun all those dumb movies adnausium why can't you keep the good ol western series on there!!!!!

939ec3e8, 2008-12-10, 02:27PM CST

First of all, I love the Western Channel, and have watched it for many years now, however of late, I have noticed that they replay many of the same movies over and over. Lets hear for the Horse Soldiers, and the White Buffalo, great movies, but we need more variety. Encore needs to restore many more of the old westerns all the way back to the beginning of the talkies. Isn't that Bruin School working on this? If not get a contract with the Wolverine School, U of M, maybe they could help em out. And yes, bring back the old TV westerns of the 50's & 60's. The Rifleman was great, but they were beginning to replay a lot of episodes. That is still a lot better than watching Wheel of Fortune, and Jeapardy

From Near Ann Arbor, where Basketball is on the comeback.

Big House Bob

Brighton, MI

fb98b56d, 2008-12-10, 05:21PM CST

I think the Rifleman is back on.....

I would also like to see shows like The Range Rider, Cisco Kid, Have Gun will Travel, Wanted Dead or Alive, Yanse Deringer, The Lone Ranger, Rawhide and others from the late 50's and 60's.


b7c37943, 2008-12-13, 07:17PM CST


a73370c3, 2008-12-17, 06:22PM CST

I use to watch the Western Channel as well as the other Encore/Starz channels, but I canceled my subscription. This was because they started showing their logos on all programing. I am not paying for you to advertise your channel. I am paying for the shows, and I can't enjoy them with your stupid logo advertising on every channel. Once you start showing your programming again without logo's I will subscribe again.

Tom B

Hate logos

149940f0, 2008-12-19, 10:15AM CST

i emailed Encore expressing my disappointment and this is what i got back ....

From: Starz Entertainment <[email protected]>

Subject: Re: THE RIFLEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To: [email protected]

Date: Friday, December 19, 2008, 9:39 AM

You know what Joe! Get up off your butt and enjoy life or watch something else. We are sick of belly aching people like you complaining about every little thing. Why don't you cancel everything and go bother someone else. Tell 4 more people like you to move on as well. We don't have time to deal with you while everyone else is watching what is provided!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

b91e83d5, 2008-12-31, 01:22AM CST

I just want to add that I love the encore western channel. But what happened to the Rifleman?

I had not watched that series since I was a kid.. My son was just starting to get into watching it. I love the movies you have on it, but do need to play a few differnt ones then the same ones each month.

To mnay good shows out there, Gun Smoke, Danile Boone, Branded, Lone Ranger, Zorro, lets see some more..

c77cd1d2, 2008-12-31, 01:08PM CST

I totally agree..please, we love the old westerns but am tired of the same ones over and over and over and over and over...Why can't you show some of the old weekly series like, Roy Rodgers, My Friend Flicka, Fury, Sky King, and more variety of movies from the 50's and 60's. Please listen to our plea..or we will not be able to jusify keeping Encore & Starz in our cable package.

aca9312e, 2009-01-01, 09:01PM CST

I too want to complain. I only want to see the old black and white westerns especially the ones filmed before 1960.

3deda4df, 2009-01-06, 03:42PM CST


a0cf9b0e, 2009-01-08, 01:31PM CST

I agree with this Complaint. Why in

the world are you now showing back to

back episodes of Maverick. This is

the least popular of the classic

westerns in my opinion. Why did you

discontinue The Big Valley and The

Rifleman?? Can't understand why the

double Maverick episodoes with all the

other classic westerns that are not

being shown. Is this still the

"Westerns" channel??? Could have

fooled me from some of the things you

are now showing.

65d76117, 2009-01-08, 03:39PM CST

i also make a request that different westerns are shown. there are so many repeats and there are too many old western movies and series that have not been given a chance.


b5c1ae0f, 2009-01-23, 10:07PM CST

I agree heartily with what you have said. I am tired of Gene Autry and Maverick. They are the lamest shows to be called westerns. Every time they are shown I can imagine the Duke is turning over in his grave with shame. There are too many great western series out there that can be shown and the public will love to see them and relive the good old days. You need to restaff your production staff if they can't schedule better programing.

44729d7a, 2009-01-25, 01:14AM CST

Great compliments for bringing on the biggest western of all time, Cheyenne. Cheyenne revolutionized westerns for ever. Continue to bring back more episodes of this great western. Thank you for dumping some of the really bad westerns like Big Valley.

7408e017, 2009-01-25, 01:17AM CST

I am sorry, but I do not agree. Big Valley was one of the worst westerns ever made. Thank you for throwing out the garbage. Applauds.

61cbbdad, 2009-01-25, 10:50AM CST

i agree with the statement encore western shows the same old thing over and over. what about The Vriginians and The High Chaprall etc. for the record encore western is one of my favorits,but i need change, why should my husband con't to pay for this channel we can rent.

658b8f8e, 2009-01-25, 12:41PM CST


a0cf9b0e, 2009-01-26, 12:11PM CST

Yes, I agree. The "back to back"

episodes of Maverick is terrible

programming. One hour is OK ... but

please...not 2 hrs of Maverick. Why

isn't the Encore Western Channel

showing some of the other classic

westerns, i.e. The Lawman, The Deputy,

The Virginian, Cimmaron...just to name

a few???

8537a1d3, 2009-01-27, 09:20PM CST

I agree, Maverick is so unrealistic it stinks and so are those other gambler glorifying shows.

I can't stand the Gene Autry show at all and immediately go to another channel when that show comes on. I even mute the TV so I can't hear Gene's stupid singing when advertised between movies.

How about some realistic westerns for a change. Not more of those weird movies without a very good story or no story at all either.

There are thousands of really good western movies and shows. Maybe the Encore Western Channel's ratings would go up if they would only change up some.

6864cf89, 2009-01-28, 07:38PM CST

I miss Big Valley and Rifleman also. They are staples of the Old West. I wouldn't mind seeing Hopalong Cassidy or The Lone Ranger and The Cisco Kid, too. Does the Flying A own Encore Westerns? Gene Autry is on way too much. We've all memorized his after seeing them over and over. Wagon Train and Rawhide would be welcomed also. There's really plenty of hours to show all the old cowboy series; just eliminate some of the feature movies that are so lame - some of the badly made European westerns and there will be time for the revered westerns.

37f15091, 2009-02-09, 07:48PM CST

I ordered the "Western Channel",because of "The Rifleman".Though I do enjoy most of the other westerns as well.And I can even accept showing "The Rifleman "less.But you've stopped it completly.And so I'm cocidering canceling the "Western Channel"completely as well.But thanks for the run while it lasted.For personal reasons it ment so much to me.

1ce8ff57, 2009-02-12, 10:37AM CST

I agree, lets see some Wagon Train, Virginian, Johnny Reb, Rawhide. Come guys consult the Western Tv Guide right here on the internet and come up with some different shows from time to time.

8b63db0f, 2009-02-15, 06:36PM CST

I agree. I would like to see the following movies: Laramie, Have Gun Will Travel, Broken Arrow, Sugar Foot, Wagon Train, and Bronco.

a7c75223, 2009-02-16, 08:09AM CST

I would like to see Encore Western Channel add more of the older western series to their line-up. I enjoy the movies they show for the most part, but would it hurt them so badly to not show them over and over, and possibly add a few more television series westerns so we can enjoy them as well? I would like to among some The Virginian.

85036c7f, 2009-02-16, 03:28PM CST

I wish you would pleas show The Ride To Hangsman Tree in it's complete form. Each time I've watched this movie you have cut out the jail scene. We would like to see our westerns in their original format without all the cuts.

Also why don't you show Stoney Burke staring the late Jack Lord and warren oates. If you have an uncut copy of this movie please send it to me.


Gregory Crouthers

ddee15b7, 2009-02-20, 02:07PM CST

I suppose western are at the low end of the totem pole. I for one have STARZ just to get westerns...yet I'm terribly disappointed with the repetitive movies shown. This wasn't the case years ago.

Are licensing cost too expensive or did someone misplace the keys for the vault where you keep the movies?

Also the quality of the films is mostly on the dark side and not sharp.

I just saw Winchester'73 in High Definition on HD Net. I was pleasantly surprised at the sharpness of this film.

It would great if at least a segment of westerns could share a High Definition broadcast in some capacity with other programming on such a channel.

I also would like to see older series like Have Gun will Travel and older Bob Steele, Three Mesquiteers,etc. movies.

I don't wish to trash... but hoping that some great changes could be made. Thanks for the opportunity...

b15114df, 2009-02-24, 08:49AM CST

I just want Encore Western Channel to bring back "The Rifleman". My family enjoyed this show every night...watching this show as a family was a nightly tradition and we really miss it.

Please bring back "The Rifleman".

368a7e85, 2009-02-25, 01:22PM CST

I also would like the rifleman on more offen

And why did you take off the series The Magnificent Seven it's not on at all!!! please bring it back


Denver CO

3c878d0e, 2009-06-14, 10:07PM CDT


8d221700, 2009-06-16, 03:20PM CDT

I hold heartedly agree tht some more good shows from the 50s and 60s would be more welcome than such as "The Electric Horseman" Wanda Nevada and such mess.

If you could show Clint Walker in either Cheyenne or his movies, 24 hours a day, seven days it week, that would be nice as well. Here are some suggestions: Wagon Train, Rawhide, GUNSMOKE!!! Paladin, so many more to chose from why bother with the trash from the 1970s, 80s and until now? Also, how about showing the complete series of Centennial James Arness How the West was won. Just as long as Maverick and Cheyenne stay on the air I guess I can't complain.

f0a0f57e, 2009-06-19, 08:08AM CDT

I enjoy mostly the old TV westerns. Maverick is excellent but I don't believe I've seen Bret is quite a while. Also there are a ton of Warner Brothers westerns from the 50's and 60's not being shown----Colt 45, Sugarfoot, Lawman, etc. Another show I used to enjoy was Cimarron City. Lastly, how about some Old episodes of Gunsmoke (preferably in black and white). Please consider these options.

19b31243, 2009-06-21, 05:44PM CDT

i would like to see the riflemen be continued to be seen on encore western, u don't know how much i' ve enjoyed watching that western, please put it back on or let me know where it can be seen again and on what [email protected]

thanks a million

carolyn baten

35044665, 2009-06-24, 05:59PM CDT

what is wrong with you people! you show the same shows over and over again. i look at encore westers channel.'cheyenne". this program has been on for eight years. and yet i see the same series of this program over and over again. if you don;t put on different series of "cheyenne" i will drop encore. can"t you show me some thing different .[email protected]

ecc09e68, 2009-07-06, 09:13PM CDT

How Come you cant show hop alone cassidy, Tim Holt. There has been over 40,000 westerns made and I wuld like to see westerens from the 1930, 1940, 1950, I feel like the old westerns should be shown on the western channel. How come I see the same ones on over and over, I feel like there should be ore varity to your western channel.

p.s thank god for GENE AURTY!!!!

4924cf12, 2009-07-13, 10:59AM CDT

I agree w/ Two Gun Ken, bring back the Rifleman and The Big Valley. Encore REPEATS the same western movies night after night. It used 2 B Big Valley Rifleman then Maverick... and then a great western after that. What's UP?

Little Blitz

Woodstock, IL

a272ccc6, 2009-07-18, 07:55PM CDT

Please bring back The Big Valley and Wagon Train. Quit showing the same thing over and over again.

b3b7316a, 2009-07-22, 12:59PM CDT

I enjoy westerns mainly the old ones. Please, please bring Gunsmoke back on, and try to start at the beginning. I started watching them as a kid. other good ones are The Texan with Rory Calhoun, The Lawman, can't think of his name, but had a good looking deputy. And TRACKDOWN with Robert Culp. Whatever happened to The Gray Ghost, Skyking; Sargt. Preston of the Yucon. But most of all Gunsmoke. Thanks so much for good entertainment.

6084311f, 2009-07-27, 02:10PM CDT

I want the Hopalong Cassidy series=all of it.

Mostly I skip the Western channel since they started running that Gene Autry. I didn't even but that stuff when I was six!!

0b0fd3f2, 2009-07-30, 01:30AM CDT

It's ridiculous that every weekend the same western shows are shown from the past few months. No variety equates to poor programing.

I am going to cancel the extra programing that I pay monthly exclusively to have the Western Channel.

I'd rather see it off the air and a new Western Channel that cares about its viewers stand in its place.

411a48d2, 2009-08-04, 06:00PM CDT

I don't particularly like you having the same things over and over either but I promise not to complain any more if you stop insulting JOHN WAYNE'S memory by having Norman Lear and Jimmy Carter speak for him on the commercials.

41b0e99c, 2009-08-14, 06:32AM CDT

Roy Rogers gave Gene Autry credit for being his inspiration since Day one, so lighten up on Gene! If more people were like Gene, This world would be a much better place. Also I was set to record Red River with John Wayne the other night and what came on? The remake with James Arness. What happened?

86ebd85e, 2009-08-25, 08:43AM CDT

why do you play the same ones over and over wait a month and player the sameones again there are thousands to use it just gets old same movies almost makes me want to cancel Startz what a waste of money.

db9f7455, 2009-08-26, 09:51AM CDT

I would love to see more Durango Kid and Tim Holt movies. Also, you have shown one of my favorite westerns, "Davey Crockett Indian Scout" (1950 starring George Montgomery and Ellen Drew), in the past. Any chance you might be showing it again?

b0c724b5, 2009-08-27, 11:09AM CDT

I'm retired and love westerns. I do get tired of seeing the same ones over and over (like Cheyenne, Maverick, etc.) I would love to see "How the West was Won" (a series starring James Arness) and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Also Gunsmoke, and a score of others. Anything with a car in it I don't consider a western. I do love westerns.

9d860ed4, 2009-09-07, 03:48PM CDT

yes can you find a way to bring Bret Maverick back? He was the best and I miss him!

9d860ed4, 2009-09-07, 03:52PM CDT

We will also like Hugh O'brien in Wyatt Earp. thankies!

a145c12e, 2009-09-18, 03:48PM CDT

Same here! Some other series like "The Big Valley" HAVEN'T WE SEEN ENOUGH OF GENE AUTRY!!!!???? My family used to enjoy watching this channel, but since you changed the WHOLE PROGRAMMING, my entire family stopped watching. Who is Gene Autry? OK, he may be an OLD ACT... (YEA) OLD is the word, & let's not forget has been dead... like 100 years ago, please I don't think he could even act!! Him & his big stomach, and makebelieve fighting. You could hear the sound of the punches before he hit lol. OH MY GOD!! WE HAD ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING. Bring back The Big Valley, The Rifleman + some more great stars we used to be able to see on that channel, but no more. My whole family loves John Wayne, you cannot tear my dad away TV while watching the Great One. Come on, bring back the 3x & 4x's movies, please. This channel is a waste of consumer's good money. What about the great classic movies full of great stars, in addition to John Wayne, like: James Stewart,& many other great ones like them. You know, our Dish box used to be set on One good movie ended, another one ready to start. Did STARZ change all this??? Why?? Why change what works, with something that does not work? Let it alone if it WORKED!!!!! I don't want to repeat myself, BUT the WESTERN CHANNEL USED TO BE WATCHED ALL THE TIMES!!! Mom & Dad are retired, & they left the tv on all the time, TUNING DISH BOX ON THE WESTERN CHANNEL ALL THE TIMES!!! IN COLOR OR B&W, YOU TOOK ALL THAT AWAY THEM!!!! Gosh!! I would even settle B&W, but would have to be a 3xs or 4xs movie, loaded whith a great KNOWN BIG CAST!! How are we, or shall I say my family, + most of my friends & theirs (my parents) who used to watch the WESTERN channel before, ARE NOT watching anymore, but, if you brought back the good ol' programming you had in the good ol' days of the Rifleman, The Big Valley, etc. WHAT GREAT SHOWS THEY WERE, & HOW WE WISH THEY'LL BE BACK, UNFORTUNATELY, I DON'T THINK THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN. SO, GOODBEY FOR NOW. IF YOU WANT US BACK, YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK AT IT. Bring back J. Wayne, R. Mitchum, K. Douglas, J.Stewart, even Dean Martin &some other comedic stars, many others like them. Our families are not old enough to be able to enjoy your "current choices".

BUT, If you decide to restore all the OLD programing, (You could even delete GENE AUTRY...) WE would forgive you if you only aired his show ONCE PER DAY, PER HALF HOUR ONLY, PLEASE!! If you decide to bring back everything as it was, except for Gene Autry only HALF HOUR % DAY!! and if you would advise me as to WHEN THE CHANGES WOULD AIR, DATE and TIME, We all would pass the word, and I'm sure the amount of consumers would be increased by so much more in ################s. Very sorry if I repeated issues, I just want to be heard.

Thank you

Marisa P from N.Y.

a145c12e, 2009-09-19, 12:58PM CDT

You like GENE AUTRY?? I don't agree.

However, I agree on them showing series from the 60's, you said "they do show them"? I don't agree on that. I also don't like all the junk they NOW show. Sorry.

a145c12e, 2009-09-20, 01:26PM CDT


6a9d00b1, 2009-09-22, 05:07PM CDT


a6443852, 2009-09-28, 07:20AM CDT

Yes please bring back The Rifleman and Wagon Train, Rawhide, Sky King The Lone Ranger. Comcast took the western channel off demand.

33b869d2, 2009-09-29, 04:29PM CDT

Please put Cheyenne on more often.

No one watches Gene Autry.

He is on more than Cheyenne.

Clint Walker is very popular.

Just check the Internet.

I watch Cheyenne twice a day.

Now you only show it once a day.


Anna Dutton


4306936f, 2009-09-30, 11:11PM CDT

It all seemed to begin with the westerns logo on the lower right corner of the screen. Annoying and toitally unnecessary. Then came the defiling of the ending credits, with an advertisement for the the Westerns channel, as if we consumers are too stupid to know what channel we are watching and too stupid to know what we have just been watching.

Next came the endless repeats of the same movies over and over, month after month.

There are so many old western tv shows that haven't seen the light of day since the 1950's. Surely, those shows can be found and broadcast again, even if they are perfect in video quality. In case you have forgotten, here are some that I once loved and would dearly love to see again: Broken Arrow, Tales of Wells Fargo, The Roy Rogers Show, Fury, My Friend Flicka, Sky King, Black Saddle, Cimarron City, Colt .45, Death Valley Days, Frontier Doctor, Frontier Circus, Buffalo Bill Jr., Adventures of Kit Carson, Annie Oakley, The Virginian, Laramie, U.S. Marshall, Tombstone Territory, Trackdown, 26 Men, Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans, Zane Grey Theatre, The Range Rider, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok, Jefferson Drum, Hopalong Cassidy (tv show), Shotgun Slade, Tales of the Texas Rangers, The Lone Ranger, and many more.

33d62973, 2009-10-06, 06:00PM CDT

Please Bring back classic westerns like Wanted Dead or Alive With Steve McQueen. Have Gun will Travel With Richard boone. Raw Hide With Clint Eastwood. Thanks For Letting Me Speak up.

e4dcd377, 2009-10-08, 03:44PM CDT

How about High Chaparral or Have Gun Will Travel.

a145c12e, 2009-10-09, 09:38AM CDT

Really? Which ones of these movies/series are from the 60's?

I think you may be watching another channel, NOT the current WESTERN CHANNEL 342!!!

Maybe you could refresh my memory, by telling US which of these shows are from the 60's, as you say. Is Gene Autry from thge 60's? or he may have died in the 60's. TOO MUCH OF HIS OLD CRAPP!!!! OVER & OVER & OVER AGAIN!! He's SOOO BORING!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE PROGRAMMERS, CHANGE WESTERN'S PROGRAMING!!! I'M SO SICK OF HIM, but it's not only me; my all friends & relatives, feel the same way.

SHOW SOME OF THE 3*** or 4**** movies, B&W or color. You may not be aware of what the stars given to a movie may mean, fortunately some of us have known for a very, very, LONG TIME.


e85baa50, 2009-10-14, 12:14AM CDT

I am tired of Gene Autrey, Cheyenne and Bret Maverick. How difficult would it be to change the programming ever 6 months or so. There are so many old westerns that could be shown instead they show the same 10 or 12 movies over and over again during the month. Bring back the Rifleman, Gunsmoke, Rawhide. Show some westerns other than the The Tall T and Rio Conchos.

5d57deab, 2009-10-17, 05:59PM CDT

I know that the Western channel is tired of hearing people complain about the shows that you are showing but I pay for those shows. There are more John Wayne movies out there Like the Sons of Katie Elder and all of his McClintock movies. I also thing we have seen more that enough of Gene Autry and Maverick. There was so many good westerns on like Wagon train and the Virginan Please try to mix up some of these and make watching the Western channel more enjoyable. Thank you and Dish network customer and a paying one at that. Falkville Al

a5143c73, 2009-10-18, 02:19PM CDT

I would like to see this old western mentioned in the obituary of Mary Wade who was my neighbor when I was a kid.

9b62cfab, 2009-10-20, 04:00PM CDT

Thank Heaven for Encore Westerns, but I must agree with the previous customers: We have been inundated with Gene Autry, however fine an American he was. I, too, miss the old choices of THE RIFLEMAN, BAT MASTERSON, and THE BIG VALLEY.

GUNSMOKE and BONANZA belong on Encore, not on TV Land - land of the filthiest network habits: not playing the closing themes, and advertising upcoming shows in the lower left corner!

Cut down (don't eliminate) MAVERICK and CHEYENNE. I'm thrilled with BRET MAVERICK and CIMARRON STRIP!

The possibilities are dazzling: a greater variety of films with Glenn Ford, Audie Murphy, and Ronald Reagan, along with Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn, and Randolph Scott. Need I go on?

32262583, 2009-10-22, 02:41PM CDT

If you don't stop showing the same movies over and over for weeks on end, you are going to lose me as a customer.

7171d4dd, 2009-10-29, 05:25PM CDT

what about about audie murphy movies i think he was the actor alive and i have not seen him on in years

7483d2bb, 2009-10-30, 08:25AM CDT

there are thousands of good westerns to watch.but encore westerns seems to have forgotten this.i am retired and love a great western but the same thing over and over is terrible.what happened to hopalong cassidy,wagon train,rawhide?there are a ton of good westeran movies to watch,please try and find them. thank you.

e8368c04, 2009-11-04, 05:13PM CST

western channel keeps advertising RED RIVER with JOHN WAYNE but all you show is the sorry remake with JAMES ARNESS.your prgramming stinks.

1eb53dae, 2009-11-09, 03:29PM CST

On the beginng of Cheyenne the start of the show it days "The Cheyenne Show"then introduces "Sugarfoot",and "Bronco",but never show the movie

f2d9ddc8, 2009-11-11, 12:46AM CST

I like the old westerns Randolph Scott is my favorite would please start showing more of Randolph Scott.I also would like to see more of Glenn Ford.Thank You.Barbara

461537b6, 2009-11-12, 06:55AM CST

I have no complaint.I bought the encore package to enjoy the westerns.I really like Cheyenne and Maverick.I'd love to see the Rifleman and The Big Valley back as well. What about the Lone Ranger, Have Gun Will Travel, the early Gunsmoke episodes etc.? I do agree with one individual's comment about Bonanza. Doesn't belong on TV Land. Belongs on Encore Westerns.

56c46382, 2009-11-12, 03:14PM CST


ac2bcf89, 2009-11-16, 06:24PM CST

I am about to cancel my encore package.Westerns channel showing the same stuff day in and day out.

b6a45206, 2009-11-17, 05:28PM CST

I have been the biggest Encore Western viewer but it's getting now that they shows 70s-2000 western movies compared to the oldies like....1940-60s. There's no Randolph Scott, Audie Murphy, etc.

