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Posted on Saturday, September 16th, 2006 at 11:54am CDT by a9efb51e

Company: Cox Communications Cable

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I’m from Oklahoma City and for the past 3 weeks my ESPN Gameplan has not been working. I called first on 09-02 to ask them to fix it and they told me it was an outage that would be corrected soon.

The next week, 09-09, my Gameplan did not work again. When I called they said they could not get anyone to come out until the next day, Sunday, and I had set an appointment and then cancelled it.

On Monday, 09-11, my entire cable service (Cable, Phone, Internet) was turned off ‘by mistake’ by a technician that unhooked mine by accident when they disconnected someone else. It took them 2 days to come out to fix their mistake, and by Wednesday night my cable was working again. When I called them on 09-11 they said it should be fixed ASAP but I didn’t hear from them until 947am the next day, and the earliest they could come out was 09-12 at noon. Because I was at work I could not accept that offer, so I had to settle for 5-7pm on Wednesday. After the technician fixed it my Gameplan appeared to be working, it was playing the ESPN radio that it plays when there are no games on.

Today, 09-16, my Gameplan didn’t work again. I called and spoke with ‘manager’ Chad Russel who stated that no one could come out to fix it today, but that they could come out in the morning on 09-23. Chad also wanted it stated in my complaint that he had ‘taken care’ of my issue.

I want to know who I can contact about this shoddy service and inability to care about a customer with a 3-week history of non-working service.

Please let me know, thanks.

Angela Koch

12831 Stratford Dr Apt 32

OKC, OK 73120

Home: 405-755-4207


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