The ratings has to be low. I have to watch AMC on Saturday or TCM to catch the good oldies....what's going on over at Encore and who's choosing these low class movies.

6fc2792b, 2009-11-17, 07:27PM CST

I agree with the rest of you above. You put the same shows on over and over again every month. Why can you put on High Charapel, The Virginas, Long Ranger for once, Text Ritter and the Sisco Kid I have havent seen these shows in years. I called I have sent letters and nothing has been done. Some of these shows are not fit for dogs to look at. How about you do something about this have you looked at your complants above!

6eca47cb, 2009-11-19, 05:15PM CST

I enjoy all the westerns including Gene Autry but I would rather see a variety of programs instead of the same ones. Why not change all of them every year and show something different. This way we could see all our westerns from the 50's, 60's and early 70's.

d404c86d, 2009-11-21, 08:13PM CST

We love Randolph Scott but the only western being shown is the The Tall T please show more of his movies.Thank You

92f5cac6, 2009-11-25, 04:25PM CST

i will like for them to put the villian on encore western channel they never show it anymore that was a good movie

fa943f64, 2009-11-26, 12:12PM CST

I agree, I would also like see more western series such as "The guns of will Sonnet", "The Big Valley", "Bonanza", "The Riffle Man",and "High Chaparral". I can't watch 1 more showing of "Ox-bow Incident" or "Rio Conchos", just to name a couple of the many repeat movies.

74ffad4c, 2009-11-26, 01:55PM CST

I AM SICK AND TIRED OF GENE AUTRY AND MAVERICK. WHY DON'T YOU SHOW THE FOLLOWING:Peter Breck: Black Saddle. Guy Madison: Wild Bill Hickcock. Willard Parker: Tales of the Texas Rangers. John Russell: Lawman. Colt 45.(actor unk. from Warner Bros.), Tony Young: Gunslinger. Reed Hadley: Zorro's Fighting Legion. Hotel De Paree (star unknown same star was on Policewoman). Johhny Ringo - TV series (star unknown)

Rory Calhoun: The Texan. Dale Robertson: Tales of Wells Fargo. Gray Ghost ( star unk). 26 Men -Arizona Rangers (stars unk). Rin-Tin-Tin.

Lt. Gibbs


b72b4dcb, 2009-11-28, 10:31AM CST

I would like to see more Roy Rogers. He made a bunch 1 hour shows and a bunch of 30 min shows. I always looked forward to Sunday nite to see a 3o min show. Then on week days in the afternoon after school i would watch one day Roy Rogers and the next day Gene Autry.

6602c63a, 2009-11-29, 02:09AM CST

I thank they should have the old tv showes of the 50 and 60 on saterday moring it would bring back old times to stay home when I use to have to go out with mom and try on clothes for school and miss my showes.

d4b2339a, 2009-12-05, 11:44PM CST

The older westerns are much better please show more of Randolph Scott,Glenn Ford ,George Montgomery,Gregory Peck.Thank You.Lee

24bd5ca6, 2009-12-06, 05:49AM CST

john russell was the marshal and his deputy was peter brown

d64ab809, 2009-12-11, 04:50PM CST

I agree with other people on the older shows. especially the old westerns that were on tv. among them colt 45, wyatt earp sugerfoot bronco lane, and others that were great in the day along with maverick and cheyanne ... it would make the rotation better, I would rather watch them than the news every night.

93ea9ee2, 2009-12-16, 03:04PM CST

I wish they would bring back wagon trail, have guns will travel, rifleman, and a lot more of the old ones. i am so tired of watching the same old shows.Sure they are good. But give us something different.let our grandchildren watch what we did, then they to can learn what real T.V. was all about. Thanks for your time and we are waiting.

c078f506, 2009-12-21, 02:48PM CST

i agree with everything said here. they show the same movies, and same episodes of the same series over and over. They've shown the most popular Maverick, i.e. The Saga of Waco Williams one time to my knowledge, while showing other episodes since I saw it five and ten times.

I believe this is a simple case of economics. Why do you think they keep showing this lame stuff over and over? a man called Horse has returned like 1 trillion times. LOL! Enough already! It's because they can get this stuff cheap. that's why most of the movies are from WWII or shortly thereafter. They don't want to lay out the money it costs them to show decent stuff.

0d036e29, 2009-12-24, 08:18AM CST

How about The Virginian, Rawhide, Wanted Dead or Alive,Have Gun Will Travel, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.....you are right about looking at the same repeats, there other choices out there and we would welcome a change....Dave Christian Bangor, Michigan

3c30e0ac, 2009-12-25, 04:56PM CST

I agree ! I grew up in the late 50's & 60's & my family & I always watched EVERY SINGLE ONE of those old western series mentioned in other posts. I just watched an episode of Cheyenne !! The last time I saw it both parents were still living & I was a kid.Cheyenne was one of our faves. What memories it brought back !!

8018e179, 2009-12-26, 01:15PM CST

Yes I agree PLEASE PLEASE give us more of the old westerns: Virginian, The Texans, RawHide, older Gunsmoke from the late 50's, Skyking, and others. I am great fan of old westerns form the 40's, 50's and early 60's. Please bring them back.

Stephen F F., 2010-01-01, 08:54AM CST

v to whom it may concern.

glad to see you are changing your programs play the lone ranger also play wild times more often plus ledgend of the golden gun more keep gene autry play roy rogers and gabby hayes play hoppalong cassidyand all the classic westerns .

thank you.


Stephen F Flanders.

3bca9e7c, 2010-01-01, 12:35PM CST

This really isn't a complaint!!! I am in my glory starting off the New Year with my VERY FAVORITE western...The Virginian!!! It was on for 9 years...this is just a small smattering of them...show them ALL....it has been great...football....what football!!!!

LOVE James Drury.

4d751b00, 2010-01-01, 02:03PM CST

Cheyenne is BETTER than all of the other Westerns combined.Go to a Clint Walker autograph signing and you will see young men and women,as well as childre standing in line 20 deep all day

for 4 days in 100 degree heat.The line NEVER,EVER STOPS.

Sure add other Westerns but keep



5fc41cd5, 2010-01-02, 10:54PM CST

The programing executives are in their twenties and thirties, they have no idea as to what is good programing. If I wanted to listen to swearing and watch rotten acting, I would go to any of the 150 channels I have. I watch the western channel with my grand children because shows featuring Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Bill Boyd and the other Great actors of the 40's and 50's, had character, you did not have to fear what was coming next. It was good viewing for all ages. Anything later then 1965 is pure trash.

I would watch Gene Autry at 4.30 every afternoon when my grand daughters came home from school. Now the morons in programing want it on at 6AM. Kids of today have ZERO roll models to look up to, and when people like myself try and steer them to good programing, the idiots take it off.

Very sad gentlemen, you had something good and screwed it up again. When will you start advertising tiny condoms to go with your modern day cowboy programs, might as well get a buck anywhere you can. Thank God you can't erase the tapes I am going to buy with the money I will save by dropping the western channel. Sad, very very sad indeed

Joel La Rocque

d0cebca9, 2010-01-17, 06:02AM CST

I see that some of you are complainging about the Rifleman- I LOVE THAT SHOW!! I have been watching it on WHT- Channel 367 I believe, at least on my direct TV. I am seriously upset about The Big Valley not being on anymore and I am sure many of you agree. My 5 year old loved the show and my husband and I have turned her on to a western fanatic. That is about the only programming now that is clean enough for her to watch! She loves Bonanza and The Rifleman but we all miss The Big Valley so badly. What can we go about doing to get Big Valley back on??? I search my direct TV every so often praying that it comes back on. I guess I will end up having to buy the show on dvd or something to be able to see it. Why would they cancel such a classic?????

e0b3d3c2, 2010-01-18, 12:03AM CST

Please show more of clint walker movies

"Night of the Grizley"

f59b882a, 2010-01-19, 12:09PM CST

i would like to see them bring some old shows back "fury" the boy and his horse.and "sky king" with the airplane.

cb5ddff2, 2010-01-19, 07:39PM CST


Anonymous, 2010-01-26, 11:31PM CST

I would love to see encore western channel play The Cowboys with John Wayne. I pay extra for this channel on comcast in Bennington VT. It was on only once and want my husband to see it. Some movies they play over and over why not play this one again. At least once

ac158123, 2010-01-29, 11:40PM CST

I want to know how come you have NEVER showen these 2 movies

Seminole w/Anthony Quinn

Distant Drum w/Gary Cooper

The last time I saw these movies was approx. 20 to 25 years ago, but you still keep showing the same movies over & over and I am about to cancel my western channel it does'nt make sense to keep paying for the same old, same old movies how about an answer ?

d385c248, 2010-02-06, 11:49AM CST

I agree with many of the comments. It is sad that encore western seems fit to show the same shows/movies over and over and over. There are many great movies and TV westerns that can be shown without repeating them to the point ALL of us are sick of them. C'mon encore give us some variety. If you can't then I'm canceling my encore subscription- why waste my money on garbage programing. We picked the western channel for classic movies and TV shows, not what you have been subjecting us to lately.

f83fb832, 2010-02-07, 10:28PM CST

I'm not a Gene Autry fan. Why don't you ever show the Lone Ranger and Tonto? I would also like to see Sargent Preston & his dog King. He was from the Yukon territory

d5d3bad8, 2010-02-08, 06:01PM CST

You advertise that Cheyene was on for 9 years.I keep seeing the same ones over and over not that far apart.Come on show some different ones.You couldn't have shown all 9 years worth.

a1f75afb, 2010-02-09, 01:49PM CST

I agree whole heartedly with all of the viewers incensed with the Western channel's programing being highly repetitive. But, what all of you don't realize is the fact that these TV channels that show old programming, have to bid for these old TV sitcoms and shows of all variety. In a nutshell, highest bidder wins. Give them a break and let's enjoy what they do show. I, as an avid TV viewer, was very sad when they cut the one western channel out. But, times being hard as they are financially, I could understand their motive for doing this.

e97a0457, 2010-02-11, 01:31PM CST

There is no reason to show the same movies over and over and over.

Too many (millions) that I speak for.

Do uou think that your viewers have Alzheimer's?????

2be062b9, 2010-02-26, 09:44AM CST

I have a 42" Panasonic TV and I can no longer watch the western channel because the bright logo in the bottom right hand side of the TV stays on constantly except for the first 2 or 3 minutes at the beginning and end of a movie. Before this the logo came on every so often and was not a factor.

Can you not stop this practice of leaving the logo on all the time. It creates or burns an image on the plasma TV if you leave it on for an extended period of time.

Please remove the logo being on all the time and just show it occasionally. Thanks for your consideration.


Roanoke, Virginia

89ee282d, 2010-02-27, 05:34PM CST

Lets see , when was the last Roy Rogers marathon on the Encore -"clearly and totally bias toward Gene Autry"- Western Channel????? Oh , wait, there hasn't ever been one. I can watch a Roy Rogers movie if I will stay up till 3 in the morning. Encore, I wish there was some competition for your western channel. As it is I will keep watching,bad as I hate to in view of the OBVIOUS bias..... Sad. And what is really SAD, Encore, you wont change. Just a balance would be acceptable but that aint gonna happen either.

7b267e28, 2010-02-28, 03:12PM CST












3410e7ee, 2010-02-28, 07:35PM CST

Please, Encore Western Channel, start showing "The Rifleman." Please, please, please.

037285be, 2010-03-10, 11:36AM CST

I too want to watch the Lone Ranger TV program.

bee796f1, 2010-03-13, 10:49PM CST

play little big man with dustin hoffman

9b8f0eab, 2010-03-14, 01:02PM CDT

How about the Cisco Kid and Hopalong Cassidy. One of my tv's doesn't have cable but the box to get local channels and I get great western movies and I watch them when you have the same old westersns on again and again. Whats up with getting your customers what they would like to have and what they are paying to see.

06f01fb7, 2010-03-17, 02:31PM CDT

Although I hate the westerns of the 30 and 40 I am over the moon Encore has put on The Virginian, Yahoooo! Now if you could get LANCER I will be out of the universe.. please Encore get that showon. There are thousands of fan fiction writers STILL writing onthe web for that show. We want LANCER, We want Lancer. Thank you

7ee6fdf5, 2010-03-18, 11:44PM CDT

Roy Rodgers is just as bad as Gene Autry. They both sing too much.

8a170bbe, 2010-04-05, 07:05PM CDT

I'm only guessing but the owners of the Lone Ranger and Sgt. Preston of the Yukon are really a pain in the neck as far as allowing airing of their shows is concerned. I listen to Old Time Radio (XM 164) and The Lone Ranger people withdrew permission --- now XM 164 can no longer air TLR or SPOTY. I imagein the same is true of the TV rights and it's really ashame.

I wish The Encore Western channel would show Roy ROgers. But I'm so happy it airs "The Virginian," "Cheyenne" and "Have Gune, Will Travel" that I won't complain about anything else it offers. I didn't used to like Westerns; now I love them in part because of Old Time Radio airing "Gunsmoke," "Have Gun Will Travel," "The Six-Shooter" and "Frontier Gentleman." And recently, when I found the Western channel with these other shows, I was liek a fly on a cow, I was so happy.

56c29120, 2010-04-21, 04:25AM CDT

I agree with you, I am a 41 yr.old female, but I love the western channel and so does my father in law. He is the one I order the Encore Western channel for and I wanded up liking it myself,we will watch it everyday all day, but except when they show thesame movie 3to 5 times a day and about15 times in 1 week. I think they should spread it out more like show other movies from like between the 30's to the late 60's cause I know they have alot more then what they keep showing over and over.Matter of fact the hole Encore channels are all like that, even other movie channels. But the one I more worry about is the western channel how can I write directely to the Encore Western channel and ask them if they can show more great movies and stop repeating the same movies everyday all day all week, they show them to much people will stop watching the channel and thdy will lose alot of people don't get me wrong because there are some movies I don't mind watching over. My father in law gets up set sometimes causehe will set there and say why can't they show all different movies fromthe westerbn see he is 70 yrs.old and he'll sit there and name alot and I mean alot of westerns that has never been on Encore western so please help me to be able to write them thank you for listening to me Jeannie my real name is Elizabeth, but like to be call Jeannie

800c3fa9, 2010-05-05, 03:18PM CDT

i too am disgusted with the constant repeats.such as [quigley down under] it was on another channel aweek after the western channel ran it.what happened to tim holt,rocky lane and tex ritter and hopalong cassidy etc?i remember all the gunsmoke episodes from the last time they were on.incidently that wasn't all that long ago.i don't watch all the other junk that's on starz & encore.i'm going to cancel my subscription to starz & encore.maybe there will be a good reason to return in the future.

97609f28, 2010-05-05, 04:06PM CDT

Today(5-5-2010) we no longer have "the Virginian" on Encore Western Channel. WHY? WHY? WHY? It was our favorite and as a result we will probably drop DISH altogether. Nothing worth watching on TV anymore

3da149a3, 2010-05-06, 10:47AM CDT

I want to know why you did't show the

Virginian Wednesday 05-05-2010 and are

you droping it completely?monkey

ca5118d4, 2010-05-07, 10:55PM CDT

It's time to spend a few dollars and show some real movies with western talent!! So far Genee, Roy and his and their side kicks are long gone and out dayed!! Encore Western is a repetious programming ripoff and I blame tv dish and cable providers for not protecting their customers from ripoffs...

590c1198, 2010-05-13, 10:07AM CDT

In this era of 50" high def flat screen tv's why is the Western Channel still showing their movies in the old "Pan and scan" process? Isn't it about time they upgraded their broadcast standards? I pay for this premium channel and Im tired of watching my favorite widescreen movies in pan and scan.Enough already!!!

c95dee27, 2010-06-12, 12:56PM CDT

I agree. What happened to Laramie, Rawhide, Billy the Kid, Wagon Trail, Shotgun Slade, Wagon Trail, Bat Masterson, just to name a few more?

01d63702, 2010-06-20, 02:42PM CDT

I would like to see all day tv western on Saturay instead of just three hours in the morning. I believe more people would watch encore western if you had more western tv show from the 60's. So ihope you will add more tv western to your line up in the near future. Thank you!

20e23f49, 2010-06-23, 01:54PM CDT

I agree with ken. We need some different showes like raw hide, the rebel and maybe sky king.

5bd0c27a, 2010-06-23, 03:33PM CDT

your abalutely right i went on line and found out that with cheyenne they made like 180 episodes in 8 years there is no reason to keep showing the same ones over and over

85553ec5, 2010-06-29, 06:40PM CDT

Yes, I feel that you should add to the western channel the Gun's of Will Sonic. THis is an old flick and people enjoyed it back in the day... Get on ball with some good old western movies - you could even add Bonanza..

7b476659, 2010-07-01, 11:32AM CDT

I have no problem with the fact that the Western Channel will show the full run of the old TV westerns being shown. I dig up an episode list on the internet and print a copy of it and highlight each episode that I watch. This way I know I am watching the full run and most likely in the same order that my parents had the opportunity to see. The latest list is for the Lawman and I am happy as can be that it just started today. As for the fact that the movies and shows are shown twice a day this give the folks who work first, second and third shift the opportunity to see each episode. I am grateful for the Western Channel and I would probably drop my cable if it was eliminated from their schedule.

06e7725a, 2010-07-02, 11:24AM CDT


Anonymous, 2010-07-03, 10:04PM CDT

I just want to say that I am 55 years old and in just the last year have become the biggest TV Western fanatic ever! I love the old Cheyenne Show and The Virginian just to name a couple. I have asked myself (as has my wife) why I have all of a sudden started watching Encore Westerns. I guess it just brings back great memories of my childhood watching these great shows again. But more importantly these shows and the characters in them remind me of a time in our country when things like honor and being a man really meant something. I agree with so many people out there that there is just nothing worth watching when it comes to the present day TV shows and movies. It is sad how our great country takes it on the chin so much any more because of actors who run it down and want to see it change. Thank God for John Wayne, Clint Walker and my other childhood heroes. And thank you Encore Westerns for showing americas real favorite shows.

f6dd767e, 2010-07-05, 01:56PM CDT

I agree with the comment made about showing the same old thing over and over again. Especially Gene Auntry which I feel is not very good. Why don't you people start showing more westerns like you do with Paladin, Cheyenne, Gunsmoke, Bonanza and Rawhide. There are so many others that you fail to show like Wanted Dead or Alive with Steve McQueen, Rifleman, Big Valley, Cimarron Strip, Tales of Wells Fargo. These are good wholesome westerns that are enjoyable to watch. I hope you realize you will have a better viewing audience if you change.

de3d1061, 2010-07-08, 11:06AM CDT

why can/t you get the old roy rogers show that was on tv i like gene but would like to see roy.dale.pat brady and

so on

55a8f318, 2010-07-15, 11:51AM CDT



2a3130df, 2010-07-15, 12:59PM CDT

I can't stand that dopey song the old guy with the white hat sings. He can't sing and he sounds tired. It is played to fill a couple of minutes of dead air.

thanks Bob (avid watcher)

34606254, 2010-07-16, 03:32PM CDT

I want to see old TV westerns like LAWMAN, WAGON TRAIN, THE DAKOTAS, SUGARFOOT, BRONCO, THE REBEL, HIGH CHAPARRAL, LAREDO, TOMBSTONE TERRITORY, LARAMIE, and more. That's what this channel should be about

84d3a79e, 2010-07-23, 03:24PM CDT


e3503b33, 2010-07-30, 01:17PM CDT

please bring on: Have Gun Will Travel The Monroes

Hight Chapparal

Wagon Train


Roy Rogers

Please put these on with new shows not alot of repeats. Also and get rid of Gun Smoke to much already. As for Have Gun you have been showing to many repeats put on new ones thank you

16cc1434, 2010-08-02, 07:17PM CDT

I am glad to know that there other westerm fans that feel the same as my husband and I do. How many rimes can you see "Flaming Star", "The A;amo", "Bandido", and all of the variety of different versions pf the same historic tale. You have shown at least three if not four bersiona of Custers Last Stand. I was looking forward to Spaghetti Westerns weekend and you only presented three movies and repeated them over and over again. We as fans pay for the various Starz channels it would be nice to be provided with something worth looking at, or we will consider discontinuing the channel. I hope you can here our plea!!!!!

54475475, 2010-08-06, 07:09AM CDT

repeating may be why they call it Encore- i agree with these comments- gunsmoke is great but why not bring back the 1/2 hr shows-run a series twice to give one a chance to catch everything- then move on to something else-

f6a8c62a, 2010-08-06, 05:16PM CDT

that's very true. you have all these tv westerns out there from the 50's and 60's. warner bros has some good western and should be shown, and other western for sure.

Anonymous, 2010-08-09, 01:32PM CDT

i am sick and tired of seeing the same old movies over and over and over and over again untill you are sick to death of them.i know that you have more than 15 or 20 movies. my god put on some Tim Holt,Lash Larue, Alan(Rocky)Lane something. I dont know who is in charge of programing but they need to be ran off, fired,or something because they Dont know jack crap about western movies.Please for gods sake get someone who knows how to program weatern movies.

ba33ab68, 2010-08-16, 11:00AM CDT

The year is 2010 now and Encore Westerns are still showing the same movies over and over again. Give me a break! There were hundreds and hundreds of westerns made. Run something other than the same old ones all the time!

bbfa630e, 2010-08-19, 06:47PM CDT

My Husband and I enjoy watching the old Westerns and would like to request that you consider adding these shows: Wanted Dead or Alive, Yancy Derringer, Broken Arrow, Jim Bowie

Guns of Will Sonnett and the Wild Wild West.

32196e39, 2010-08-19, 07:36PM CDT

I want to add to the complaint about Encore Westerns. Would like to see different movies not the samething all the time. Could you add some of the newer Gunsmoke series. The repeats get old after awhile. My wife and I both like the Western channel. What ever happened to the movie called Purgatory.



48d9a3dd, 2010-08-22, 11:14AM CDT

I want to see the old Rex Allen western I watched a as child in thr late 40s early 50s. I lived on a farm we had a row of raspberry that was picked and taken to the local fruit stand. I earned 25 cents as i recall which got me in and paid for a toootsie roll. Whivh almost last the whole movie.

031e1894, 2010-08-22, 06:20PM CDT

How about Wild Bill Hickok with Guy Madison and Andy Devine (Jingles)it aired every Saturday Morning in the good ole 50`s... Ohh, Nick Adams in Johnny Yuma !!!

203a6e93, 2010-08-23, 05:47PM CDT

I agree with you they paly the same old shows over and over again.They need to please take Mavrick off all it is, is a repeat. The professionals is sickning, The man that loves the cat dance, and Mr Cable, Mrs Miller run out in the field bar naked and what if Kids see these shows. Some of theis stuff I would not let my dog watch. Please put Big Valley and Riffel man back on please I am sure we would all appericate it.

1b513c2f, 2010-08-27, 12:46AM CDT

I don't understand how Gunsmoke could have been on for twenty years and we have only seen a handful of the reruns and now they are repeating them, I would like to see all twenty years not just a couple of months of the episodes.

3057bdfe, 2010-08-27, 07:26AM CDT

Amen to that plus I would to see some of the old Wagon Train and Rawhide shows but I guess they disappeared.

a7a79a4f, 2010-08-27, 12:19PM CDT

Where is "The Outlaw Josey Wales"? The best western ever made!!! I'll say PLEASE if it will help

6df081cd, 2010-08-30, 04:54PM CDT

I agree my husband and I watch the western movies all the time.. I want to see Loreado, with reese and captian paramlee, also sugarfoot, the shootist the last movie of John wayne,,, We need more good westerns and i want to see all the Gun Smoke episodes, and rawhide, cheyenne I know there was more shows made than a handful. tired of reruns... rifleman, the rebel with Johhny yuma, wanted dead or alive,some of the great ones . I know there is enough out there we dont have to watch reruns all the time... Please listen to your customers.... WE ARE TIRED OF RERUNSSSSSSSSSSSS.....

5938134c, 2010-08-30, 07:32PM CDT

It's sad, but, true. Cable TV is about buying the cheapest video on the market and making as much money as possible off of it. That means, buy the movies or TV shows nobody else wants, show them over and over again. When a cheaper video becomes available, cancel the old one and buy the cheaper one. Run it a thousand times. It all about money. Also, many, many of the old series are owned by corporations that either refuse to sell rights to cable TV, or who hold out for so much money that the cable networks won't pay the price. All of these films (or series) are owned by someone--someone who insists on getting paid every time they are shown. Often, they can make a lot more money selling a dvd than licensing their film or video for TV. Both of those factors add up to what we have--the same old, same old, rerun 10,000 times until we all turn green. Wish it wasn't that way, pardners, but that's the way 'tis. Old Smokey the Cowpuncher

9a82ee7d, 2010-09-04, 03:33PM CDT

i agree.i am 67 years old and i grew up watching these movies and old t.v.shows when t.v.first started.there are just to many shows and movies to just keep running the sames few over and over again.i would also like you to post the date these movies were made when you give a brief synopsis of the movies.

4611dadc, 2010-09-04, 04:13PM CDT

I would like encore channel to show BURL IVES IN WINDOWS ACROSS THE EVERGLADES the movie was made in 1958

6262a749, 2010-09-08, 07:09AM CDT

The westerns channel pays for the rights to run the movies for a certain period of time.They run them to death.It costs money to buy the rights of each new series or movie.This way they make more money by not buying new ones but run the old ones in the ground.

6262a749, 2010-09-08, 07:16AM CDT

How about running this John Wayne movie.Island in the sky--1953 with james Arness,andy devine,lloyd Noland.

d6e7691d, 2010-09-09, 03:13AM CDT


f5f77125, 2010-09-25, 08:37PM CDT

I agree. Bring back "The Rifleman" and "The Lone Ranger" tv series! How about "Bonanza?" or "The Rebel-Johhny Yuma?"

145dd418, 2010-09-28, 12:35PM CDT

A daily ritual for me is to tune into Gunsmoke to the point of cancelling many appoints to do so. Now you are basically starting over with reruns on a show that ran for 20 yrs! Please tell me this is only temporary!

Plus, in my opinion, "have Gun Will Travel" is a complete waste of air time.

d5d4b3c2, 2010-09-30, 07:27PM CDT

My Dad is 83 years old and lives on the Western Channel. I agree with many of the previous posts, after twenty-some years of "Gunsmoke," why not start with episode #1 where John Wayne introduced James Arness and run it clear-up through the 'Festus'-age when they went to "color"? then there is 'Wagon Train', 'The Rifleman', even all the way up to 'Alias Smith & Jones'? There is a lot of classic Western TV to choose from where you don't have to replay the same stuff over & over. 'Little House' & 'Bonanza'...c'mon we're the paying customers! I love sitting with Dad & watching 'Cheyenne' & 'Gunsmoke', even 'Have-Gun'. You can keep the singing cowboys.

Judy P., 2010-10-06, 11:42PM CDT

How about bringing back THE RANGE RIDER?

b72b4dcb, 2010-10-08, 05:56PM CDT

I am tired of seeing no I don't see the Larry Macmurty westerns I watch a John Wayne DVD. I have ask before to put some Roy Rogers films but haven't seen any. All that has been on today has been those sorry film fron the Macmurty collection. I am about ready to cancel my subscription to encore. My e-mail is [email protected] If you have a commiton this. Thanks for nothing

09ef99cb, 2010-10-24, 01:02PM CDT

I agree with this person why are you showing the same movies over and over every month there are so many movies but its the same mov

58102fdf, 2010-10-24, 08:06PM CDT

i wish that you would show some of the newer episodes of gunsmoke instead of repeating ones that you have already shown.it's not like it was on only for a short time,

7bd0c573, 2010-10-25, 10:18PM CDT

there are so many other old westerns you could add to the lineup so why dont you instead of the same thing

13c0ce53, 2010-10-26, 11:24AM CDT

Please show the 9th season of The Virginian: The Men From Shiloh after season eight completes in November, 2010. Presently your schedule shows the last episode of season eight followed by season 1 episode 1. I want to see the further adventures of The Virginian and Trampas in season 9.

0a05754d, 2010-10-26, 12:41PM CDT

Encore Westerns,

My husband is an avid westerns fan. He has asked me to write in and ask about the showing of some of his old favorites, in particular, "Branded" with Chuck Conners. Are you able to show the series?

Anonymous, 2010-10-29, 07:19PM CDT

I totally agree. I'n sure they have abetter selection than what they show day in and day out. I've seen great movies but at 2 or 3a:m. come on . Let's show difference stuff on primetime.

53eddbf3, 2010-10-31, 07:13AM CDT

My husband and I watch the western channel all the time and would love to see The Texas Ranger starting at the begining and show all of them as well as love to see The Wagon Train all of those Love the way you did the Virginian right from the start it makes so much more interesting!!!!

Would love to see the old Rawhide series

Here is hoping you can help us on these

704da3ab, 2010-11-01, 07:36PM CDT

Maybe you could show the first 6 seasons when they were half hour episodes

6ac61914, 2010-11-10, 07:37PM CST

Please add Wanted Dead or Alive to your station.

a31a13fa, 2010-11-12, 07:11AM CST

let's put all the old classis western series on this network. wagon train, rawhide, death valley days. see yourdvdcorner.com. can't wait until this is done. so many people enjoy western from the 50's and 60's. i know some. my brother, friends, cousins, etc.

thanks so much.

d41be8af, 2010-11-18, 05:36PM CST

yes,i am sick of paying good money to watch the same old crap over and over.how come you don't show hopalong cassidy,durango kid,sunset carson,roy rogers.when i signed for this channel they were on there, now get them back on there.

70ad15d4, 2010-11-18, 05:45PM CST


bc4216d4, 2010-11-18, 09:01PM CST

It's the same westerns over and over and over surely there has to be better shows I am so tired of these. Please get some new ones.

b45f94ca, 2010-11-27, 11:56AM CST

Hello! Are you listening? Are you paying attention to your viewers? We're all tired of the same old movies you show in the evening. Why don't you show some of movies in evening you have on Saturday afternoon? There were great westerns long before the "spaghetti westerns" and before Clint Eastwood. You keep showing the same prime time movies time and time again. Let's mix it up. Face it, your viewers are the older generation, and we don't want all the blood and guts reality that you show in the evening. Give us a reason to continue to pay for your network.

Pay attention!

2e11e541, 2010-11-27, 02:12PM CST

I'm a former techer and "Coffee Klatch" member in our town. On behalf of our group and all our grand-children we ask you to please bring back the "Hopalong Cassidy" series. Hopalong has a great moral influence for our grand-children. We thank you for your consideration in this matter. Hopefully yours Jim Messner

de55eef5, 2010-11-28, 01:40PM CST

Yea It seems like encore westerns don't give a hoot about there viewers we all fill the same and yall don't do shit about it it just so happens that the westerns channel is my favorite channelbut its getting to a point that if yall can't do nothing to satisfy yalls viewers we will have to do something our selves all I'm saying yall have to change please

Nolan A., 2010-12-01, 01:29PM CST

My complaint is the same as all those issued here; the same trite, overused movies over and over. Would it be possible for us, the viewers, to start a collection fund so Encore could rent a few new movies. You are really cheap, CHEAP, CHEAP. I have contacted BAJA Communications with the same complaint.

df65b00b, 2010-12-06, 08:58AM CST

I have been alamoed out so i cut encore off. to many reruns over and over.

c00be95b, 2010-12-06, 01:38PM CST

I love the western channel, but I do think many of the movies are repeated to often in a short period of time.

I agree that some of the old western series would be good.

Some of the old Saturday matinee stars, Tim Holt,Wild Bill Elliott as Red Ryder,Johnny Mack brown, Russell Hayden, Rod Cameron, Lash Larue,Cisco kid, Sunset Carson, Tim Holt, and Tex Ritter.

Zane Grey also wrote alot of western stories.

I still love to watch the Western Channell, but many times the movie is a repeat movie I just viewed.

Anonymous, 2010-12-07, 10:07AM CST

I think they should show steve mcqueen in wanted dead or alive series

0841b1d1, 2010-12-14, 11:17AM CST

How about "Wanted Dead or Alive" with Steve McQueen, the "Wild Wild West" which never gets any credit for how excellent a western series it was (is) and "The Rebel" with Nick Adams playing Johnny Yuma the Rebel.

cc595871, 2010-12-14, 07:23PM CST

I agree whole heartly with his gentleman also add some good ole Yancy Derringer.

f24682ee, 2010-12-14, 07:31PM CST

THEE sole reason I got more than basic cable was for two things.

1. The Western Chanel

2. The Western genre in the menu of On Demand where I could pick from about 3 pages of western movies to watch any time I want.

For over a year and a half, maybe two, the Western category is gone. They have an "adult" category but no western.

I called and complpained to some lady named Lashondra, who could obviously care less and just gave me the run around.

All I have left is Encore Westerns which is what replaced "The Western Chanel" but they play the same crappy movies in the weekday evenings every day seems like.

The same movies have been rotating for 2 years now. How many times can a person watch Chato's Land with Charles Bronson (who I can't stand)? Or Willie Frickin' Nelson?

I read that there have been more movies made in the Western genre than any other. I don't know how true that is but I do know that I have more Western movies; good ones, in my personal library than they show in a year on Encore.

If it don't change soon, I'm getting rid of cable altogether, ain't nothin' else on that's fit to watch.

e5099690, 2010-12-17, 07:24PM CST

Is there anyway you guys can start showing tv series like the riffleman, big valley, wild wild west, rawhide. I really miss those shows please start showing those. We as consumers are getting tired of the same shows.

91637e45, 2010-12-17, 09:43PM CST

I agree with these complaints where is rawhide,wagon train,tales of wells fargo and such?

f0503acd, 2010-12-18, 04:46PM CST

I agree, I grew up watching the westerns and I know there are a lot more out there than the ones they show over and over as far as the movies go. It is starting to be just like showtime and hbo that after the first couple of days of the month it is the same thing over and over. No wonder they are losing their audience to netflix. Keep the western cowboy series coming or start losing customers. We are the ones that pay the bills

cdb63e31, 2010-12-30, 03:20AM CST

with gunsmoke they show the same episodes over and over and it ran for 20 years, show some new ones

24cfd97a, 2011-01-01, 05:20PM CST

With this I couldn't agree more. And to go along with that,just because somebody wears a cowboy hat and boots doesn't make it a western!

4b49aea8, 2011-01-06, 06:22AM CST

yes bring back gunsmoke 7:am we still love it and just as they were getting to the episodes with festus too, bring it back to 7am

70ad15d4, 2011-01-04, 04:02PM CST




a48fa292, 2011-01-03, 05:07PM CST

I am not happy with the fact that Cheyenne was taken completly off to replace it with wagon train. Cheyenne is a good show please respond and let me know if it will be coming back on the air.


8ec33a48, 2011-01-07, 07:21PM CST

I won??t to be subscribing to the Encore Western Channel very much longer if we keep getting the same T.V. shows at breakfast and at dinner time and Gene Autry at lunch time. Where??s the Beef?

18b72f2b, 2011-01-10, 09:59PM CST

I am upset that you moved cheyanne to 7am! My husband and I watched the Virginian, Cheyanne every eve together. Now you have moved cheynne to 7am? Why have repeats of other shows and move Cheyanne? We were pleased to find Cheyanne on Encore Qesterns. Clint Walker is the best actor. Very good looking and a gentleman. I rank him right along with Cary Grant.PLEASE move Cheyanne back after the Virginian. it is a show worth watching, so many are not worth the time to watch. Thank you.

fe5a58fe, 2011-01-27, 09:10AM CST

Yes, we agree! Why are they showing the same two years '63 &'64? What happened to the other 20 some yrs of shows?

3958d285, 2011-01-12, 07:37PM CST

bring back am gunsmoke want to see the eposode featuring john drew barrymore

when they thought dillon ws dead and doc

and festes took care of him in the celler of the long branch love that


b72a73be, 2011-01-16, 03:15PM CST

i think the encore western chanel should be all from the tv series from the 50' 60' and 70's, and then havwe another chanel called encore westerns movie chanel. i enjoy the old western tv series more then the modern day tv shows. why can't they have the 2 chanels. i think theres alot of people out there that might agree with me on the 2 chanel line up.

e057e02a, 2011-01-23, 11:08AM CST

I'm not complaining but adding a point of view. I'd love to see the TV series such as THE GENE AUTRY SHOW; THE ROGERS SHOW; ANNIE OAKLEY; BUFFALO BILL JR.; THE RANGE RIDER; HOPALONG CASSIDY; THE CISCO KID;and western serials that thrilled kids going to the Saturday matinees. ADC [email protected]

4d2135d7, 2011-01-28, 05:52PM CST

We started getting Wagon on January first. The last two weeks they have shown the same shows twice. We are sick of it.I grew up watching that show and it was on for many years. Please put some different episodes on. Also,enough already with the same movies every month; how much Elvis and John Wayne can a person take?

Warne Bros.used to have a monopoly on westerns.Could you find these and run them in the afternoon. Try the Alaskans

Broncho Lane or Colt 45. I am getting tired of Gunsmoke, every evening.

I love westerns,but no the same ones all of thr time.

45e7555f, 2011-01-29, 06:43PM CST


03d4b587, 2011-01-30, 12:21PM CST

i would like to know if i can get the 2nd half of the man from snowriver on tv we seen the frist part i would like to see the 2 nd part you can e mail me at [email protected]

d59b7ead, 2011-01-31, 02:30PM CST

Can Encore westerns Please not show movie over and over with in a few week of each other. We love western shows, but not the same one every few days!!!!!

77ac5026, 2011-02-01, 02:14PM CST

Also how about showing the continue version after the main show as we never seem to be able to follow up. Happened to me twice within the past couple of weeks. Spent 2 hr. watching How the west was won but never got to see the end. Also a Gunsmoke show had a continue and where is that??? Discourages me to spend so much time and never see the end.

c539731a, 2011-02-02, 08:06PM CST

I agree, 2 channels would be nice. One for movies and one for series.

6e1f98db, 2011-02-03, 09:02PM CST

my wife wants to know why you don`t show Broken arrow with jeff chandler and james stewart, i would like to know why you don`t showmore old tv show like kung fu, it takes place in the old west.

7a1bea6c, 2011-02-04, 02:38PM CST

I agree with everyone to include many of my friends, it's like "Ground Hog's Day" when you tune into the western channel. As a matter of fact that seems to hold true for most the pay channels in the Stars, TMC, HBO, MAX, Ok not most- all. I know that there's more than the movies they show available and I know I won't be with Direct TV Pay for Movies channel much longer. I can rent on line and why waste my money on something this repetitve?

Anonymous, 2011-02-10, 12:58PM CST

I wish you would put gene Autry back on the western channel at 430 eastern time .sick of the virigian

Anonymous, 2011-02-10, 01:01PM CST

please put GENE Autry BACK ON AT 430 EASTERN TIME

16b59aae, 2011-02-11, 07:31PM CST

There were so many good Cowboys on, please start showing some different ones. I can say all the lines with the actors on Maverick. Big Valley, Riverboat, Range Rider, Sugarfoot and so many more.Come on Western Channel get it together.

f367acb7, 2011-02-17, 01:55PM CST

Son of morning star is worst western I have seen. Why play the ones over and over. There are 100's of westerns.John Wayne made more than four movies. And by the way Gene Autry Sucks. People pay good hard earned money just too see the same movies all the time.Clamety Jane really a BAD Movie. Stop showing the same movies for 24hours. Get With With It.

e761a3b0, 2011-02-19, 11:30AM CST

Your right same old western over + over cant you find any other western ? IAM only 1 veiwer but I can change my mind about keeping your station +showtime seem to me little people could turn your rateing to O possible ? .

7ff6ac3b, 2011-02-23, 10:34AM CST

How about showing: the Lone Ranger, Fury, Cisco Kid & Poncho, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans - there are a lot of westerns from when a lot of your viewers were growing up.

4d0e70f5, 2011-03-14, 02:41PM CDT

I would love to see some of the older westerns starring Tim Holt, Gary Cooper, William Boyd, John Wayne.

Some of the movies from their early days

before they became stars.

Yes you do repeat the same old movies over and over again. Your resources are broad enough to allow access to these forgoten favorites.

Mary Corcoran

23ec7dc5, 2011-03-14, 08:42PM CDT

I finally dumped comcast TV and phone today. Tired of watching the same two seasons of Gunsmoke and Cheyenne over and over on encore western channel, and the crappy spikes gang, and all the other lame movies they show 10 times a day. Western Mania has free westerns(movies and series)(the good ones) and you can find 10 seasons of Gunsmoke for free online. Saving 80 bucks a month now!!

e4247188, 2011-04-03, 05:57PM CDT

Yes I agree where is lone ranger, roy rogers, the black whip and others. encore western is fast becoming a channel sorry i got. encore is beginning to be channel of now choice.

d84f1d3f, 2011-04-09, 08:52AM CDT

Wagon Train is the Greatest!Please keep it on

After this runs it's course please continue with the 90 minute series with Mr. Chris.

What happen to

"How The West Was Won" this AM? Has it been taken off?

6df1a17d, 2011-04-20, 10:41PM CDT

it doesn't look like encore really cares about us. they don't answer any of our questions. i am tired of the same old shows so i am just going to quit watching this channel and would hope that many more will stop watching this program to.

d84f1d3f, 2011-05-05, 09:47PM CDT

I would like to see Tombstone in it's entirety for once! (non Cut)

Please bring back (The Dakotas) This was the best Western (series) yet in the History of man!

df15ff25, 2011-05-06, 05:28AM CDT

I agree, there are a lot more westerns t.v. shows and movies that could be seen, I love this channel, but I get disappointed when the same movies and shows are repeated week after week. I'm hoping to see some others t.v. shows from the 50's, and 60's, such as; Bronco Lane, Sam Buckhart, Sugar Foot,Wanted Dead or a Live,Fury, My Friend Filick,Sky King. These are just a few of the shows I would to love to watch.

8731bdb5, 2011-05-08, 06:23PM CDT

Not only showing the same thing over and over but the 10 cent movies they show. If your lacking material let me know I have some westerns. Encore caqlls any piece of garbage that is about the old days a western. They show the same low cost or free italian movies and we pay to watch someting good. The lone ranger, Cisco kid, would be a huge step up from the garbage that's been on lately.

c6f805db, 2011-05-19, 02:28PM CDT

I feel the same. We bought dishnetwork

just to get the western channel but now

we get feed up after eight or nine times seeing the same ole thing. We are thinking of going back to cable which is cheaper. There is hardly ever a Roy Rogers Movie. The Range Rider, The Texas Rangers, Wild Bill Hichock Series,

theser are so many western series that could be shown.

7d7cb4e3, 2011-05-23, 11:07PM CDT

they need to show movies like Mr Horn with David Caradine or Kung Fu

94bcd364, 2011-05-28, 02:54PM CDT

Why don't you show Roy Roger movies anymore? also Rocky lane/Sunset carson/also several other B westerns. You show to many Gene Autrey movies.

Anonymous, 2011-06-01, 05:35PM CDT

Agree, and when they show the trailer for Gene Autry, "they" removed a good part and replaced it with Gene riding in a parade. and states" he upholds the moral principles, Remove that parade and put in the girl being corrected by Gene. It seems appropriate for this era when it was filmed. Thanks They show other western stars correcting those who need correcting with love. Any Western is fine with me, I love them. and I don't care how many times they rerun them.

f25104ef, 2011-06-07, 04:55PM CDT

There was a Gary Cooper movie made in the middle 50's called "THE HANGING TREE". It would be great if you could show that movie.

7a793891, 2011-06-16, 09:46AM CDT


474f2af7, 2011-06-25, 12:00PM CDT

I just want to say the Enocor Western Channel ..makes it hard to contact them .. Must register and all that stuff..

I just wanted say their programing is getting redundant.. Same stuff... Totally tired of Gunsmoke.. Good series but they have worn it out..

Why not Rawhide , Wanted Dead or Alive , Rifleman, there are many more..

Why not spend some money and get them... I am starting to watch AMC now.. seem to have a better selection of Westerns.. Which we all want to watch. Beening born in 1949 I was raised on all the good Western series..

The CEO of Western Channel must not look at these coments because there are more than me with these Questins....

01f32435, 2011-07-06, 07:58PM CDT

Never change the western channel-PPPLEASEEe!!!!!!! Maybe show some more Johnny MackBrown and Tex Ritter shows.

More-more old westerns please,,,,

Hopalong Cassady--lone ranger- all of the good old oldies

774c2413, 2011-07-07, 06:42PM CDT

I agree with everyone it woul be nice if the western channel should have a different line-up of movies each and everyday. I've only seen Yellow Sky once and that was about 3years ago, please try and show a better selection of movies, I'm not talking about know Gene Autry, Tim Holt, Roy Rogers, I mean some good old fashion shoot em up bang bang killing cowboy flicks not any singing cowboys.

97a04a68, 2011-08-02, 09:55PM CDT

Another in agreement. What happened to the old TV series stuff like "The Rebel" - "Wanted Dead or Alive" - "Tales of Wells Fargo". I have never seen any of these on this channel. There were a lot of good westerns that I don't believe have been seen in years.

bb157071, 2011-08-10, 05:06PM CDT

I have been waiting to see Audie Murphy in ride a crooked trail,You have shown it two time on two different days and early in the morning why not show it at least two a day that way one would be at a good time.

a3cf0a56, 2011-08-12, 05:04PM CDT

I would like to see wild wild west,and Big valley those was great westerns

7b1edb43, 2011-08-23, 11:48AM CDT

Yes we are all tired of watching the same movies over and over , when there are so many out there that we havent seen. we pay to watch the good ones but we get the shitty ones instead. , and if there was another channel then we would change to it..

I also have another complaint/ that damn letterboxing they do , i get a bigger tv and now they cut down the picture to only 8 inches ? didnt do us much good to get a bigger tv.. STOP WITH THE DAMN LETTERBOX, and let us put it on there if we want, after all, we are the ones that pay for the channel...

50ccc6d6, 2011-08-29, 10:56PM CDT


2151c6fe, 2011-09-14, 04:14PM CDT

I'm all for new programming, but as far as I'm concerned Gunsmoke is not worn out. The problem is it's the same 1960 to 1965 episodes that are re-broadcast. What I'd like to see are the early Gunsmoke episodes that started in 1955 as half hour shows and then became one hour episodes as the show gained popularity.

6e8e503e, 2011-09-27, 04:46PM CDT

Hey, how about finding some Roy Rogers and Dale Evans shows. Didn't Gene Autry have a 1/2 hour TV show???? Lone Ranger and Tonto??? Lets add a few new programs!!!!

ce43e022, 2011-10-03, 02:41PM CDT

what ever happened to rin tin tin?? we would love to see these shows again! please????????

af312cb8, 2011-10-26, 01:56PM CDT

I would like to see the Western "A Man Called Shenandoah".

46be1b90, 2011-11-03, 11:00AM CDT

This is not a complaint, my husband loves your old western movies. Do you have any Stoney Burke series, I hope so.


Ruthie Johnson

7a793891, 2011-11-05, 08:28AM CDT

Why don't you show the TV Show Laredo . The spin off show from the Virginan

d749b56f, 2011-11-12, 06:17AM CST

I was very disappointed the Western Channel's tribute to Roy Rogers's 100th Birthday tribute didn't include movies and TV shows in a month-long tribute to the King of the Cowboys. He was truely one of the nicest and kindest role models that Hollywood ever turned out! The good part of me growing up had so very much to do with the things I learned from Roy Rogers!

4a1691d4, 2011-11-30, 09:54AM CST

How about changing the Virginian to some new one i buy encore for the westerns but gonna quit cause we can't get new stuff the Virginian has reruns for three years now change or i gonna quit Encore. Billy Rinehart

3615fcc0, 2011-12-17, 08:25AM CST

I'm glad to see Laredo will be showed. On the other side of the coin, Rawhide is a boring show just like wagon train. Several classics I would like to see and I believe would be morally good for the children of today would be Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger and Hopalong Cassidy.The Virginian is a great show. Respectfully, Robert Polakoff

7ca1117c, 2011-12-27, 02:26AM CST

I love the Westerns Channel, however there are so many movies that are seldom if ever shown. Why the same one's over and over and over? Thanks.

2a4c5159, 2011-12-27, 10:38AM CST


AND hOW DARE THE Western ch. for taking off CHEYENNE!!!


so please don't take them off--please,please!!!

Anne O.

6a83c850, 2011-12-30, 04:19PM CST



078a40fd, 2011-12-31, 10:23AM CST

Me too buddy! glad I am not the only one who feels the same way!

acc56678, 2012-01-02, 08:56PM CST

My favorite westwrn tv show was just taken off the air. Everyday I looked foward too seeing the VIRGINIAN, JAMES DRURY, GARY CLARKE, AND OF COURSE DOUG MCCLURE "TRAMPAS" I LOVE THEM. PLEASE RECONSIDER AND PUT IT BACK ON THE AIR.. WILL NOT WATCH WHAT YOU PUT IN ITS PLACE. I wont tune into encore westerns until I see it returned. It was so good to see them all again.

bf55d6aa, 2012-01-03, 04:27PM CST

What has happened to Maverick on ay eight AM in the morning? Today there was a movie

01c8e520, 2012-01-07, 06:31PM CST

Sometime please show the movie, "High Noon" with Gregory Peck and Princess Grace Kelly. I would love to see this movie again.

Thank you.


6293628c, 2012-01-07, 10:43PM CST

I do not like the new scheduling. Finally got others interested in watching the Virginan and Wagon Train. Now Wagon train is on so I can not even watch it. THERE IS WAY TOO MUCH GUNSMOKE aka MARSHAL DILLION on this channel now as on others. I wish Wagon train would take up its old spot and Marshal Dillion was on @ the 4 pm est time.

d62c9feb, 2012-01-09, 05:42PM CST

Miss the Virginian. I like gunsmoke but two hours is too much. Would also like to see a bigger variety of old TV series. Joe, Newcastle, CA

53f178aa, 2012-01-09, 11:42AM CST

Please put the Virginian and How the West was Won back on.

acb29a9b, 2012-01-10, 05:54PM CST

My husband and I and also several of our friends and family are very upset about losing The Virginian. Brings back memories of happier childhood days and was such a stress relief after a day at work in these difficult times.

Why was it taken off and is there any chance of getting it back.

How to we request it? Not even DirectTV could help me find an address to write to or anything online.

This is the first site I have found to vent our frustrations.

We are strongly considering cancelling ALL our movie channel subscriptions because of this.

dcf0a907, 2012-01-10, 10:15PM CST

RE: Encore Western Channel. I want to complain at the loss of THE VIRGINIAN.

What a wonderful example of role models... The stories were excellent, and now the series has been taken from us. BRING IT BACK BRING IT BACK.


And, also.... Cheyenne in the morning. Darn you!

Ken Krauth

Concord CA

ceed56fd, 2012-01-11, 02:50PM CST

Do you suppose anyone at Starz/Encore reads this? Well, just in case....BRING BACK MAVERICK! It's my favorite TV show of all time. I watch it every day with the grandkids. It's good family fare and I don't have to worry about the content in front of the young ones. Please put it back...any time of the day or night...I'll find it.

8ab7e6ef, 2012-01-13, 01:40PM CST

I truely do miss The Virginian on Encore, and there is too much Gunsmoke,

But Laredo is one of my favorites,

Wagon Train and Rawhide are too much alike,

I'd like to see F-Troop, Even Tho it is not Western I'd like to see McCloud with Dennis Weaver.

What about some of the Color Gunsmoke series,

You are never going to please everyone but sometime the owners of programming get so full of themselves that when a syndicated show gets popular they raise

the fees so much programmers just have to decline showing them.

After Cable has gone through 400% price increases in about 10 years and now channel are being dropped left and right.

I wish we had the choice of building our own programs one at a time and have the channel listings price for each one,

get rid of some of these shopping channels!!!

80255405, 2012-01-16, 06:45PM CST

I agree I wonder why they don't play all 20 years of Gun Smoke and why they don't answere any of these post

32455e98, 2012-01-17, 11:40AM CST


how can you put wagon train and raw hide on and take the virginian off?i would rather watch those old virginians over again than those black and white shows.you must be off your rocker.

652be98a, 2012-01-17, 03:17PM CST

I cannot believe that you advertised The Virginian on and into the week before you removed it from your schedule. I learned off it later and have still never seen all of the episodes. I was so glad when you finally put it on. I was a teen in the days of the original viewings and there fore working most nights, so missed most of the shows. Also, as much as I love Gunsmoke, 2 hours of it is a little more than reasonable. Laredo is nothing but three grown men kicking around and acting like silly children. Please replace the Virginian and color episodes of Wagon Train, or add The High Chapparal.

6e49e24a, 2012-01-24, 10:51AM CST

Go to tvguide.com and they have 250+ episodes you can access there.

3f800b04, 2012-01-24, 12:49PM CST

Well actually i'm going to have to say i think lately there doing a good job! Maybe a little to much gunsmoke, but i myself don't mind because i love gunsmoke! i wished they had kept the Virgingian and got rid of paladin, But desperado and high noon 2 and some others are pretty good!

8faf87e1, 2012-01-24, 03:05PM CST

I agree why do they not show other sows. we have to pay for these channels looks like they would want to listen to us. why not show

The real McCoys

wild wild west

big valley

high chaparral

3ccd583c, 2012-01-24, 04:23PM CST

I want The Virginian back! I watched The Virginian every day and really miss it; I want it back!

96c78e08, 2012-01-25, 05:51PM CST

Yes, to bring back Virginian...Also the AM westerns suck. Bring back Cheyene, Maverick and Lawman, as well as Sat. A.M. shows; How the west was won, Cimmeron Strip, and Bart Maverick. What's wrong with you people!!! Would be great to see the OLD westerns again. Get it right and leave it. So many reruns are not necessary with so much more out there. Seems as though many of us are tired of paying big bucks for the same 0, same 0. Please your paying consumers.

fe1690ed, 2012-01-26, 10:42PM CST


be847bde, 2012-02-07, 01:57AM CST

well according to all these complaints itobvious mine want do any goog. but here goes anyway. your lazy programmer is the problem. your classics are great.but your killing us by showing the same features over and over again. especeally wagon train and rawhide. also your lazy or derrelict programmer showed the same martial dillon two days in a row. they made hundreds of wagon trains, rawhides and gunsmokes,. thirty minute as well. your programmer could reach back keep entertained as well as subscribing to encore. been subscribing for years, but I have about had it..also you really should have left the virginian on. It would fit nicely in morning between 7 Am to 9 Am. excuse the lack of caps., but what the hell this probably want be read anyway. but, in case it is , thanks.....Your programmer is simply not earning his or her or their salaries..

654611a5, 2012-02-28, 08:20AM CST

Also, The Guns of Will Sonnet.

ac30e8f0, 2012-03-06, 02:43PM CST

give us a break with your repeats..this is why i am cancelling encore..going to netflex...

Sue b., 2012-03-06, 06:03PM CST

I'm wondering why they are showing the same Gunsmoke episode they just showed the half hour before. Someone's asleep at the wheel

078a40fd, 2012-03-08, 02:50PM CST



5aa4d919, 2012-03-22, 10:39AM CDT

I miss the series "The Virginian". Please put it back on tv. I looked forward to watching it every afternoon here in Texas! I think James Drury is a great actor and was so good in that series. Is there a chance it would come back on tv?

2da97e19, 2012-03-27, 10:27AM CDT

what about rin tin tin , sky king , raing rider, cisko kid ,roy rogers, lone ranger , bat masterson , the old erp series ,cochese

3b3d963a, 2012-04-24, 06:05PM CDT

do u have the same on a cynidler like a six gun as u keep showing mnonth after month i sure would like tosee something new i have seen thenaked spir the man from larime so many times in the last few months i can say the lines as the film pleaseget some bew and older flickf thank u

40e6fa20, 2012-05-22, 10:21PM CDT

I have watch Encore westerns for years,that when it was not added to Starz.Now , what encore does is show the same westerns 3 to 6 weeks, with out adding a new movie.This will make any one sick and tired, of watching re-rounds, and paying for them.Lest to say, boring.

bd08470d, 2012-05-28, 09:44AM CDT

Yes, I, too, would like to see 'F-Troop' really funny show!

'Broken Arrow'

'Wanted: Dead or Alive', showing all star cast members

Good shows...something to consider....

b8571edd, 2012-06-05, 01:13PM CDT

There was a lot of great westerns made, especially in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. The best 30 year period of movie making! But, you just keep boring all of us to death with repeat, repeat,repeat. Lost in the 50s.

a8484b6b, 2012-06-07, 06:48PM CDT

I totally agree, just too many repeats of the same ole movies, month after month. It just like listing to a radio station that plays the same tape, CD or what ever over and over and over and over. Get with it, there are thousands of western movies available--Play them!!

4a66e2a1, 2012-09-10, 01:00AM CDT

why has the westerns chanel has not shawn the western pergatory at any time it was a very good western .mc.

8ada0a77, 2012-09-26, 06:10PM CDT

hi,,,,,why don't you show the lone ranger series,,u have alot of all the rest of these tv series,,,,,why don't you answer peoples questions on here its rude not to,,,u want people to watch your station so be kind and answer them,,and yes the old mavrick series would be nice 2,with james gardner,,,,,i watch your station all the time,,so it would be nice for u to get with it,,thanks for the gunsmoke series

01bd0db9, 2012-10-27, 01:24PM CDT

Could you please get the written words to match to match-up with the spoken words,the words are off,way off. thank you

1ea5641a, 2012-11-02, 09:58PM CDT

I would like to know the name of the catchy little tune thats play between Gun Smoke and Bonanza PST also the male singer

Lottie O., 2012-11-14, 03:56AM CST

When it comes to the Gene Autry movies, they are full of actions and singng, horseback riding and singing. But I do hope that there are some films that shows Gene Autry in dept with his character more than just fighting, riding, singing, and a bunch of other actions which is okay. But I think that in some films it shows him to be more real then just a cardboard cowboy. If there are some of the films that shows his character in more debt than what some of his films shows him, then I would like to see them shown as well. I do give him the "props" he need, because he was the first singing cowboy on screen. Hollywood came to him. Not he came to Hollywood. But in all his movies are very entertaining, and as for the kissing, hugging and what the love scenes back in that time consist of which was no more than a hug and a kiss, it tends to bring out a persn character that they are playing more. I never looked for him to do the hugging and kissing in all of his films, but in some of them. Because to my view of things about a person and their character, if they are interested in someone they tend to show it anyway, and not be so painfully shy all of the time of the girl they meet. I also understand as t why some of the scenes were taken out because of the fan mail demanding that he should not kiss the women in film. But sometime it does help out the character in the film and not hurt them as much as they may think it does.

Lowell P., 2012-11-26, 08:30PM CST

I am so frustrated by the lack of creative scheduling for the Westerns channel, especially during evening hours. How can daytime programming be so much better than evening programming? Apparently, Starz must own certain movies outright, because many of the same titles are shown over and over again. Tonight for example, "Zapata" and "Adios, Zapata" are being aired during prime time viewing hours. These less than stellar spaghetti westerns have been shown so many times this year, they must be wearing out. Thousands of westerns were made during the first half of the 20th century, but apparently the programming executives at Starz are either unaware of the plethora of movie options available, or choose to ignore them.

Love westerns, just not the same ones over and over again!!!

dr w., 2013-01-02, 12:57PM CST

I added the Encore Western channel to my Dish account in Willard, Missouri, so that I could watch Gunsmoke, Rifleman, and Wagon Train.

Only Gunsmoke is still showing of the three.

I do not like the B western movies that are being repeated too frequently.

Please add the Rifleman and Wagon Train back to the programming.


69e89aae, 2013-01-02, 12:46PM CST

To much Bonanza. 2 times a day. It is just another Big Valley . The rich get richer. Every channel you turn to has this show. T V land has it 2 or 3 shows a day. Who programs these shows? Seem your programer needs a little help. Remember the Baby Boomer are the ones watching westerns and we are dying off pretty fast. And the younger generation don't give a rats a__ about westerns.

8e79084c, 2013-01-02, 02:51PM CST

My husband and I are sick of the lame lineup of westerns. There is no variety in programming. We get tired of seeing the same stuff over and over. What about shows like the Rifleman, Lone Ranger, Maverick, Wagon Train and Rawhide? I am sure there are more Westerns out there for us to enjoy! Come on Encore...get with the program!

5a195ecc, 2013-01-02, 07:13PM CST

6:00 pm.Sitting here trying to watch bonanza. this show sucks. I used to be able to watch gunsmoke at 6:00 pm, but that was moved to 5:00. please put gunsmoke on at 6:00

158119e2, 2013-01-06, 01:59PM CST

I am very disappointed with January 2013 afternoon schedule. We do not need several episodes of Gun Smoke & Bonanza. Your previous schedule with Rawhide and Wagon Train was much better.

Why can't you show the episodes of Wagon Train with Robert Fuller and John McIntire?

Also, episodes of The Wild, Wild West would be a good addition to your line up.

Earl B., 2013-01-09, 01:12PM CST

I once had a life, good job, great children, a loving wife and a sports car. Now that "Wagon Train" is no longer on, life won't be the same : )

Why do we need 2 "Lawman", 2 "Bonaza's" 2 or 3 "Gunsmoke". Why can't we have "Sugar Foot", "Roy Rogers", "Wanted Dead or Alive", "The Lone Ranger". Please add more TV series and less of the same one 2 and 3 times back to back. Please put Wagon Train back on.

Randy H., 2013-01-14, 11:22AM CST

I like the western channel alot ; but why don't you show any Lone Ranger movies or shows

69e89aae, 2013-01-23, 12:46PM CST

Unless people cancel there starz ,encore channels, they will never listen to anyone. You either watch what they want to feed you or cancel there channels. It is up to you. They could care less about you. As long as the money keeps rolling in ,don't expect anything different. They never read this page anyways. With thousands of western to choose from,just look at the crap they are feeding you. Today Bonanza is on 3 times. Just because there is a hat and a horse don't make it a western. Talking to these people is like talking to your goverment. They are going to do what they want not what you want.

719c85b7, 2013-02-28, 06:37PM CST

Not a complaint but suggestions for some programming of TV Classic Westerns to include: Tales of Wells Fargo with Dale Robertson; Laramie, Wanted Dead or Alive, The Rebel,

485b7a8b, 2013-03-12, 07:09AM CDT

WHY, with all the complaints about your sorry western programming, don't you do something about it? WHY so many repeats of the same movies day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year? Apparently those who do the programming are there ONLY for a pay check and could not care less about those who enjoy watching westerns. From the 50s to the present there are a countless number of great westerns that could be seen IF only those ho do the programming would get off their butts and work. This goes for the big wigs who laugh all the way to the bank.

7f9d0161, 2013-05-04, 03:28PM CDT




f6cf16cf, 2013-05-16, 02:41PM CDT

I grew up watching westerns so I was excited when we got the western channel but I have to say I am very disappointed. You show the same old movies over and over and some are just totally stupid. There are many good westerns that you could be showing. Why aren't you is my question? It just doesn't make sense to show the same movies over and over. I actually pay extra money to have the western channel but am giving serious consideration to getting rid of it.

5a238a13, 2013-05-16, 04:23PM CDT

I agree with you. The Mag. Seven has been run into the ground, just to mention one out of many. I will write as many letter as I have to get their lackadaisical programming changed. Believe me, I AM MAD!!!

a6a1b619, 2013-05-21, 04:18PM CDT

I have Time Warner Cable with Encore Western Channel. Channel starts and stops. Just reporting the problem. This same thing occurred about a month ago.

shine m., 2013-05-21, 08:02PM CDT

Two years ago ,I canceled encore channels including Western Channel because of the same shows over and over. I recently got D/N with 3 months of Starz Encore with the Western Channel. The first western i saw was the one that made me mad enough to cancel it to start with. I called Dish canceled it and got the HBO package . I wish some of these other networks would start their on western network. Burned out with encore.

54581c10, 2013-05-30, 12:55PM CDT


36c7e785, 2013-06-22, 02:57PM CDT

your programing sucks. to bad because there are a lot of westerns that don't .i will be dropping your channels. there are better things to watch then what you offer.maybe someone will see all the complaints an start there own channel to compete against you

d865c27a, 2013-07-04, 03:05PM CDT

Why in Gods name did you drop first some of the greatest classic's like "Wagon Train" and "Rawhide" at the same time then "lawman" and replace it with that lousy show "Laredo"? there are very few good modern day westerns stick to the classic's! there are a lot of good westerns I've only seen once or twice in the 8 years I have had the "Western Channel"

Jeffrey D'auria

Fletcher NC

69e89aae, 2013-07-04, 10:47PM CDT

Since your programers are to lazy to get off their asses to find good westerns. I made a list of some of the best TV Westerns in the Baby Boomer days. The ones you don't see are the ones you've done to death. I see you are bringing Bat Masterson back.It hasn't been that long since you took it off,because you wore it out. And Larado, it has only been 6 months since you took it off. I know they are not making tv westerns anymore,so why not use the ones that are out there.If you are not to lazy to read this, HERE IS THE LIST, 26 Men , The Adventures of Kit Carson ,The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin ,Annie Oakley ,Best of the West (1981-82) , Black Saddle (Four Star)(1959-60) starring Peter Breck ,Boots and Saddles (1957-58) starring Jack Pickard, Pat McVey, Gardner McKay ,Branded (Goodson-Todman/NBC)(1965-66) starring Chuck Connors,Brave Eagle (1955-56) starring Keith Larsen ,Bret Maverick (WB/NBC)(1981-82) starring James Garner,Broken Arrow (TCF/ABC)(1956-58) starring John Lupton & Michael Ansara ,Bronco (WB/Wm. T. Orr)(1958-62) starring Ty Hardin,Buffalo Bill Jr (Flying "A")(1955-56) starring Dick Jones ,Casey Jones (1958) starring Alan Hale, Jr. ,The Cisco Kid (1951-54)starring Duncan Renaldo ,Colt 45 (WB/ABC)(1957-60) starring Wayde Preston & Donald May,The Cowboys (1974) Moses Gunn, Diana Douglas, Jim Davis,The Dakotas (WB)(1963) Larry Ward, Jack Elam, Chad Everett, Mike Greene,Death Valley Days (1952-70) Western Anthology series ,The Deputy (1959-61) starring Henry Fonda, Allen Case,The Dick Powell Show (1961-63) host Dick Powell,My Friend Flicka (1956-57) starring Johnny Washbrook, Gene Evans ,Frontier (California National/NBC)(1955-56) Western Anthology series ,Frontier Doctor (Studio City/HTS)(1958-59) starring Rex Allen ,Fury (1955-60) starring Peter Graves & Bobby Diamond ,The Gray Ghost (1957) starring Tod AndrewsGunslinger (spring 1961) starring Tony Young, Preston Foster,The Guns of Will Sonnett (1967-69) starring Walter Brennan, Dack Rambo,The High Chaparral (1967-71) Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell, Henry Darrow,Hopalong Cassidy (1949-54) starring William Boyd ,Iron Horse (Screen Gems)(1966-68)(western) Dale Robertson, Gary Collins,The Legend of Jesse James (1965-66) Christopher Jones, Allen Case ,Johnny Ringo (Four Star/CBS)(1959-60) Don Durant, Karen Sharpe ,The Adventures of Judge Roy Bean (1955-56) starring Edgar Buchanan,The Adventures of Kit Carson (1951-55) starring Bill Williams and Don Diamond,Lancer (1968-70) James Stacy, Wayne Maunder, Andrew Duggan, Elizabeth Baur, Paul Brinegar,Laramie (Revue/NBC)(1959-63)starring John Smith & Robert Fuller,Law of the Plainsman (Four Star/NBC)(1959-60) starring Michael Ansara,The Lone Ranger (1949-57) Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels / John Hart,The Loner (1965-66)(western) starring Lloyd Bridges ,Man Without A Gun (1957-58; 1959)(western) starring Rex Reason,Maverick (WB/ABC)(1957-62) starring James Garner, Jack Kelly,Northwest Passage (1958-59) starring Keith Larsen, Buddy Ebsen ,The Oregon Trail (Universal/NBC)(pilot 1976- series fall 1977) Rod Taylor, Darleen Carr, Andrew Stevens,The Outcasts (Screen Gems)(1968-69) Western starring Don Murray & Otis Young,The Range Rider (Flying "A")(1951-53) starring Jock Mahoney & Dick Jones

,Rawhide (1959-65) starring Eric Fleming, Clint Eastwood, Paul Brinegar, Sheb Wooley,The Rebel (Goodson-Todman/ABC)(1959-61) starring Nick AdamsRestless Gun (1957-59) starring John Payne,The Rough Riders (ZIV)(1958-59) starring Kent Taylor, Jan Merlin, Peter Whitney

,The Rounders (1966-67) Ron Hayes, Patrick Wayne, Chill Wills,The Roy Rogers Show (1951-57) starring Roy Rogers & Dale Evans ,Sergeant Preston of The Yukon (1955-58) starring Richard Simmons,A Man Called Shenandoah (MGM/ABC) (1965-66) starring Robert Horton,Sheriff of Cochise (1956-58) / U.S. Marshal (1958-60)starring John Bromfield,Shotgun Slade (Revue)(1959-61) starring Scott Brady

Sky King (1951-62) starring Kirby Grant

.Stagecoach West (Four Star/ABC) (1960-61) starring Wayne Rogers, Robert Bray,Sugarfoot (WB/Wm T.Orr/ABC)(1957-61) starring Will Hutchins,Tales of the Texas Rangers (Screen Gems)(1955-58)starring Willard Parker & Harry Lauter,Tales of Wells Fargo (Revue)(1957-62) starring Dale Robertson,The Tall Man (Revue)(1960-62)starring Clu Gullager & Barry Sullivan,The Texan (Desilu)(1958-60)(Western) starring Rory Calhoun,Tombstone Territory (ZIV)(1957-60) starring Pat Conway & Richard Eastham,Trackdown (Four Star/CBS)(1957-59) westerns series starring Robert Culp,Two Faces West (1960-61)starring Charles Bateman,Union Pacific (1958-59) starring Jeff Morrow & Judd Pratt

,The Virginian (Revuel/NBC)(1962-64) (Universal/NBC)(1965-71) western series starring James Drury,Wagon Train (Revue/NBC/ABC)(1957-65)

,Wanted: Dead or Alive (Four Star)(1958-61) starring Steve McQueen,The Westerner (Four Star)(fall 1960) starring Brian Keith

,Wichita Town (Mirisch)(1959-60) starring Joel McCrea,Wild Bill Hickok (1951-56) starring Guy Madison, Andy Devine

Zane Grey Theater (4 Star) (1956-61) Western Anthology hosted by Dick Powell,

58b13dc2, 2013-07-21, 11:22AM CDT

I work all week long, so I would appreciate some of the 50's shows shown in the middle of the day shown on Saturdays or Sundays, as they are are not On Demand.

I also want Cheyenne back.

Gunsmoke from 1966 forward,F Troop and Brisco County would be fun and please bring back the Lawman..

The current schedule is monotonous and I know there should be no financial issues with obtaining rights to more shows.

Thanks so much for what you have already provided all of us baby boomers.

4d7fe09b, 2013-08-02, 04:25PM CDT

I protest taking Matt Dillon down to one 4:30 to 5:00. It used to be an hour 2 espiodes and taking it off on Saturdays. We grew up watching this series and it brings back wonderful memories. Please put it back before you messed it. We also like rawhide and wagon train that was taken off. Don't like Lorredo, batmaterson, wyatt earup.

Thank you

Gil S., 2013-08-02, 07:52PM CDT

I am receiving in Los Angeles County on Time Warner Cable,Channel 290; the western stations is the primary reason I have Encore.

I hope this will help to identify the station I receive.

To Encore Scheduling: I am writing a complaint regarding the replacement of "Gunsmoke" or "Marshall Dillon" in the 5:00 P.M.-5:30 P.M. time slot with "Bat Masterson." Bat Masterson in no way compares with "Gunsmoke" or "Marshall Dillon" I very much appreciate your having "Gunsmoke" on in two half hour and one 1 hour presentation. Also, I must agree with another viewer who inquired as to why other shows, instead of fairly ugly so-called adult westerns made with spaghetti in Europe, could not be used--there are many, many of these shows--as long as "Gunsmoke" is not replaced by them. I would like to see more of these classic television shows not only on the weekdays but on the weekends. At least I can let my grandchildren watch those kinds of shows--and I enjoy them immensely, too. Thank you and a special thank you for showing Gene Autry movies at noon on Sundays and repeating it at noon on Wednesday. I did make a change. One letter added.

11a04dc2, 2013-08-04, 11:50AM CDT

I HATE Laredo TV show and I have tried to watch Wyatt Earp but I just cannot get interested in it. I did not view Laredo when it came on MeTV for quite some time. I watched Matt Dillon, Rawhide, and The Rebel when MeTV carried those shows. They are excellent programs. I prefer the black and white episodes of Gun Smoke over the color ones that are currently being shown on MeTV and TVland. I thought I had seen all episodes of Bonanza on MeTV and TVland until I started taping "Bonanza The Lost Episodes" on Encore Westerns. I view the ones that are like new to me and delete the ones I have seen several times over the years. I realize that your viewers taste varies, but for me the line up was EXCELLENT when The Virginian, Cheyenne, Lawman, Wagon Train, Matt Dillion, Have Gunn Will Travel, etc. were in your line up. Wagon Train is such an outstanding show I purchased the last 3 seasons on DVD a week ago and now have every season. I hope your line up will improve and you will bring some of the old shows back and add new ones like Sugar Foot, Bronco, High Chaparral, Wanted Dead or Alive, etc. The only reason I haven't downgraded my cable TV tier has been due to Encore Western channel.

82360b97, 2013-08-05, 04:21PM CDT

Are you people crazy? Bat Masterson instead of Matt Dillion. Bat can't hold a candle to Matt. Just another stupid mistake by some who don't know good westerns.

KATHLEEN O., 2013-08-05, 04:39PM CDT


11a04dc2, 2013-08-14, 02:36PM CDT

Since Encore westerns isn't showing Rawhide, Wanted Dead or Alive, F-Troop, and Wagon Train; watch them on MeTV when the new fall line up starts September 2, 2013. MeTV is free and is available on televisions without cable. Go to http://metvnetwork.com/fallforme2013.php to view. They will continue to show other western tv shows. I LOVE MY MeTV!!!!

a0af446a, 2013-08-22, 02:17PM CDT

I am waiting for Broken Arrow with Jeff Chandler. Best ever indian movie. Haven't seen it in a long time. Let me know.

Thanks a faithful watcher of your channel

Anonymous, 2013-09-16, 10:33PM CDT

I would like to know why the western channel shows the same westerns over and over again,

week after week, mount after month. I am to the point where I do not want to turn on the

western channel anymore.

Ken P., 2013-10-27, 11:37AM CDT

Roy Rogers birthday is Nov. 11th and you show very few of his westerns. He was the King of the Cowboys for 10 years. It's time to have a Twelve Gun salute to Roy Rogers including his color films. Thanks, Ken ( a western movie fan )

Ken P., 2013-10-27, 12:32PM CDT

Don't forget to play Roy Rogers movies during his birth month Nov 11th. Happy Trails to you. Thank you, KP

deb r., 2013-12-02, 11:20AM CST

Would like to see more old movies .you have worn out the few we are paying to watch.you must have a person to research ,as u do for birthdays and death of the well known stars.however,pics of well known stars are wrong most of the time. People born in 1930s don't wear 80s suit and tie. Do u have people in China or India or Africa trying to up date your posts.Would like to see a change.those actors demand respect for their contributions to the cinema.

joe b., 2013-12-07, 01:53PM CST

I see the 2014 programing is changing. Starting Jan. Maverick will be taking Larado place. That's all. All the same crap they have wore out ,will be back. That shows you how much they listen to there customers. The 100's of old tv westerns out there, they keep showing the same stuff every year. Please someone, put a real Western station on the air.

3462e5f5, 2013-12-08, 03:16PM CST

I don't see my previous comment posted so, possibly, you never received it; I'll try to repeat my "advice". I believe that you should be showing some of the really old "B-westerns" that are available from the companies selling that type (Oldies. Sinister Cinema, etc.) starring old western stars (Tom Mix, Wally Wales, Bob Custer, W. S. Hart); some of these movies are silents but they are entertaining to watch and consider what was involved as they were filmed in the infancy of this wonderful medium. Also, I believe that one of the true American heroes of our time, Audie Murphy, should have a month, or more, honoring him; he was not an old "cowboy" but almost all of his movies were westerns. To satisfy the younger western channel lovers, there are other western stars (George Montgomery, Rory Calhoun,etc.) that made many enjoyable movies. Hopefully, you will agree with me and heed my advice. Tom G.

93b985f0, 2013-12-21, 02:18AM CST

Please dear GOD let the Western Channel get some new TV westerns after the 1st of the year.Please ,Please.edwardstuart6

0858a47d, 2014-01-01, 10:15AM CST

Why do you have a whole day of one series? My husband likes to watch the western channel but he doesn't want to wstch the same series all day!

304a5c58, 2014-01-03, 11:42AM CST

why do you keep skipping Wyatt Earp episode 4.38 The Wayfarer?

eee7016f, 2014-01-06, 04:55PM CST

Who ever came up with the new graphics at the first of the programs on the Western Channel instead of the pictues of the running horses should be fired. Who ever appproved the change should be fired. This work is going backwords. If you are trying to improve the graphics do something besides running block letters across the screen. The horses were great. Try something like that. If it has to be "new" make it better not worse.

437ac8e7, 2014-02-06, 03:17PM CST

Wheres Roy Rogers?

Nuff Said!

9a05477e, 2014-03-07, 12:00PM CST

Shouldn't the Lawman Western series be available on Demand?

Shouldn't currently running classics, like "Maverick" also be available on demand? Why aren't such shows available?

c1cdcdcc, 2014-03-10, 08:51AM CDT

I wish whomever does the schedule for the westerns channel know their job a little bit better. You show the same tired, boring movies over and over month after month and I am sick of Gene Autry and I'm a Texan. The westerns channel is cramming Gene Autry movies down everybodies throats. You don't show Hopalong Cassidy movies, or movies starring Sunset Carson, Monte Hale, Charles Starret, Rocky Lane and only on ocassion will there be a Roy Rogers, Lash Larue, Eddie Dean, or Buster Crabbe movie. I love western movies, in fact they are my favorite type of movie, but for years the westerns channel has left a lot to be desired with there scheduling.

33955465, 2014-03-11, 07:29PM CDT

I sure would like to see the episodes of Gunsmoke that are in color with Festus. ME TV has them, why not the Western Channel?

18f3ccbc, 2014-05-30, 12:20PM CDT

I am a big fan of westerns but for the last few months there are a lot of repeats, like the Alamo both versions, the return of the seven, etc. I don't know about other fans but seeing the same films over and over gets old. Occasionally we see John Wayne but most of the time its Rooster Cogburn, the comancheros, and once in a while some of the first westerns he made but its always the same three. I wish this channel would start playing some westerns that we haven't seen. John Wayne, Kenny Rogers, Clint Eastwood, WillY Nelson made a lot of movies that I haven't seen on this channel along with a lot of others.

41410197, 2014-03-25, 06:42PM CDT



e48ebb03, 2014-03-27, 01:10AM CDT

Been a western channel subscriber for 10-12 years. Tired of the same movies playing over and over and over and over and over. Why am i paying for this. I hate commercials but i am spending more time watching movies that have commercials. I am just fed up already. Why do i keep paying for this channel and hoping for something different and it never changes. I guess it will take you losing subscribers to do something about it. Or maybe not. Its a joke and i'm not laughing.

69e89aae, 2014-03-27, 02:02PM CDT

Obama say cancel your cell phone get rid of cable and pay for his Obama care. I say cancel your western channel wheather you buy Obama care or not. Western channel and Obama care are alike ,Just trash they are trying to shove down your throat. After the Babyboomers are gone, there will not be a western channel. The young generation don't give a rats ass about westerns.

304a5c58, 2014-03-27, 02:58PM CDT

so yet another right wing nut case spews out some nonsense on a site that has nothing to do with politics

7674d9f5, 2014-03-28, 02:05PM CDT

I would like to see some of the Terrance Hill westerns...I know they're cheesy, spaghetti westerns, but they're always great for a few laughs and fun entertainment!

dfbda221, 2014-05-15, 12:57AM CDT

Encore Westerns used to be my favorite, but once again they are playing the same thing over and over. I can't find anywhere to complain directly to them. I'm just gonna cancel my subscription, didn't used to be like this.

75f41c26, 2014-05-21, 01:03PM CDT

I am very glad that there is a Western Channel and we watch all the time but there are some really bad movies and the number of good ones I wish you would increase.

My real concern is why Bill Barwick is not the voice of the Western channel anymore. Your break segments with no voice really suck. Bring back Bill.

KATHLEEN O., 2014-05-30, 09:02AM CDT


da10c782, 2014-06-03, 10:45AM CDT

I agree with a lot of these posts. If I see the Alamo or Sabata one more time, I think I will puke. Why do they shove the worst Westerns of all time down our throats! Sabata, Duck you sucker, etc. All those spaghetti Westerns that are soooo bad. They run them all the time!

What about series like High Chaparral, go back to the Virginian and Lawman. If you want comedy, how about something like F-Troop. I know it isn't a real Western, but was a great series. I know Have Gun will Travel was popular, but it has run long enough. Lets take a break.

76f659a5, 2014-06-13, 05:29PM CDT

Please take off gunsmoke. It is the same old thing day in and day out.I am tired of looking at James Arness he is so lame and not agood actor.

5289752d, 2014-06-11, 11:55AM CDT

I'm a big fan of westerns and this channel but I used to be able to go to the Starz website and do a search of movies and stars and get the schedules for them 3 months in advance which made my schedule easy to do. Why did they eliminate this?

3a8cdd1d, 2014-06-20, 01:43AM CDT

I was wondering why encore westerns stopped having that guy talk in between programs and also the western minute ,I think it was with bob boz bell.it made the channel more fun

32b76657, 2014-07-01, 06:43PM CDT

I would like to know why all took off bonanza at 7:00 thank you Kathy from fla.

54581c10, 2014-07-01, 10:24PM CDT


73b84336, 2014-07-03, 05:42PM CDT

Hey Encore, it's your channel, I'm just paying you to air what you suppose I would like. A viewer poll every now & again wouldn't hurt. There is this new technology called.....the internet. Makes it real easy to find out what your viewers might like watching, since we are flipping some of the bill. At any rate back to my complaint. It's really more about common sense & courtesy than it is grievance. Why would you stop showing Bonanza at 7pm in the middle of a 2 part episode...? "Forever Part One" and then I turn on Cheyenne...? I have no beef with Cheyenne, but folks, come on, finish what you start for cryin' out loud. Other then that thank you. Oh one other thing---we're paying you. You're a Premium channel. Why not act like it and lose the dogtags.

06d48e4b, 2014-07-05, 03:26PM CDT

I do not like the way you have set up to make a comment. It is as frustrating as your new scheduling time. Why are the start times staggered instead

Of starting on the hour. I have not been able to watch some of my favorites. What is the benefit to your channel? It is confusing and makes it

Difficult to keep up with programs, especially my elderly father. Confusing for me too!!

c94d0562, 2014-07-05, 06:04PM CDT

if dish ekimates the western chnl, I will cancel all my movie channels. jim

9c37939c, 2014-07-07, 08:51PM CDT

What is this stupid thing of suddenly beginning and ending shows at odd times? I have missed a few shows due to that and do not intend trying to keep track of how you folks decide to schedule, so long!

2a8932e2, 2014-07-15, 06:06AM CDT

"Gun Smoke", is one of my all time favorites. Why no newer episodes?? "MEtv"shows newer episodes and their in color.

6a7dc151, 2014-07-19, 11:30AM CDT

I love your afternoon/early evening programming, however, I do miss the 'Lawman' series (a.k.a. 'The Lawman') starring John Russell, Peter Brown, and Peggie Castle. One of my favorite times of all was sitting down to relax as my wife made dinner and watching 'Lawman', 'Have Gun-Will Travel', 'Wagon Train', and other shows I grew up with too numerous to mention, which were then followed by the nightly movie. Then suddenly, rather than the single episodes of the TV shows, we got "doubled-up" with back to back episodes with some of the shows removed from the line-up and others added. I don't mind the new additions ('Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp', 'Bat Masterson' - always been a long-time fan of Hugh O'Brian and Gene Barry); but this back to back airing with new additions came at a price I DO NOT like: other shows were pulled out of the line-up to accommodate this double airing. STOP THE DOUBLE AIRING OF PROGRAMS; THERE IS NO NEED FOR IT! One episode per night is plenty, and more enjoyable as we can get more shows into the allotted time. From 2 PM (Eastern time, 5 PM on EncoreW Westerns) until the nightly movie at 8 we could have 'Lawman' at 2:00, 'Have Gun-Will Travel' at 2:30, 'Life and Legend of 'Wyatt Earp' at 3:00, 'Bat Masterson' at 3:30, 'The Rifleman' at 4:00, 'Marshal Dillon' at 4:30, 'Gunsmoke' at 5:00, 'Wagon Train' at 6:00, 'Maverick' (or 'Laredo', both are good and a tough choice) at 7:00: that brings us to 8 PM and Movie Time! More shows in the same timeframe instead of less shows because of back to back airing. That back to back airing also runs through the series' episodes too quickly and then they start over again. I'd rather have only one episode per day, have the series take longer to get from first to last episode before starting over again, and maybe rotating tough to call shows like 'Maverick' and 'Laredo'. But I really miss the old line-up (as listed above), especially 'Lawman'; having 'Lawman' followed by 'Have Gun-Will Travel' was the highlight of my day (watching it on the West coast channel which started it at 5 for me), and the current double-airing of shows has taken that highlight away. Go back to the above line-up, PLEASE! It was so much more enjoyable. Those shows are ones you NEVER get tired of watching again and again (like the original 'Star Trek' with Kirk, Spock, McCoy, et al; you never tire of them). So again I beseech you; return to the above line-up of shows and bring back my highlights and fun Encore Westerns nights!

54581c10, 2014-07-19, 02:12PM CDT


27c31e56, 2014-08-03, 04:43PM CDT

I`ve been a western B movie fan all my life. Love your series 'Western heroes of Gower street".It`s both entertaining & informative.Had no idea that Randolf Scott was a B movie star of the early 1930`s. My favorite era was from the end of the silent era up to the singing cowboys era popularized by Gene Autry. During those 5 or 6 years terrific cowboys performed. In addition to John Wayne there was Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Ken Maynard, Hoot Gibson & Tom Tyler. If the Western channel has access to movies made by those stars it would be wonderful if they could be broadcast.

be5caaab, 2014-08-10, 04:18PM CDT

During July, 2014 I watched all of the hype leading up to the broadcast of Rough Riders, and recorded it on July 27 on Charter channel 648. When I finally Gotland around to watching it the dialog was all in Spanish! What's up with that?! What a disappointment!

9c18206c, 2014-08-16, 04:05PM CDT

I'm with Kathy of Fla - why was Bonanza at 7pm taken off of chnl 342? That was often the highlight of the day and we miss it. The best part was the commercial free station. Please put it back on. Thanks.

Judy P., 2014-08-16, 07:05PM CDT

Why can't you bring back The Range Rider. Jock Mahoney and Dick Jones worked their tails off the make that show authentic. Did their own stunts and really worked hard for our enjoyment. Can't compare to some you are showing. Bring it back!!!

c9ebbf88, 2014-08-29, 04:14AM CDT

How about some of the other great tv westerns like Tales of the Texas Rangers, Colt 45, Dakotas, Trackdown, Hotel de Paree, The Rebel, Shane, Paradise, Texas John slaughter, Yancy Derringer, The Grey Ghost, The Alaskans, Boots & Saddles, etc.

e56f8a1b, 2014-09-07, 10:52AM CDT



57b8bfd0, 2014-09-08, 02:57PM CDT

I am so sick of paying for a PREMIUM movie channel , and seeing advertisements for upcoming programs/movies like Stephen King collection. When I am watching a movie then I want to see THAT movie. I do not want to a commercial or advertisement for any upcoming program. As Jeff Goldblum said in Jurrasic Park... " You did it because you could do it , but no one stopped to think if they should ". We are paying for a PREMIUM channel. That means , NO interruptions and NO commercials , and No advertisements... i.e. PREMIUM channel. When a movie is on PLEASE stop showing any and all advertisments for any and all upcoming movies/programing. We have all but stopped watching all Encore PREMIUM movie channels. Try asking us what we want and stop telling us what we want. Advertise all you want BETWEEN movies , but not during a movie.

29693713, 2014-09-09, 09:50AM CDT

You have about worn out Gene Autry Movies & the Gene Autry TV series, How about The Roy Rogers TV Show 100 Episodes 6 Seasons, he made & all of Roy Rogers Movies that would be a real change. Also The Rifleman Series & Laramie & Sky King, wow.

c96faa06, 2014-09-11, 02:41AM CDT

The listing for Encore Western Channel on September 16, 2014, at 5:45 pm is the show Gunsmoke which in fact should be Marshal Dillon as this is the half hour version of the show and not the full hour version. Your listings repeatedly make this mistake for 3-5 shows in Seasons 4 and 5 and perhaps Season 6. People who have DVRs set to record the show miss the mislabeled episodes.

The same problem still exists for the September 12, 2014, episode at 5:15 pm on the same channel.

It would be nice if Encore Western would correct the information and make sure it corrects it for future scheduling. This problem keeps repeating on the channel for the same shows as they are rerun I presume because Encore provided the wrong data.

6be8e582, 2014-10-03, 06:35PM CDT

I want know why encore western is now showing "Matt Dillon" and Gunsmoke " in the widescreen 16x9 aspect ratio? For months I tape the daily series to watch it in full screen 4.3 ratio. But the last month or so those programs which I cherish a great deal are being broadcast in the widescreen ,, what in the world is going on. Now I have to watch those programs with all characters looking like they two feet tall. Please broadcast these shows in 4.3 aspect ratio , thank you.

304a5c58, 2014-10-03, 06:57PM CDT

Has anyone ever had the western channel actually do something about their complaint? Or is this forum just a place for us to vent and them to ignore?

e96ae2a7, 2014-10-06, 05:27PM CDT

I know that there are a lot of western movies that you could show instead of all of the old series. Western movies have been made for 60-70 years and you only show a select few and rerun them until we are sick of them. How about some variety in movies!!!

740cb213, 2014-10-19, 09:00AM CDT


796ecb6b, 2014-10-31, 04:30PM CDT

Loved to watch the original broadcasts of "Gunsmoke" and enjoy the current Encore showings. My confusion is based on the repeated showings of certain episodes when there are 20 years of the show available. Is there any reason other episodes can't be shown?

It's Dec. 5 and no reply from Encore. This site is of no use. Bye!

a05aa5ff, 2014-10-29, 11:29AM CDT

How big is the "encore Westerns" library? From the schedules over the last year or so, it must be up into the double digits. Come on, quit showing the same movies over and over. We got it. We have seen them and we are tired........

3db93f64, 2014-11-15, 11:56AM CST

I am like some of the rest to complain about

so many repeats, as we watch

encore westerns 90% of the time.

I liked Johnny Mac Brown And Bill Elliot,

Roy Rogers, Charles Starrett.

Thanks for showing Duke Days pilgrim!

96586469, 2014-11-22, 10:18AM CST

The western channel isn't even worth watching anymore and I used to watch it all the time. You play the same movies and shows over and over and over again. It is beyond ridiculous. At one time you played more of a variety. How about some Hop-Along Cassidy, Cisco Kid, Sky King etc.?

5c1d4809, 2014-12-19, 03:39AM CST

I want to know who is the dip shit that that put Paper Hearts on the western channel.You people are messing up big time.I have real cowboy movies in my DVD collection. not this crap you people are showing. you people are cheating the public with your scams.jack barnett.

b274b143, 2014-12-22, 11:27PM CST

How about the old '60s TV series "Lancer." And "Laramie." Ya'll can do better. Love the channel but becoming very repetitive.

Stephen M., 2015-05-29, 06:18PM CDT

I have just watched Gunsmoke which I enjoy very much but you have played Gunsmoke "Jeb" 3 times within the past 3 weeks or so. There are many episodes you could be putting on instead of the same ones over & over again!!!! I have noticed several series that you have played over & I tell myself, "I just saw this just the other day". Those aren't the only episodes & there are more that you haven't played in a long time so what is up with that? Who is in charge of this & why do they keep playing the same ones over & over again when they could play some different ones. I have also noticed some Cheyenne episodes that are being played over again when there are more of those also. I enjoy these shows very much but not when you keep repeating the same ones over again & again!

Thank you very much & Happy New Year's!

Stephen M., 2014-12-26, 11:36PM CST

I have just watched Gunsmoke which I enjoy very much but you have played Gunsmoke "Jeb" 3 times within the past 3 weeks or so. There are many episodes you could be putting on instead of the same ones over & over again!!!! I have noticed several series that you have played over & I tell myself, "I just saw this just the other day". Those aren't the only episodes & there are more that you haven't played in a long time so what is up with that? Who is in charge of this & why do they keep playing the same ones over & over again when they could play some different ones. I have also noticed some Cheyenne episodes that are being played over again when there are more of those also. I enjoy these shows very much but not when you keep repeating the same ones over again & again!

Thank you very much & Happy New Year's!

a81847ea, 2014-12-28, 02:47AM CST

Red River has been on 8 times today both channels..... really?. And I dont think Encore really gives a damn about our complaints. People have been complaining about the same stuff for years now and no change. One more thing..... please fire the Autry fan in programming because......DAMN.

6a1d0a3c, 2015-01-02, 10:13AM CST

I hope your programming for jan 2, 2015 isn't going to be permanent. please don't take gunsmoke from the air. I look forward to my gunsmoke episodes. if I don't have gunsmoke i'll drop encore westerns.

e9be11b1, 2015-01-02, 05:47PM CST

Why has "Have Gun Will Travel" been eliminated from the programming? It never ceases to amaze me how corporate types make decisions without the input of the viewers! Bring back Richard Boone!

422d3a1a, 2015-01-02, 07:04PM CST

i used to enjoy the time between 5pm and 8pm with the old and newer gunsmoke and cheyenne series.two questions. why did you take newer gunsmoke off when it had 15 years of episodes to cycle through and why did you move marshall dillon and cheyenne to earlier in the day? who makes these decisions? death valley days and wanted:dead or alive were ok but not on a par with gunsmoke.

8f06a92f, 2015-01-03, 01:37PM CST

I am upset that Paladin/Have Gun Will Travel is not on in 2015!!! He is my favorite. Please put him back!!

a80c1a72, 2015-01-05, 05:30PM CST

Why did you take Gunsmoke off? Why can't you just leave it alone? We do not get home in time to see it at 4 in the afternoon. Please put it back. Thanks!!

93466b16, 2015-01-05, 07:34PM CST

I am so deeply sorry Encore changed the times for Marshal Dillon & Gunsmoke.

I loved the time frame & have watched it every day.

Another concern is Encore channels are airing too many oldies but goodies channels, ex. Different Strokes, Night Court, Murphy Brown, Amen, Law & Order & Magnum PI. These shows were fine back in the day...but the day is gone & I am sick of all the Encore Channels being wasted on this old stuff.

I would like to see more movie channels & not all these old reruns of these old shows. Put them all on one channel. Then move on to something else.

I do not feel like I am getting what I pay for & am considering dropping Encore for something else. Most of the old 30 minute reruns can be found on other stations so why waste the channels on this crap. Thanks for allowing an outlet for my frustrations....thanks for Marshal Dillion & Gunsmoke even if the time is very inconvenient.

04d7175b, 2015-01-06, 12:15PM CST

The show on the Western Channel [Death Valley Days] needs to come on at different times or cancelled because it is the sorriest show ever made!

a92e9cbb, 2015-01-09, 08:13AM CST

Since the first of the year the encore channel changed Gunsmoke to Death Valley Days. I would rather watch Gunsmoke. Quit changing things up. NOT watching Death Valley Days.....

715c954a, 2015-01-10, 08:21PM CST

You are showing a movie tonight with Jane Fonda a pig traitor to America just asking you never show this slut again thanks

13f4eec2, 2015-01-12, 05:37PM CST

I've had this channel for years and this is the first year that stinks. Why can't you put Gunsmoke or Marshall Dillon or bonanza back on at 7:00 P.M. These new shows like Death Valley and Wanted Dead or Alive suck. Please Chang it back

304a5c58, 2015-01-12, 05:53PM CST

People who want to cut off First Amendment rights are traitors. Show all the Jane Fonda you want and ignore ignorant fools like this guy.

e10fcac4, 2015-01-12, 06:38PM CST

Why take off Gunsmoke for for lame Death Valley days???.Love Cheyenne,wanted dead or alive is good,I've been around for a little while and know that there are hundreds of quality movies to choose from,come on you guys you keep changing the line up for the worse, who's schedulein the lineup someone who doesnt now quality from qaunity.How about the Virginian,Wagon Train,Bonanza???

Stephen M., 2015-01-12, 11:36PM CST

Who the hell is doing this? Did someone else start this different programming with the same thing, over & over again. Also, I loved watching Have Gun Will Travel on weekdays & Gunsmoke everyday & Saturdays. Why did you take Gunsmoke off? You put on a bunch of crap that people don't want to watch!!!! You people must have put someone else in charge of the programming that issn't worth a damn! Get rid of him or her, they don't know what the hell they're doing...........

Put the good shows back on & change it up so the same thing isn't on over & over again. We pay too much for you to do this to us!!!!! Also there are plenty of good old movies that you could be showing!

f4db63b0, 2015-01-14, 10:26AM CST

I love the Western Channel. Is there a way to get it on streaming? Roku, etc? I'd love to get rid of my cable, but really don't want to get rid of the western channel.

54581c10, 2015-01-14, 10:58AM CST


1aea903f, 2015-01-17, 07:52AM CST

Please bring the 1hour, black and white episodes of Gunsmoke back. Death Valley Days is so, so lame. We can only get the 1/2hr. Marshall Dillon ON demand? Want to see a real western with blazing guns, Festus, Kitty, Doc, and Matt!

Lawgirl, 2015-01-20, 07:29PM CST


We as a family are from different generation of course. I'm the daughter of the baby boomer generation and I like GUNSMOKE! Now WHY IN GODS NAME DID YOU MESS WITH A GOOD EVENING SCHEDULE. I'm in the midwest central time. We loved from appprox 4pm to 6pm ish GUMSMOKE and Marshal Dillon. Now you still have Marshal Dillon but no hour Gunsmoke. Why did you mess with something that worked? People are complaining on Facebook about this to. My encore western channel # is 523 and we normally love it. But now since you took off the hour long Gunsmoke we can't even go on Demand and see past season episodes. That was great! We could pick which one we wanted. NO MORE! Please get back to me on this. There are a lot of other Gunsmoke fans that feel the same way.

With Respect,

A. Sweitzer

49caa82d, 2015-01-23, 03:37PM CST

I am a huge fan of Marshall Dillon/Gunsmoke. I am not at home at the time it is shown during the day. Please take off Death Valley Days - lamest "western". Used to be able to see Gunsmoke on Saturday mornings and 2 episodes of Marshall Dillon on Saturday nights on Retro channel. Bring it back!!

neal h., 2015-01-23, 06:32PM CST

Death Valley Days-PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And COLORIZED at that!MAJOR waste of an hour. I know they made more than 6 episodes of Wanted-Dead or Alive but they keep playing the same 6 shows EVERY WEEK!

876a8552, 2015-01-26, 07:38PM CST


Lawgirl, 2015-01-26, 11:11PM CST

When are you going to read these comments and put Gunsmoke, Have gun will travel, and the Rifleman back on?


0f12c7a1, 2015-01-27, 04:17PM CST


f9d767fb, 2015-01-30, 08:15AM CST


Looks like all the preceding comments echo some of my thoughts that go unanswered!!

Extremely tired of watching the same old movies time and time and time again.

As a child I recall many western movies and not Alamo 40 or 50 times in a few months time !

You have plenty of films in the can and money from the cable/satellite to share these classic with the world what say you.

9d65f2c8, 2015-01-30, 06:10PM CST

Please add tales of Wells Fargo and the Robert Fuller western,

d0007bdf, 2015-02-02, 06:41AM CST

You have an ad running showing John Wayne shooting more rounds than 6 shooter has. If your researcher watch the show. He loads the pistol and puts extra bullets in his pocket. Lets set the record straight.

Cheryl D. (Duke fan).

a112ef95, 2015-02-02, 05:45PM CST

When is Lawman, the tv series, going to be back on Encore Western Channel? We so enjoyed watching Lawman when it was on at 7am. We watch a Encore Western Channel most everyday, all day and have for years. We would like to see Marshal Dan Troop, Deputy Johnny McCay, and Lily again, as we miss seeing them every morning...

707a3d9b, 2015-02-06, 07:06PM CST

please return have gun will travel to the schedule paladin is sorely missed

Jackie G., 2015-03-21, 06:50PM CDT

Why have you started showing everything half screen? People like me with Retina problems have vision impairment. I bought a big screen TV you

we're showing everything full screen but now it is too smal. Guess I will have to look elsewhere for western entertainment.

8663fbe6, 2015-02-11, 02:11PM CST

My husband and i really enjoy the 24 hr western channe thru encore (comvast). Right after James Arness died it seemed ike Marshall Dillion and Gunsmoke were cut way back Also, the ones listed on demand are only a few. WE ARE NOT HAPPY,,!,, What csn we do to chage it back to the way ot use to be? On of the reasons we warch so much Encore shows and movies is because of the "no commercials ": Please do something to improve the Gunsmoke problem. Having been on the air for more than 20 years, surely there a re more episodes to watch!!!! If there is soneone else tgat I I should contact, pls.. let me kniw. THANk YOU for listening. I just hope somebody resoves this problem!!!

8f06a92f, 2015-02-11, 03:10PM CST

Paladin is my absolute favorite. Please bring him back!!!

622e6561, 2015-02-11, 07:10PM CST

I too would like to say I love your Western Channel.I too would like to see you get rid of that Encore "BUG" at the bottom of the screen. I also think that all the people who watch this channel do so for the love of the "Western" so PLEASE on your commercial (advertising yourself between shows) get rid of that blasphemous bit with Johnny Depp as Tonto with the Lone Ranger!

If you want to show the Lone Ranger show the REAL one,or if you want a modern western there are many more that don't offend people like that movie. Which by the way tanked and even Hollywood says it stinks.


Big John

521a8b84, 2015-02-13, 01:17PM CST

I have been a fan of encore westerns for a lot of years, I watch old westerns, I am a Randolph Scott fan, etc.

I love watching Gunsmoke. Is it possible for you to get the 18,19. and 20th seasons, I know the first seasons by heart.

a3a18dbd, 2015-03-19, 01:13PM CDT

I would like to see Alias smith and jones, Laredo, Yellow Rose of Texas series with Sam Elliott, on the Encore Western channel.

4cad4f77, 2015-03-24, 06:16PM CDT

Yes I am a fan of the westerns channel but I must say I am getting tired of you showing the same old movies over and over again. I like Randolph Scott and Audie Murphey but I want to see some different movies they were in instead of the same ole 6 or 7 that you play all the time! Somebody needs to get off their ass and do some better programing!!!!!


Stephen M., 2015-03-24, 07:57PM CDT

When are you people going to change the schedule around to the way it used to be? The Death Valley Days is lame but Cheyenne is great & so is Maverick & The Life & Times of Wyatt Earp but everyone seems to be complaining of the same thing. Gun smoke should be back on, the hourly ones plus back on Saturday mornings when people don't have to work. There are also a lot more movies that ou used to show which haven't showed for a long time & for you to keep showing the same damn thing over & over is BS! It looks like it has improved but very little. How about making your viewers a little more happy & get rid of Death Valley Days. It was good back in it's day but not today! You can surely play better things like The Virginian, More different movies with Glenn Ford, James Arness, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, James Stewart, William Holden, Lee Van Cleef, Robert Mitchum, Robert Taylor, Paul Newman, Robert Ryan, Robert Duvall, Henry Fonda, Joel McCray, James Coburn, Lee Marvin, Gregory Peck, Dean Martin, Errol Flynn, Richard Boone, Warren Oates, Slim Pickens, Ernest Borgnine, Ben Johnson, Sam Shepard, Brian Keith & many many more! We all know you have a lot more things to show us, so why not do it?

Stephen M., 2015-03-24, 08:10PM CDT

I just wrote the previous comment but I would love to see "Have Gun Will Travel" on again also. There is such a large database of shows that I know you can put on for everyone to see, so why don't you get it together & put on what people reallywant to see????

69e89aae, 2015-03-24, 11:28PM CDT

Please run the Alamo at least 4 times a day. this 3 time a day just ain't getting it. 4 or 6 is better. buy up several more copies in case the one you have run for the last 6 million times wears out. I don't watch your channel, but I like reading the complaints that fall on deaf ear. People, get smart and drop it like the trash it is. That is the only way to show this bunch of loser. If you don't ,Quit your bitchin and whining.

69e89aae, 2015-03-25, 11:19AM CDT

If the past older generation would have had the Western channel back then, they wouldn't have put up with this crap. The Western ch. would have been begging for there business. Just goes to show who had the backbone to stand up to these crap artist, and now we have the spineless wonders who do nothing but gripe and keep giving to them. And you wonder why our countries are in such bad shape. Remember , It's your money. If you are going to throw it away , give it to a charity of your choice they would appreciate it. Only me and cripple soldiers give a damn.

cc807185, 2015-03-30, 07:01AM CDT

Please stop distorting the picture. You stretch the pic to fit the frame and it is short and wide.

You make it unwatchable. The western channel is ( was) my favorite channel but you have made it unwatchable. Please go back to the way it was .

389e750e, 2015-04-01, 09:55AM CDT


bc9c27be, 2015-04-01, 10:15AM CDT

You have hundreds of complaints, does anyone read them?????? Put Gunsmoke back, more than 2 twenty min. Shows a day.

bc9c27be, 2015-04-01, 10:16AM CDT

You have hundreds of complaints, does anyone read them?????? Put Gunsmoke back, more than 2 twenty min. Shows a day.

bc9c27be, 2015-04-01, 10:17AM CDT

You have hundreds of complaints, does anyone read them?????? Put Gunsmoke back, more than 2 twenty min. Shows a day.

b652feab, 2015-04-04, 12:16PM CDT

I have been waiting for you to show a "Death Valley Days" episode called "The Hang Man Waits" It was from 1955. Will you be showing that episode?

a988f90f, 2015-04-11, 08:58PM CDT

Why do you show the same movies over and over? There is a lot more than 500 or so westerns. My word, Roy Rogers made 250 movies!

fcd54808, 2015-04-14, 11:29PM CDT

Can't you get your clocks with the rest of the world. Can't record nothing because you have times screwed up. Get it together people.

Stephen M., 2015-04-19, 03:21AM CDT

All you can play are kids movies like Song Of Hiawatha over & over again instead of what people really want to see!!!!!! Also Death Valley Dats is so damn cheesy it's just unreal. People are paying good money to see Encore Westerns & you people keep showing crap!!!!!! You have a large libray full of great shows & movies & all you people keep showing is crap no one wants to see!!!!!!!! Why not give us our moneys worth?

I'm building up a mass set of old westerns on dvd because i won't take anymore of this shit!!!!!!!!!

Stephen M., 2015-04-19, 03:25AM CDT

All you can play are kids movies like Song Of Hiawatha over & over again instead of what people really want to see!!!!!! Also Death Valley Days is so damn cheesy it's just unreal. People are paying good money to see Encore Westerns & you people keep showing crap!!!!!! You have a large libray full of great shows & movies & all you people keep showing is crap no one wants to see!!!!!!!! Why not give us our moneys worth?

I'm building up a mass set of old westerns on dvd because i won't take anymore of this shit!!!!!!!!!

Stephen M., 2015-04-19, 04:11AM CDT

Oh yeah, & everyone would like to see Gunsmoke again no matter what. They aired for so many years, why not try to keep up with the old record. I will admit you have played a few good ones like The Unforgiven but why not some more of Glenn Ford's old westerns like The Fastest Gun Alive plus more Like 3:10 To Yuma, Day Of The Evil Gun, The Sheepman & some of John Wayne like Big Jake, The Cowboys, Chisum, True Grit, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon & more actors like Ben Johnson & Lee Marvin, James Coburn & many more actors who are no longer with us & bring back some good old memories!!!!!!! There's a lot more I could mention & you should know which ones people really want to see. The McCahans & more......................

4e1967ac, 2015-04-21, 09:45AM CDT

We have been experiencing viewing problem with Encore western channel since mid winter. Sometime it comes in clear then other times you just get pixels like a week broad cast signal. This happen in Dayton on Dish channel 342. Dish Networks has been out several times and replace everything including a new dish and this still occurs. Dish Network says it must be coming from the broadcasting station.

715c954a, 2015-04-21, 08:49PM CDT

encore you should be ashamed showing a film with traitor Jane---she is an American hater pig--hope you have lowest rater ever----my friends will not watch this slut

5f6dea54, 2015-04-23, 05:58PM CDT



5f6dea54, 2015-04-23, 05:45PM CDT



5f6dea54, 2015-04-23, 05:46PM CDT



5f6dea54, 2015-04-23, 05:47PM CDT



304a5c58, 2015-04-23, 10:30PM CDT

I like Jane Fonda and I think right wing fascist tea party reactionary IDIOT bigots should be ignored.

00051206, 2015-05-13, 09:52PM CDT

I wish you would show John Wayne movie Big Jake. Seems this one gets left out too often.

Stephen M., 2015-05-13, 10:30PM CDT

Well 304a5c58, if you like Jane Fonda so much, why don't you buy all her dvd's & watch them over & over again & get your rocks off............that is, if you have any!

Stephen M., 2015-05-13, 11:28PM CDT

Yes.............would you people please play movies like big Jake & many others you have in your movie library that have not been shown in so long a time. & also I learned that Milburn Stone, Doc Adams on Gunsmoke missed about 7-8 episodes from a heart attack & they used a stand in but I don't think I have ever seen those. I love ole Doc Adams but would love to see the others also. Please bring back the hour long episodes too. As far as Jane Fonda goes, I think you have shown some of her movies recently & the person whining that they like her so much, there are other channels you can watch so quit your whining about loving her movies so much! There are much better movies to see w/o her in them. She & others spit on our men coming back from Viet Nam who fought for OUR country & she is a worthless slut as another person mentioned! Please show some more movies with Lee Marvin, John Wayne, Glenn Ford, Randall Scott, Tony Franciosa, James Garner, Henry Fonda, Peter Fonda, James Coburn, Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, Richard Boone, James Stewart, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Kevin Kostner, Robert Duvall, Dean Martin, Richard Widmark, Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, William Holden, Earnest Borgnine, Kris Kristofferson, Joel McCrea, Gary Cooper, R.G. Armstrong, Cliff Robertson, Jeff Bridges, Lloyd Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones, Clark Gable, Charles Bronson, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Sam Elliott, Robert Ryan, Cameron Mitchell, Clint Walker, James Arness, John Russell, Hugh O'brien, Charlton Heston, Robert Mitchum, Ben Johnson, James Gammon, Dana Andews, David Carradine, John Carradine, Kieth Carradine, Stacy Keach, Dennis Weaver, Leo Gordon, Broderick Crawford, Audie Murphy, Gene Barry, Eric Fleming, Bruce Dern, Errol Flynn, Randy Travis, Victor Mature, Rory Calhoun, Richard Egan, Royal Dano, Deforest Kelley, Wes Studi, Dale Robertson, Burt Lancaster, Arthur Kennedy, Jack Kelly, Lee J. Cobb, James Best, Jack Elam, George Peppard, Richard Crenna, Jason Robards, Paul Brinegar, Claude Akins & many more including many women like Maureen O'hara, Amanda Blake, Olivia de Havilland, Barbara Stanwyck & many others I can't think of now plus the many of our Native American actors as well! There is such a large library of movies I know you people have & you can start picking many of these old westerns at random.............................it is just endless!!!!

Please do this for us. You people need to light a fire under some asses & get moving instead of showing things over & over again. The only one I'll never get tired of is gun smoke & have Gun Will Travel, Lawman, Rawhide, Maverick & many more! Please make your subscribers happy & your ratings will skyrocket!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen M., 2015-05-13, 11:39PM CDT

I misspelled some but our members know what I mean. There are many more actors & actresses that have been forgotten about that need to be brought back & bring these memories back to us! I'm disabled & I know I'm not the only one & many of us are scraping up pennies to keep our cable on so that we can watch our long forgotten cherished movies & shows that are no longer shown. It brings a little hope back into our lives & keeps us from being so damn bored with the same old shit! Bring back the good ones...............................please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen M., 2015-05-13, 11:43PM CDT

Hey.......................Jane Fonda lover, we are NOT a bunch of right wing fascist tea party reactionary IDIOT bigots so get a life & watch a different channel & just go FYS!

Stephen M., 2015-05-14, 12:01AM CDT

I'm done. To everyone who likes what I have to say, I greatly appreciate it & God bless! I'm going to sit back & watch my dvd+r recorder I had to replace after a thunderstorm power surge knocked out my old one recently. I got one just like my other one so that i could switch out the hard drives I had many movies on which I did not get a chance to put on dvd yet. Another movie just came on that was shown two days ago, so I'm so glad I have a stack of dvd's to choose from. I love all you good people! Encore Westerns does not have the time to show nothing but Jane Fonda so whoever you are Jane Fonda lover, God bless you too & may you get a colonoscopy & get whatever is wrong with you fixed or whatever it is you need to get right again! Brain aneuyrsm????

Stephen M., 2015-05-14, 05:55AM CDT

Just how often are you people going to show The Lone Ranger????????? It was on last night & awhile ago & now it is 6am & it is going to be on again today!!!! I have already seen it & it was alright but it belongs on the Disney channel!!!!!!!

Get it together & show more variety!!!!!!!!

13b115b8, 2015-05-30, 05:16PM CDT

Why hasn't Encore Westerns shown Dale Robertson's Tale of Wells Fargo??. It was so popular and so many of us would like to see on your channel line up. Please add this one and also The Iron Horse, another Dale Robertson series.

Stephen M., 2015-05-17, 10:08AM CDT

And another one.......................you have showed Wanda Nevada the last couple years but probably 150 times within the last year!!!!! I like Peter Fonda but that isn't the only movie he has starred in. You need to get rid of someone there whoever is scheduling all these shows that everyone does not want to see! I'm about ready to just get rid of Encore Westerns & if others would join in & say the same thing, someone there might actually take the time to make their customers happy!!!!!

Stephen M., 2015-05-17, 10:17AM CDT

I also see why people don't come back!!!! It's because you don't want to hear what people have to say so when they log in like i just did ahile ago, it told me login incorrect & it did that to me less than a week ago so I created a new password & wrote it down PLUS I sent it to myself in an email so that I knew I had it right! I submitted it correctly & it told me login wrong!!!!!! I had to click on the box that said reset password so I reset it to the same password & it logged me in. This is bullshit & so is this website! If it isn't bullshit, I would like for someone to write me, a real person please send me an email so that I can give my phone number & we can talk about this crap! If not, then I will know this is just a bunch of crap & you people are not reading these complaints & you really don't give a damn because nothing has really changed!

Stephen M., 2015-05-17, 10:22AM CDT

Also, overtime i do log in, I see my complaint above but it always says this below:

Website is offline No cached version of this page is available.

Error 524 Ray ID: 1e804e05dfb50962 ? 2015-05-17 15:21:51 UTC

A timeout occurred










What happened?

The origin web server timed out responding to this request.

What can I do?

If you're a visitor of this website:

Please try again in a few minutes.

If you're the owner of this website:

The connection to the origin web server was made, but the origin web server timed out before responding. The likely cause is an overloaded background task, database or application, stressing the resources on your web server. To resolve, please work with your hosting provider or web development team to free up resources for your database or overloaded application. Additional troubleshooting information here.

CloudFlare Ray ID: 1e804e05dfb50962 ? Your IP: ? Performance & security by CloudFlare

This is such BULLSHIT & a waste of everyones time! No wonder it looks like I'm the only one to complain lately!!!!!!

422d3a1a, 2015-05-21, 05:56PM CDT

maybe good news coming for gunsmoke fans. i looked ahead on encore wesern schedule and in july 2015 the slot from 5:40-6:35 pm(est) is listed as TBD (to be determined). maybe they will bring back the hour long gusmokes. i hope they have listened to all the complaints. they still have the lame death valley days on though, so maybe not.

Stephen M., 2015-05-21, 10:22PM CDT

That is nice that someone else chimed in! You know one thing..................everytime I try to log in, it says wrong information when I set it to myself in an email plus I programmed it in on my phone & also wrote it down but they say it is wrong when in fact it is correct & they want us to go through a lot of trouble on here just to post a complaint & want us to go through the "create a new password" overtime because they don't like the fact that people complain about them but if they would get off their fat lazy asses & do something about it, their ratings would go up & they wouldn't have to work as hard but they are making it more difficult for us because we have made it more difficult for them & it is an endless cycle!!!! If they would just do the right thing, it would be problem solved but they continue to keep showing the same damn movies over & over again. Early this morning & today, they showed "When The Legends Die" several times & I'm so sick of it. Tonight they are showing "Old Gringo" again with Jane Fonda!!! I love Gregory Peck but they have showed that so many times lately I know the words by heart!!!!! Thank you very much 422da1a for commenting but along with you, I wish others had the willpower & I said it in a decent word because many are women to write these people & complain which is what it is here for. Eventually something will change & I'm glad that it might look like they are going to bring back the hour long Gunsmoke episodes even though I did enjoy the 30 minute ones rather than them not show it at all. There is I'm sure a very large library they have that must be so huge & full of old shows & movies but they are too lazy to look for different ones or they have not been labelled right & many cannot be found. I would love to have the job of going there and arranging these old memories into a certain order so that can be found with the snap of a finger!!!!! I mean, how hard can it be???? This stuff must be so unorganized which has to be the reason they are playing the same things over & over again! It

s really sad that they have become the way they are but i don't know what else to say on how this can be like it is. There is a problem here in which someone is NOT doing their job in an orderly way. I have watched the Death Valley Days & a very large percentage of those are no good but a very small percent are ok. I can't believe that are going to leave that one one there. i was happy to see Bonanza go because many of you may not have noticed this but not one person in that whole show had holsters that held spare bullets so when they had shootouts, where did they get their bullets from????? Their pockets???? For those of you who don't know this, look & see if any their channels show an episode or two & look & see if they have holsters with extra bullets on them. Why they did that back then is a mystery!. Every old western has men who had holsters that had spare bullets on them, but not Bonanza. I always loved that show but when I saw that, it was such a big turn off to me & it made me sad as to why they did that! That was the only thing i hated about Bonanza, other than that, they were great! But back to the other movies & shows..................why are they holding them back from us? I listed a lot of good actors 9 posts up above this plus i thought of more after I sent it. There is a problem at Encore Westerns & they refuse to say what it is or fix it! If I was working there & had some authority, some people would be losing their jobs & i would find people happy enough to do the right job. I have a saying............Take care of your people & they'll take care of you!!!! Easy,, The others can go get other jobs they enjoy because they sure don't enjoy the job they have now. They aren't doing it & you have to like what you do to make money in order to be successful!!!!

Please everyone else............ do like me & the other person who posted before this & put in what you think about Encore Westerns! Please do your part so that this channel can do a lot better & their ratings will go way up!!!!!! My post would not go through so I had to click on get new password & when I got the email, I clicked on their link & I entered the same password I have been using that they said was wrong & it now works & I am logged in but when I log in again, it is going to do the same thing again & I will enter the same password & it will work. That is proof that they want us to have such a hard time to make a comment that they hope people will just give up & not comment but you must not give up & do what I did & you will be able to log in & post your comment. People, PLEASE do this & if we keep complaining, we will eventually win because we don't give up right? I hope you are reading this saying NO, we don't give up!!!!!!

Stephen M., 2015-05-29, 06:40PM CDT

What the hell is wrong with you people??? I am right now, at this very moment, watching "Wanted, Dead Or Alive" with Steve McQueen. The name of the episode is "Reunion For Revenge".

You showed it once last week. You then showed it again last Saturday morning. Now it is Friday, May 29, 2015 & you are showing it again & i can tell you exactly what is going to happen but I won't do that because I'm sure everyone else knows the same thing i do!

Why do you keep showing the same things over & over again? This channel has become a ripoff!!!!! It is no longer worth having to be honest.

Whoever is in charge of programming or scheduling what is shown & when it will be shown needs to be terminated from their job because as of this moment, it isn't worth me wasting my time to watch this because it is the third time you have showed it within I'd say the last 1 1/2 weeks! I am going to find way to contact your supervisor or whoever I can to get this crap stopped! You have also showed "Wanda Nevada" again twice today!!!!! I already complained about that one. WTF???? What is going on there? Are you people just setting these shows by computer so that everyone there can have one big orgy while the programs are being shown? It sure seems like it to me. You people just don't care & this "Complaints" website is worthless or something would be done about it! I'm disabled & I want to be able to watch shows that are worth watching, not to have the same ones brainwashed into my head all the damn time! I'm sure you know who I am & can go into your system & contact me if you care........................IF YOU CARE!!!!!!


If you took the time to read this, thank you very much but I seriously doubt it! I'm calling my cable company right now to see if there isa different way to contact you!

Stephen M., 2015-05-29, 06:42PM CDT

Now you are showing another episode of "Wanted, Dead Or Alive" that was just on the other day.The name of this one is "Competition"!

Screw this, I'm done!

54581c10, 2015-05-29, 08:57PM CDT


Stephen M., 2015-05-29, 09:12PM CDT

Yes, I very much agree! I just made an order the other day to Clint Walker's website for some signed pics. I have bought from there before getting pics & I also have every season of Cheyenne, signed by Clint. If anyone wants a signed pic from him or wants to purchase any of the Cheyenne season boxed sets or any movies he has been in, you can go here:


From there you can buy dvd's, cd's, signed books, t-shirts or whatever!

2d603461, 2015-06-08, 06:24PM CDT

I love the western channel but i would think that gunsmoke was on for 25 years and yet u show the same episodes over and over,also how about new shows like Laramie /yancy Derringer /tate/restless gun and guns of paradise and for movies how about Shane/High noon/liberty valance/3:10 to yuma/more Alan Ladd/Audie Murphy /tom selleck/ james arness.How about the series the sacketts

cf285e36, 2015-06-09, 03:28PM CDT

Same old Gunsmoke episodes, over and over! I think the episodes were on 20 years?

f0aa1dda, 2015-06-16, 04:38PM CDT

Thank you for all the great westerns you show, BUT please discontinue the promo with the men eating beans! It is beneath your dignity and it is not funny. Thank you, Ron and Sandy Baker

b200fc05, 2015-06-16, 09:38PM CDT

Please remove the big Encore logo and add new westerns. the are getting old. You don't need to tell us what is coming up next, we already know. that is why we have a guide.

I also agree with Ron and Sandy Baker about the men eating beans.

Thank You

Gerald Sapp

b200fc05, 2015-06-16, 09:38PM CDT

Please remove the big Encore logo and add new westerns. the are getting old. You don't need to tell us what is coming up next, we already know. that is why we have a guide.

I also agree with Ron and Sandy Baker about the men eating beans.

Thank You

Gerald Sapp

Stephen M., 2015-06-18, 07:26PM CDT

I agree about the large Encore logo & telling us what is coming up next. Like the others have said, we already know this as we have a guide & it makes US look stupid like we don't know how to use it!!!!!

Stephen M., 2015-06-18, 07:27PM CDT

I agree about the large Encore logo & telling us what is coming up next. Like the others have said, we already know this as we have a guide & it makes US look stupid like we don't know how to use it!!!!!

Stephen M., 2015-06-24, 02:51AM CDT

You people are here to tell Encore Westerns our complaints & I see that Wanda Nevada is coming on again early this morning. i bet they have shown it a least 100 times this year already & it is ridiculous!!!! There are far better movies they can show than that & i really don't classify that as a western!!!!! Can you people please ell them to stop showing it. I like Peter Fonda & Luke Askew but i hate that movie!!! Can you please ask them to stop putting that large Encore logo on the screen too? It is becoming very aggravating & I think I might just drop my cable & start doing Netflix! I bet they don't have a huge Netflix logo on their movies!

Stephen M., 2015-06-29, 05:44PM CDT

Ok, now this is getting ridiculous. Do you people have any influence on the Encore Western Channel? They were showing Wanda Nevada again this morning when I woke up & just now, even though I don't like Death Valley Days too much, they just showed the same one they showed on Friday! Death Valley Days-A Friend Indeed!!!!!!!

Really, do you people do anything to help us out or is this website just a joke?

a34ab978, 2015-07-01, 11:05PM CDT

What happened to Gunsmoke today July 1st please don't take it off so many of us love it. How come you don't show their colored one hour shows also the movies of Gunsmoke after being number one Western on television!

Stephen M., 2015-07-01, 11:12PM CDT

Yes, I see they took one Bat Masterson off & one Wanted Dead or Alive & added Laramie but still have two Death Valley Days which people like the least!

bf5b31ea, 2015-07-04, 02:56PM CDT

Please put on some new Westerns instead of just showing more of the same ones over and over and over.

Also please do something about the Encore Western music when a show is about to start.

Mostly old people watch this channel and we don't like this type of music.

Come on get with the progrm. The only reason I have cable is to get the western channel and I've seen all you have to offer.

I may just cancel this part of cable and just go with sports.


bf5b31ea, 2015-07-04, 02:57PM CDT

Please put on some new Westerns instead of just showing more of the same ones over and over and over.

Also please do something about the Encore Western music when a show is about to start.

Mostly old people watch this channel and we don't like this type of music.

Come on get with the progrm. The only reason I have cable is to get the western channel and I've seen all you have to offer.

I may just cancel this part of cable and just go with sports.


Stephen M., 2015-07-07, 04:10AM CDT

Here you go again. They showed Song Of Hiawatha Monday morning & it is going to be on again this morning!!! That is a teens show & should be showed on Disney or something. The haircut the guy has is from years before when all the kids were doing that. The indians didn't do their hair that perfect back in the day. That show targets the kids, not us grown ups who watch this channel! This is downright outrageous as if they ran out of things to put on. Would you please ask them to stop showing that? I hate it & I'm sure others do as well!

This is so damn ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone at Encore Westerns need to get off their ass, put the donuts down & start doing some REAL PROGRAMMING!!!!!!!!

Stephen M., 2015-07-08, 04:45PM CDT

To whom this concerns:

Can you please notify Encore Westerns to show different things. I just saw an episode of Cheyenne-Wagon Tongues North, which was just showed 2 weeks ago. I have the complete boxed set for Cheyenne but I watch it on Encore & there are very many episodes of it. I just looked & I have 7 seasons of Cheyenne on dvd yet they show the same one from 2 weeks ago. I am coming to the conclusion that they are lazy & do not care except for their paychecks. I'm enjoying Laramie! They have been showing the sam movies over & over when I know for a fact, even though I have not seen it personally but from years of experience that they have a very large library of shows & movies to chose from but they are sitting back, not doing anything at all but showing the same things over again & hoping people like me don't catch this but I'm disabled so I watch a lot of TV & I keep it mainly on Encore Westerns but now I'm seriously thinking of dropping the cable & going to Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu Plus or Vudo. It will be much cheaper in the long run plus I have been recording movies & have a lot of dvd's i bought cheap so either you people are a joke or you can do something for us & you won't get so many complaints! Or.........do you read these. I would truly like to know. You have my email address, you can write me a reply.

Stephen M., 2015-07-08, 09:24PM CDT

To whom this may concern:

It doesn't cease to amaze me that they are too lazy to choose different programs from their extensive library of shows & movies but they aren't too lazy to put that large Encore Logo up on the screen so that it screws up any of us who are recording the shows or movies!!!!

304a5c58, 2015-07-08, 09:43PM CDT

Do you seriously think that if they had a large extensive library they would show the same thing over and over. The Western Channel doesn't show, for example, Roy Rogers TV shows because they don't have them. They show what they have.

304a5c58, 2015-07-08, 09:44PM CDT

Do you seriously think that if they had a large extensive library they would show the same thing over and over. The Western Channel doesn't show, for example, Roy Rogers TV shows because they don't have them. They show what they have.

304a5c58, 2015-07-08, 09:44PM CDT

Do you seriously think that if they had a large extensive library they would show the same thing over and over. The Western Channel doesn't show, for example, Roy Rogers TV shows because they don't have them. They show what they have.

304a5c58, 2015-07-08, 09:44PM CDT

Do you seriously think that if they had a large extensive library they would show the same thing over and over. The Western Channel doesn't show, for example, Roy Rogers TV shows because they don't have them. They show what they have.

304a5c58, 2015-07-08, 09:44PM CDT

Do you seriously think that if they had a large extensive library they would show the same thing over and over. The Western Channel doesn't show, for example, Roy Rogers TV shows because they don't have them. They show what they have.

Stephen M., 2015-07-09, 04:20PM CDT

Here we go again. I am watching Cheyenne again & they are showing the same one I saw 1 1/2-2 weeks ago. The name of this particular episode is"The Long Search". They made the seasons for a reason, to hold the viewers interests but not to have reruns every 2 weeks or so!

Can you convince these people that what they are doing is wrong & that they need to look in their large library & show more different episodes? As I mentioned yesterday, I have all 7 seasons in boxed sets I purchased from Clint Walker himself because he signed each one which is why I chose to watch it on Encore Westerns. This is so wrong & you people represent them so please convince them that what they are doing is wrong!

Stephen M., 2015-07-09, 04:33PM CDT

All due respect to the person who posted numerous times before me, all due respect, I have been watching Encore Westerns for close to 10 years now & I have seen many different episodes, shows, & movies which they are not showing now. Something changed last year & someone else is in charge of programming & they are sitting back, getting fat on donuts & drinking coffee or getting drunk on the job! They're sitting back there laughing at us while they continue to fill their pockets getting a paycheck regularly!!!!!!

Stephen M., 2015-07-09, 04:47PM CDT

By the way, if I can own all 7 seasons of boxed sets of Cheyenne plus & have the boxed set of every Gunsmoke, Maverick, Have Gun Will Travel & more, they are a very large company & can afford to have an extensive library full of shows, movies & such. I understand your being upset like me but let these people try to do their job if they will. Think positive!

304a5c58, 2015-07-09, 11:52PM CDT

Steven M, sorry about the multiple posts...the website kept telling me there was some kind of failure, so I tried several time (4 apparently) and then gave up...I was surprised to see the post today...I agree with you that 10, 15 20 years ago they were showing things they don't show now...I was just pointing out that they will not show stuff that they don't have access to.

304a5c58, 2015-07-09, 11:53PM CDT

Steven M, sorry about the multiple posts...the website kept telling me there was some kind of failure, so I tried several more times (4 apparently) and then gave up...I was surprised to see the post today...I agree with you that 10, 15 20 years ago they were showing things they don't show now...I was just pointing out that they will not show stuff that they don't have access to.

07f06bc7, 2015-07-24, 03:55PM CDT

Your constant advertisement of Blazing Saddles with the cowhands farting is disgusting, childish, and shows a lack of maturity in your staff.

Stephen M., 2015-07-24, 11:35PM CDT


Thank you. I still think they have a large library full os shows & movies, all due respect. Something changed last year when they made some staff changes or someone retired & some positions changed which in my belief, they have been lazy. They did show a couple of Cheyenne shows I have not seen in a long time but they are still showing the same old movies they have been running like Dodge City a lot, even though I love Errol Flynn, Barquero, Firecreek, They Came To Cordura, The Mountain Men, Monte Walsh, Escape From Fort Bravo, Bite The Bullet, Blazing Saddles, The Beguiled, The Lawless Breed, Paint Your Wagon, Duck you Sucker, Support your local Sheriff & more when they could be showing ones like She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, The Man From Laramie, Big Jake, The Man From The Alamo, The Fastest Gun Alive, 3:10 To Yuma, w/Glenn Ford, Boot Hill, My Name Is Nobody, Cat Ballou, Dances with Wolves, The Cowboys, Duel At Diablo, The Wild Bunch, Hour of the Gun, How the West Was Won, The Indian Fighter, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Long Days of Hate, Jeremiah Johnson , Once Upon a Time in the West, Tombstone, Valdez Is Coming, Open Range , McCabe & Mrs. Miller , Lawman, The Long Riders, The Professionals , True Grit (both versions), The Gunfight at Dodge City, Cahill U.S. Marshal, Chisum, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, Cockfighter, Johnny Guitar, A Man Called Horse, Return Of A Man Called Horse, The Deadly Companions, Tom Horn , Pocket Money, The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory, The Deadly Trackers & much more. I have seen all of these at one time or another so they have to have them. They couldn't have sold them & I know they just didn't rent them from Blockbuster at the time which is no longer!!!!! There is no excuse for this. They even show some of these ones they show now on other Encore channels!!!!!

There, I just gave them plenty they could be showing, so these people who represent them should show this to them so they'll stop being so lazy by repeating everything & showing something different for a change!!!!!

9a0e4214, 2015-07-27, 02:55PM CDT

Do you have the Wagon Train Series in your inventory? I would love to see it again. Thank you for reading and considering our comments. I really enjoy your network. Please also consider bringing back "Dead man's Gun". It was so well written and produced! Thank yiu

Stephen M., 2015-07-27, 03:17PM CDT

I know they have Wagon Train because they were showing it a little over a year ago! These people represent Encore Westerns & they need to convince Encore Westerns that what they are doing is wrong, showing the same movies over & over again so close to each one!!!! At least Starz, HBO, Showtime & others aren't doing the same thing but I had to drop showtime & I'm about to drop all of it because disability hardly pays anything these days & m money has been going fast!!!! I mainly love my old westerns but I like some action films too. I have been trying to stockpile movies since I knew this day was coming but sometime last year, Encore Westerns went through some changes for the worst! They didn't keep showing the same thing ove & over again until some kind of change took place in which they suddenly just became worse & have not done anything about any of these complaints as of yet! I have had this for many years but it is slowly coming to an end & it's sad it has become this way. I used to see many good films on Encore Westerns but now they just keep showing the same thing over & over & changing maybe on movie once in a great while!

Stephen M., 2015-07-27, 04:16PM CDT

I also have been trying to record many movies from Encore Westerns but they have been putting a large Encore logo on for a few seconds 2-3 times during a movie & it blocks some content of the movie which is also very annoying. This has been an ongoing problem for around a year now & it seems as if supervisors at Encore Westerns do not care about their customers interests!

Stephen M., 2015-07-27, 04:37PM CDT

Oh, by the way, when I said ongoing problem in my previous comment, I wasn't referring to the large Encore logo, rather their showing the same movies over & over so close together & not changing them to different movies from time to time, giving viewers more of a different selection to chose from like the other premium channels do.This large Encore logo has been a recent thing they have been doing for the last few months or so.

Stephen M., 2015-08-03, 06:12PM CDT

To whom this may concern:

You are supposed to represent Encore Westerns & they have showed Wanda Nevada again!!!!!!!! They are now showing reruns of Death Valley Days now. I guess Encore just doesn't care & I have been recording many new movies, lately from Starz because of the large Encore logo. I'll be getting rid of them soon because I'm so tired of them (Encore Westerns) not caring what they show!

Oh and for those that "submit comment" but it has an error. Close this window & come back & you will more than likely see your comment because I have seen multiple same comments since people are getting the same error messages that I do. I have since stopped sending the same thing over or it will just show many of the same comment. Just trying to save you some time & aggravation.

Everyone please keep complaining. They will eventually get rid of the person not doing their job..........hopefully!

75ebbc85, 2015-09-03, 11:22PM CDT


After reading some of these complaints, I would just like to say " you folks at Encore/Western do a hell of a job"!!!!!!!! I have subscribed to the Encore/Western channel for many years. It is obvious that you folks work hard at acquiring the rights to show we baby boomers our old favorites. I realize the difficulty of dealing with so many different tastes, while at the same time dealing with the studio and networks, who own the rights to our old favorites. I would like to give a big thank you for your negotiations with N.B.C./Revue and adding the wonderful old series Laramie to your weekly schedule. Those of us who grew up watching these great t.v. westerns do appreciate your efforts to bring them to us along with the many great western films you show. Don't let the complaints get you down or slow your efforts to continue your excellent work to bring back these wonderful ole series like Death Valley Days and Wanted, Dead Or Alive and the many many others you have diligently worked to bring to us. Once again, thank you and your staff for your efforts on our behalf and please continue to keep up the good work!!!!!!


Stephen M., 2015-09-04, 02:07PM CDT


All due respect, you wrote a nice message & these people were hired to represent Encore Westerns so IF they are bringing our complaints to them, great but for Encore Westerns to not listen & to keep showing the same movies many times when they could be showing other things. I'm on disability & can't work anymore so one of my better pass times is to watch tv & I love old Westerns. I may not be able to afford it much longer so I have been recording & stockpiling movies but Encore has put in this large ENCORE logo at times which screws up not only you watching but the recordings as well. Then at the end of a show, they show what is on next & what is on later & I have counted at least 10 times they kept showing it over & over after a movie had ended. They don't do it so many times on each one. It just depends how long that end part with all the names & places it was done is. It's ridiculous. I can understand if they are copy written but not all are. I have a couple of movies in my personal dvd+r & i can't put them on a disc because they say they are protected or copy written. Yeah, you're not supposed to copy them but I think you can if it is for your personal use.

Ed, you must not be disabled like I am & that is good. I don't wish it on anyone, not even on my enemies. Our government does not pay enough for a person to survive & what little money I have anymore is going fast but I have been used to getting cable for many years now & it is hard to change a lifestyle! Do you know how many times they have showed "Wanda Nevada" this year alone? I don't know because I never counted but many, many times. I like Perter Fonda but I rarely watch that movie. I also love Errol Flynn but they have showed "Dodge City" many, many times also. As far as Death Valley Days, some of those are corny but a few are historical & those I like. Funny, they had 18 seasons of that program but they have been showing reruns! Wanted Dead Or Alive, only 3 seasons with a total of 86 programs & they have showed reruns of that also. I once compared Encore Westerns to Starz but the more I strayed away & saw some on Starz, I noticed they show a lot of movies over & over again also. I found out that Encore & Starz are owned by the same people. I have also watched some shows on Showtime & HBO. I love to watch Ray Donovan & I liked Boardwalk Empire, Shameless & a few more.

I appreciate your contribution to h=the page but I would like to see them show a little more variety. Things were going great until about 1 1/2 yrs ago when something happened like a change in management & now the people running things are not doing such a good job like they used to. I used to see more variety in movies, many different movies & shows. Unfortunately things changed & got worse. Why would they have this website if they didn't get worse? These people are here to see our complaints & to give Encore/Starz advice on what everyone has to say so that they can make it much better for their viewers. I love Laramie. I don't know why they haven't showed that one sooner unless they recently got the rights to it. I do know they have a lot of different things they could show but why won't they? Instead they keep showing things we have seen so many times, we have it memorized! Why can't they start making their customers a lo happier? They wouldn't have all these complaints if they did & I know many are from me. They need more people to complain but unfortunately not enough people know about this website. I stumbled across it when I got so aggravated with what they were showing so I wanted to find out how to contact them & I came across this website. They need to listen to their subscribers & make them happy. There're many happy subscribers who are very unhappy with the way they have been running things lately & they need to make it right! Now I have other things to do but I WILL be back.

7246c353, 2015-09-04, 03:45PM CDT

I love, love the Western channel BUT for example, Gunsmoke was on for 20+ years and if you figure that out, it's probably at least 260+ episodes that were made so why do we see the same old, same old every day??? Also, I personally miss Wagon Train, Rawhide, etc. If you are going to show the same old, same old, how about exchanging the shows?? I stopped watching this channel because of the above, I came back about a month ago and Lord God, there are the SAME DARN SHOWS. Come on, guys. If you want to keep loyal viewers, give us something to watch.

75ebbc85, 2015-09-04, 04:04PM CDT


Cut'um a little slack pard. You have to get into the nuts and bolts of what they do, to understand the myriad of problems involved in bringing these old western series to us. Take Death Valley Days as an example. Rio Tinto owns the copyright to this series and only recently decided to digitally remaster this series for the company's use ONLY!! Thy had no intention of reproducing them on dvd for us ole baby boomers. Encore/Western must have worked some magic to have even acquired the right to broadcast them for us. As for the great ole series Laramie, which Encore/Western has only recently began to broadcast, N.B.C. initially reported the master films were burned in a fire on the studio lot. This is why Norm Anderson of Timeless Media had to find old "prints" of this series to reproduce them on dvd. As you can easily see, there is quite a difference in the video quality of the Timeless dvds and the episodes that Encore/Western is showing. The Encore/Western episodes are much clearer and they are showing them in chronological order for us!! This took some more magic by Encore/Western. Oft times, you will notice there is a different theme song with a particular western series. This is because the original theme was provided by a particular artist and the surviving family of the artist wants more money for the rights to use the original theme. More nuts and bolts!! It would amaze all of Encore/Western's viewers at the hoops they have to jump through in order to get the rights to broadcast these great ole western series for us. Keep in mind, that many western films and series made after the 1980's, including "spaghetti westerns" have far too much violence and gratuitous sex scenes and don't appeal to we western "purists", who grew up in the 40's, 50's and 60's. Encore/Western realizes this and does a fine job of picking the films they broadcast. Although, I'm sure there are younger viewers, who watch Encore/Western, this channel is specifically for "our" generation!! The baby boomers!! It's easy to fly off the handle and jump down the throat of a faceless group of people, but keep in mind all the hard work to acquire the rights to these ole western t.v. series and films for US!!!! As I said earlier, I've been a fan of Encore/Western for many years and looking back at all the great films and series they've brought us through those years, they've done a heck'uva job and with the addition of Laramie to the weekly schedule, it is obvious they continue to strive to bring us what we want to see. While we may gripe a bit about Wanda Nevada being televised too often, through the years they've done a great job for US!! If we're quick to complain, then we should also be quick to tell them when they've done well!!!!


Stephen M., 2015-09-05, 09:55AM CDT

Ok Ed, I'm a reasonable man. I'm sorry about that. But I still think there were some management changes around 1 1/2 years ago with Encore & they suddenly started showing many movies repeatedly when I'm sure they have access to more of a variety. They still do show some movies with some sex scenes or nudity in them so I do believe they have a much more selection to choose from. If someone wants to see more nudity or such, all they gotta do is change the cable channel to Starz, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax & more. We all have our opinions so I welcome yours as well.

God bless!

f7f03db7, 2015-09-20, 09:23PM CDT

How about more Laramie episodes. A really good series but only one every afternoon

846a11e9, 2015-09-25, 02:47PM CDT

Gunsmoke is the best western ever and u took off the hour long one. The 30 minute shows arent long enough. Please put the hour long Gunsmokes back on. I am 75yrs young & I miss my Matt for 60 minutes long. Ty

a5148328, 2015-09-28, 07:53PM CDT

Concerning your segment entitled, "Who's the Fastest Gun"; I've some ideas: Why not place opposing position holders against each other in this segment? In example , pair up law enforcers, gamblers, gunslingers, bounty hunters, and so on. You could pair Matt Dillon against Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson against Bret/Bart Maverick, Josh Randall against Paladin, Cheyenne against Slim/Jess ('Laramie'). You might also pair "owners" of certain model firearms against each other; for example Josh Randall against Lucas McCain (1892 Winchesters), Matt Dillon against Paladin (7.5 inch barreled Colts), and so on. One of the fastest quick draws that I've seen on TV, was by John Wayne as Cole in the movie "El Dorado"; where he first meets Mississippi (James Caan) in the saloon where Mississippi kills the 4th murderer, of his guardian, with the knife throw.

0ac2c775, 2015-10-09, 03:32PM CDT

Please re-run the Lawman series again, wagon train.

42e2e0bb, 2015-10-16, 05:27AM CDT

i want to see gunsmoke from 1955-1975!!!

thank you

Greg hodge

Stephen M., 2015-10-16, 02:25PM CDT

I have noticed that they are showing Gunsmoke episodes that were shown 2-3 weeks ago! What's up with this????? There's plenty of episodes they can show but they are AGAIN being too lazy to look for others to show!

As far as fast guns go, I have done a little research & many actors practiced the art of being a fast gun. Glenn Ford was one of them & the one who was considered the fastest was country singer Randy Travis until his stroke 2-3 years ago. Glenn ford then became 2nd to that. The El Dorado scene is an excellent one but if you watch some of Glenn Fords movies, you will see he was a truly fast gun because he did practice that art. He was an excellent actor & one of my favorites. Randy Travis is another one & it is sad he had the stroke but he is making progress daily & hopefully, he will be able to get most of his talent back if not all but that will be a long struggle. I love all the movies he has starred in. It was said there were never any showdowns back in the day & then it's just a movie or TV thing but my research shows that indeed there were showdowns back in the day just not as many as they show on the tube. They just make it all that much more interesting to catch the eye of the watchers but it did happen back in the old days. It's amazing what you can find in old documents of long ago.

I would like to see more variety on Encore Westerns if they would get off their lazy asses & do something rather than show the same thing 2-3 weeks ago!!!! Movies also, there's plenty of old westerns they could be showing than the same thing over & over again!!!

I don't get it! Everything was okay on there until 1-2 years ago when something changed within the management of Encore Westerns & they have screwed it all up by showing very few things that don't even belong on there & have been running the same things over & over again & rarely bringing something in that hasn't been shown in awhile.If they don't do something about it, they are slowly going to start losing subscribers & people will just start renting & recording movies from different sources such as Netflix, Amazon & more. I've been recording many & have been stockpiling movies because I see it happening in the future if they don't change their way of doing things. A different vendor needs to come in & start a new Western channel which would change everything! This can't go on forever. Something will happen & they will see that they have lost subscribers & will then do something but until then, they are going to continue to be lazy unless they change management around for the better. They must be listening to me because I have noticed that haven't showed "Dodge City" lately with Errol Flynn which i like a lot but they wore it out on there for some time. They are doing some of the things we have asked for but at the same time, they aren't doing enough to capture the watchers attention again. Instead, they have this website for this site for those of us who know about it but many don't. I know one thing. I could get my moneys worth from Netflix or any of the others who have the same service & it will happen one day. I like cable & I like the Western channel but I just can't justify throwing money away watching the same thing over & over again!

df670f2b, 2015-10-22, 10:12PM CDT

I like the western channel, I like to know when will it be in HD?

John Wayne made over 250 movies. Can you show some of His later movies and all others Such as:

Alamo, True Grit, Rio Bravo, Cahill United States Marshal, Big Jake, Chisum, The Cowboys,

The Man who shot liberty Valance, It would be nice to show these movies in November John Wayne (DUKE) Month.

480e2e5f, 2015-11-04, 06:08PM CST

Let's see more Audie Murphy. He was America's most decorated hero!!! Why are you showing John Wayne from Veteran's Day until Thanksgiving. He was never in the military!!!! Audie Murphy is the one you should be honoring. He was a good actor and deserves to be honored for what he did for our country in World War II.

Jan Lage

480e2e5f, 2015-11-04, 06:10PM CST

Let's see more Audie Murphy. He was America's most decorated hero!!! Why are you showing John Wayne from Veteran's Day until Thanksgiving. He was never in the military!!!! Audie Murphy is the one you should be honoring. He was a good actor and deserves to be honored for what he did for our country in World War II.

Jan Lage

e5d858af, 2015-11-27, 10:54PM CST

Encore westerns channel needs to SHOW MORE DIFFERENT MOVIES! COME ON! THE WESTERNS YOU CONSTANTLY REPEAT does little in paying homage to MANY OTHER FINE WESTERNS. Death of a Gunfighter? Great movie! WHY HASN'T IT BEEN SHOWN? IT'S BEEN AGES since this movie was shown.

My money is definitely being wasted on REPEATS of Gunfight...Ok Corral. This had got to be the SIXTH time during the month of Nov 2015!

GET IT TOGETHER PROGRAMMING PEOPLE, and stop showing what your Grandparents want to see!!!

Stephen M., 2015-11-28, 12:56AM CST

To the person who wrote the last comment. That is exactly what I have been trying to say in many of my posts. They had a management change some time back & whoever is in charge of programming now is not doing their job! Instead, they keep rerunning the same things over & over again but throwing in a different one once in a while. Everyone here is so tired of seeing the same bs over & over again!

Encore Westerns used to be a great channel to watch when they were showing Rawhide, Wagon Train, hour long Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel plus they had a much better selection of movies to watch but lately they have gone to the dogs!

They need to do some firing & getting someone else in there who will make it enjoyable again.

687b3a5c, 2015-12-02, 11:42AM CST

Why are some of the movies and series now broadcast in Spanish? we are on comcast xfinity and it is not the setting on the DVR. When the show comes on and I check, the language of the original broadcast is Spanish. I am not interested in reading these shows, so closed caption in English is not an option. What happened? And is this happening to others??

a3cd8814, 2015-12-11, 08:06PM CST

I've got 2 comments. I watch Western Channel everyday. I think the same movies being repeated over and over is too much. A little more movie variety would be nice.

Also TV show programming would be nice to throw in some other shows.

I'd love to see Bronco, Sugarfoot, Lawman, Range Rider, Roy Rogers, Whip Wilson, Annie Oakley, Cisco Kid, Buffalo Bill Jr, Have Gun Will Travel. Seeing these would be nice.

af426cf2, 2016-01-01, 03:27PM CST

We really like the old westerns Lone Ranger, Rifleman and Roy Rodgers. The old black and white westerns are awesome, thy can be replaced by new stars!. There are lot more shows could show, if some don't like one they don't have to watch it.we Wycherley the Encore channel a lot!

3322c2ac, 2016-01-02, 06:58PM CST

Was watching "The Professionals", with Lee Marvin, Burt Lancaster, Woodie Strode, etc. Encore Western cut off the entire end of the movie, where the Professionals deliver Claudia Cardinale to her husband Ralph Bellamy, to run a couple of commercials, and then started up "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral".

c3b799a7, 2016-01-04, 10:59AM CST

The Westerns Channel they never show the end of the movie called " The Professionals" why?

03751294, 2016-01-03, 12:37AM CST

Need to know why Comcast/Encore Westerns cut the 1966 movie, The Professionals short by 5 minutes or so?? This has happened two days in a row!! After several attempts looking up the movie ending online, finally found it in Wikipedia...still not the same!! Would love to know after investing almost 2 hours each time, why they feel the need to ruin a really good movie by not showing the last 5 minutes!!! Please advise!!

Stephen M., 2016-01-03, 01:47AM CST

I watched it twice too thinking I missed the last part or something. This is so irritating!!!!!!. I think I even suggested they show this movie again just awhile back because the last time they showed it was 4-5 years ago! What a disappointment! I was just thinking a couple days ago too that things might be getting better when I noticed some different movies coming on but now I have it recorded on my Comcast dvr & I will back it up on my personal dvd+r recorder. It clearly shows the end of the movie is suddenly cut off with Encore's next program getting ready to start which I think was Gunfight at OK Corral. Now I have proof of it!!!!!! I don't know what they are doing but it is what I have been complaining about along with many other subscribers in the past. I don't see any reason to pay for a service that doesn't work right & when people complain about it, they don't do anything to fix it!

207f2b26, 2016-01-03, 12:10PM CST

Same here on the Professionals !!!!! This needs to be fixed immediately And re showed thanks

Stephen M., 2016-01-04, 05:54PM CST

Oh now they started Wagon Train today & did everyone see about 3 times it was as if it was the end or a commercial coming on when it would say "Wagon Train" like at the beginning, then the show continued. How damn annoying!

They are getting out of hand really bad now!

498e7f14, 2016-01-07, 05:42PM CST

I have a complaint about the 'who's the fastest shot' scenes. Latest one is saying that Robert Fuller played in both Wagon Train and Laramie. Not true, Robert Horton played Flint on Wagon Train. Please read your own shows credits and get it straight. Thanks

Stephen M., 2016-01-08, 04:55PM CST

Robert Fuller did in fact play on Wagon Train as Cooper Smith / ... (60 episodes, 1959-1965), but I am now watching Wagon Train & it has gone black for a few seconds & come back on. I don't know if it is my cable company or if it is Encore Westerns but after all the other mistakes I have seen lately that were in fact the fault of Encore Westerns, I "suspect" it is their problem again. The screen has gone black about 3 times today already (1/8/2016) & it didn't do it on any other shows. This is getting to be a very irritable issue

I have noticed some different movies showing so I hope they fix the problem issue, put the end back in The Professionals & continue to show new shows & movies.

Really, these mistakes lately are very annoying & it will eventually affect their ratings if they don't do something about it!

Stephen M., 2016-01-09, 05:30PM CST

Oh, & I was also wondering why they haven't done a few of his westerns this weekend since we lost him a year ago, January 7, 2015 at the age of 84. As far as I see, they are only showing (" Chuka") one of many westerns he showed in. It is a good movie but they could have showed more. Thats disappointing..............

They could actually do that quite a bit for some of our great actors/actresses at least on weekends after the anniversary of our loss & their Western channel would be a lot more interesting & historic. What ever happened to the people who used to narrate in between shows like one of the last ones was "Billy Bob" whatever his name was were pretty good or at least when they were there, the Encore Westerns" was a much better channel then that it is now!

Its pretty ridiculous the way they have gotten.Can you people please convince them to be like they once were, a better channel to watch?

2039db4d, 2016-01-11, 06:22PM CST

Please bring back the other 1/2 hr. gunsmoke show to make it a hole hour.

83c4cc34, 2016-01-13, 11:09AM CST


Stephen M., 2016-01-13, 01:58PM CST

I agree with the above two posts. They are showing the same old crap! Right now I am watching Monte Walsh with Tom Selleck but it has been shown so damn many times, I could memorize it. Yeah sure, I know what their reply would be to that one..................watch something else but don't they want people to watch their channel? I have done some research & there was an older version of Monte Walsh but it could be they don't have that one but they should. it was produced in 1970 with Lee Marvin starring in it along with others. I really don't get it. They have hired your firm to take care of any complaints made by unhappy customers but I'm sure there are more who DON'T even know about this website. Monte Walsh is just one example. there are many more they keep showing repeatedly & it is really very annoying. I can understand showing one a few times in case someone misses it because they are at work or whatever the issue may be but to keep showing them so much like this one is a little excessive. What's it going to take to get these people to do something about this issue people keep complaining about? The main complaint I believe is the fact they keep showing the same thing over & over again. The next one is a little more variety which leads back to the main complaint in a way. They have showed some different ones (Whispering Smith & Cat Ballou) plus they will be showing a couple more that I know of but that isn't enough. They need to catch the interest of their customers & keep these complaints down. I imagine the reason they have hired this firm to monitor their complaints is just a tax write off! That's all I can think. What other reason could there be?

Why don't they just get off their lazy rear ends & do something about it or do they even care?

Stephen M., 2016-01-13, 04:02PM CST

Now i love watching Cheyenne with clint Walker but they are now showing an episode that showed within the last 3 weeks, "The Return of Mr Grimm". I know they have more to show. I get the feeling they are flat out lazy & just don't care. I see they will be showing "Gunfight at the OK Corral" later. they have showed that one repeatedly also to the point I know exactly what is going to happen & pretty much have it memorized.

I don't know if they are ignoring our complaints or what. They do show new movies but that's normal after a period of time or after the new year but to keep showing the same things more than they should is ridiculous. They could show something different each month but they have been showing "Gunfight at the OK Corral" very many times & others as well like "Monte Walsh", "Quigley Down Under" & more. I love all these movies but not to the point where they are shown repeatedly. Not long ago, maybe a few months, i mentioned many different movies & in another post or the same one, I mentioned many actors/actresses so they have either seen it & did nothing or they just ignored it!

What is it going to take? One thing I know of would be for many of you out there to share this website with others that watch Encore Westerns. I'm sure some have done that but there needs to be a lot more complaints to make a difference..............or something!

Like I said, what's it going to take????

Stephen M., 2016-01-13, 04:28PM CST

Sorry, my caps doesn't seem to work about 90% of the time & I have to check my typing. I did not mean for it to not capitalize Clint Walker's name previously. I wasn't going to say anything because people know what I meant & things happen. My computer also auto corrects itself & it got the "captcha" wrong in order to send the last complaint but it went through anyway. I'm just so upset with this channel so I can only imagine how others feel.

Complaints.com, can you people explain what is going on here? I see 538 complaints plus this one. There needs to be more & i know there are more people unhappy with Encore Westerns but they just don't know about this website like the few of us do! Maybe we all need to start complaining on a daily basis.............

Apparently they must not think this is enough complaints to make any changes or it is just a tax write off for them or both.

This whole thing is ridiculous!

Stephen M., 2016-01-17, 06:06PM CST

Well folks, I hope you all are having a good day. I see "The Professionals" is coming on in just a short while so we will see if they have corrected the issue of the missing end. I sue hope so. I have already watched it a couple times & it was missing the last 5 minutes or so.

Let's hope they fixed it! If not, I'm going to be very upset.................

3875ca03, 2016-01-19, 10:52AM CST

2016 should have brought Encore Western Channel a fresh variety of movies as opposed to showing the same movies over and over and over again daily, especially on weekends where more viewers are home and not working. During daytime hours in the morning old TV western series would be a dream come true, run them from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and I would watch this channel exclusively. Encore Western Channel commercial free television is why I subscribed to DirecTV. Repetition of the same movies is redundant, not very entertaining, it appears those working at the station never watch the programs themselves, playing the same thing repeatedly not caring what the viewing public sees or thinks,

The Starz commercial for Black Sails is out of place, it is a commercial for Starz. and is comparable to playing Rap music in a country western bar. My TV is on 16-18 hours a day, equal to two eight hour shits at the station. Repetition is destroying Encore Western Channel and it's sad, when we pay so much monthly for cable or satellite we expect quality entertainment. This is 2016 nice to see original Wagon Train, but how about running the many series available over the years 12 hours a day as opposed to 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM? I hate memorizing movies... leaves so little room for things that are more important in life, messes with my dreams.

How about improving the Encore Western Channel Starz? It appears many of your viewers are growing bored with your effort and lineup. Still my favorite channel in the history of television over the seven decades I've been alive. Thank you for that... Always room for improvement.

01a1cabb, 2016-01-22, 02:30PM CST

Over the past year or more I've noticed that a good number of movies are being played ad nauseam on my encore westerns' channel with Comcast. I'm beginning to think my discretionary dollars are being taking advantage of. Encore should add a "fresh new packet" of films to its current movie programing line-up. This would enhance your customer base's satisfaction, increase retention, and attract new and younger potential customers. Now is the time to begin introducing the new generation to western films because "Failure comes to those who do not anticipate the future" by john allen-CG AZ55. One other request: many of us want to see the 1940 western "Arizona" starRing Jean Arthur and William Holden. -JA

Stephen M., 2016-01-23, 01:21AM CST

That is what I've been trying to say for quite some time now. Something has happened in the management of Encore Westerns in the last

1-1 1/2 years.

I have noticed that they are also showing 6 half hour episodes of Gunsmoke on Saturday mornings when they show the half hour episodes one per weekday. Why don't they just show some of the hour long Gunsmoke episodes on Saturdays??? I love Gunsmoke.

They did show Arizona for some time a few months back with Jean Arthur & William Holden. I love that movie. I have it recorded but wouldn't mind seeing it again since they keep showing other movies repetitiously like Mote Walsh, Gunfight At OK Corral plus a few more. I love those movies but not over & over. The above is right. Our money is being taken advantage of & they just don't seem to care. I was happy the other day when they showed the full movie of "The Professionals" as opposed to when they showed it twice a few weeks ago missing about the last 5 minutes of it each time! They have done very little to keep the attention of their subscribers & need to work a little harder to satisfy us!!!

Stephen M., 2016-01-23, 01:35AM CST

My computer is over correcting my typing again. I meant for it to say Monte Walsh above!

75ebbc85, 2016-01-23, 01:03PM CST

Stephen M.

Pard, let me see if I can explain a few things. 1st, the reason that the Cartwrights didn't carry ammunition on their belts, is because when the show debuted in 1959, it was supposed to be just a few years after the Civil War and the Colt 1873 Single Action revolver wasn't invented until 1873 and there were no self contained cartridges, so all the revolvers were "cap and ball" percussion revolvers. This is why the first season, all the Cartwrights and everyone on the show used cap and ball percussion revolvers. After the 1st season, the property masters realized that reloading a cap and ball revolver was too time consuming. It required black powder to be poured in all 6 chambers and then wax was applied to the end of the cylinder and 6 percussion caps attached to the nipples at the opposite end of the cylinder. Since they only used blanks, they didn't have to place the round ball bullets in the cylinder chambers and crimp them down. After the 1st season, the property masters simply switched the actors to the 1873 Colt single action Army pistol, which used self contained brass cartridges, but the producer still wanted the show to take place shortly after the Civil War, so they didn't add the cartridge loops on the gun belts. 2, I've watched Encore/Westerns for 10-15 years via satellite dish and I have never seen them cut the end off of a film. I think this is a problem with your cable company. 3, Encore/Western doesn't have an inventory of films!!!! EACH film or t.v. series they broadcast belongs to either a film studio or a t.v. network. These studios and t.v. networks ONLY own the rights to the films and series. Encore/Western must pay the studio in question each time they broadcast the film. As for the t.v. series, Encore/Western must make an agreement with the individual network regarding the series being shown, each time they start showing the t.v. series again!!!! Just because they broadcast Wagon Train a couple of years ago doesn't mean they have the right to broadcast it again without another agreement with the studio!!!! 4, As for the t.v. networks that own the rights to these old western t.v. series, Warner Bros and N.B.C. ARE PRETTY COOPERATIVE, when it comes to their old series. C.B.S. and A.B.C. don't seem to give a hoot about their old western series and seem to think it isn't worth the trouble of digging up the master films for them!!!! That's why so many of the old C.B.S. western series are not being shown. You can bet Encore/Western is doing everything they can to procure the rights to broadcast them. To give you an idea how difficult these agreements with the networks are, Norm Andersen(owner of Timeless Media until recently) wanted to bring back the old western series Laramie and N.B.C. ( who owns the rights) told him he would have to find some of the old "prints" ( the ole 16 mm films the networks used to ship out to the affiliated t.v. stations back in the 50's and 60's) and transfer them to dvd by himself, as all the master films were burned in a fire in the studio warehouse. It was only later N.B.C. discovered the master films in another building and Encore/Western negotiated for these and broadcast them for us. In the case of Cimarron Strip, the 1965 western series starring Stuart Whitman, ALL RIGHTS eventually reverted to Stuart Whitman and he was selling the episodes for 20.00 a piece a few years ago. He has since negotiated a deal with Timeless or some other dvd manufacturer to allow them to be made available on dvd. The 1950's t.v. series, The Rifleman has been shown on Encore before, but there have been NO DVDS of this series in decades. The copy right owners finally decided to market this series THEMSELVES and have paid some dvd manufacturer to transfer the films to dvd and are selling them for 17.50 PER HALF SEASON!!!! I almost forgot to mention the old t.v. series Johnny Yuma with Nick Adams. The reason you haven't seen it in years is because it is a C.B.S. western and the reason it has just recently been reproduced to dvd is because Johnny Cash was the singer for the theme song and they had problems working out the agreement with Cash's heirs!!!! I hope this help explain some of the problems you're having with Encore/Western.


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