Contractor Fraud in illinois

Posted on Saturday, September 16th, 2006 at 4:32pm CDT by f62fc503

Company: Contractor Fraud in illinois

Category: Building, Construction

Per the recommendations of Homeowners, we were contacted by Affordable Sunrooms in Lake Villa, IL and other contractors in the area to do an addition to our house in Arlington Heights, IL. There were many calls and visits by Tony Teresi of Affordable Sunrooms to our house to present their ability to do the addition. There were other bids and the one which fell within our budget was from Affordable Sunrooms. It was $145800. Tony Teresi of Affordable Sunrooms provided us 3 references and we talked to them and did not find any of them with complaint. We found out after the contract was signed that these people we talked to were relatives and friends of the owner of the company, Ace Tilson.. We requested the start and complete dates be included in the contract but we were told those dates couldn't be added because we did not have the permit yet and that they would provide the dates when we get the permit. The contract was signed on March 28, 2005. After that I did not hear from Tony Teresi so I called and talked to Ace Tilson (President of Affordable Sunrooms), who told me Tony Teresi was no more working with him. I have been asking for the schedule of work to be done and Ace Tilson has intentionally refused to prove us the schedule of work, when it will start and when it will be completed.

After signing the contract, Affordable Sunrooms demanded $14,580 which was the 10% down payment for the total cost of the construction. Almost for a year we have been going the permit approval porcess until in January 2006, we were informed that the permit would be approved. The delay for the permit was due partly to due to the incvompetency of the contractor. Affordable Sunrooms was to provide the setbacks around the neighborhood city to determine if our our plans were in code. The request was made in March 2005 and they did receive the response from Affordable Sunrooms till December 2005, causing a major delay in getting the building permit. After the permit was approved, Ace Tilson of Affordble Sunnrooms demanded $18,985 more because he said the Village of Arlington Heights had added some details to the original design and also the architect cost for attending the design review meetings. The architect was recommended by Affordable Sunrooms and I was told that the his cost was included in the cost of the project. I disagreed with him and told him the plans and square footage hadn't changed except for the front porch which city recommended bigger posts. Ace Tilson threatened that he wouldn't put the best crew on the job if we were not willing to pay that extra amount of $18,985. We came to an agreement at an amount of $12,506; to be paid after all the other work has been done, it was not part of the contract agreement. On January 11, 2006, I went on a trip outside the country and at that time Ace Tilson called and asked my wife to give him a check for $12,506. After presuring my wife, she gave him the check. I found out about it upon checking my accounts on line. I called and asked my wife to call the bank to stop payment. My wife also called him and told him not to cash the check. On that same day, I also called and told him not to cash the check but after a couple of days, I found out that he cashed the check the day after I spoke with him on the phone.

Before this check, Ace Tilson had collected 14% of the construction amounting to $20,412 after the permit approval for the job to start. I again asked for the schedule of work to be done and Ace Tilson has continuosly failed to provided us the schedule, start and end dates of the project. I have been calling to find out when would the project start since he had collected over $40,000 and he wouldn't answer his phone and I left him messages upon messages. When finally I got hold of him, he told me they won't be able to start the work because of the weather, because there were upcoming rainy days, therefore he would get the crew out when there was no rain in the forecast.This was in February 2006. At one point, I went to website and printed the 10 day forecast to show him there were no rain for a 2 week period and I faxed it to him and he did not respond or called to let me know when he would start the job. On March 24, he called to tell us that the crew would come in the following week. The crew showed upon Wednesday, March 29, 2006 and started to tearing the porch and digging at the back of the house (for the kitchen extension) at the patio area. The crew worked for a couple of days.. The concrete was poured the following week at the back and also for the stairs at the front porch. They didn't show up for a week and I was told hat they were waiting for the concrete to cure. It sounded surprising to me because I was told initially that after the concrete was poured they will ben working in the basement to erect posts to support the 2nd floor. They came back after a week to remove the molds and planks/boards. At that time, the leader of the crew, Rick, told me Ace Tislon had asked him to collect a check to order materials to continue the work. I told him I had to talk to Ace Tilson before I issue another payment.

I spoke to Ace Tilson and emphasized that I had already paid almost half of the project cost and all they have done was tearing the porch and pouring a sloppy concrete the back yard. He insisted that he needed money to buy materials to continue else he won't be able to continue. I issued a check of $20,412 being another 14% of the total cost. After that I did not hear from Ace Tilson and the crew did not show up for over a week. I called and called until I got hold of him after 2 weeks and he told me 2 of the crew members got injured at another job so he was looking for a new crew to do my project. I was really upset because I had learnt and heard so many lies. A week after that , he called me and told me he had found a subcontractor to do my work. On June 26, 2006, he came to the house with Tom Slotowski of Tom's Carpentry and Concrete, Round Lake Beach. We discussed the project and Ace Tilson took Tom around the house, showing him the work to be done. Tom Slotowski told me he would have been there with his crew to work on the week of July 3, 2006 but due the July 4 th holiday, he wouldn't be able to start till July 10 th. Finally the crew showed up on July 11th They removed the brick part of the house at the back the first day and they returned the following day to remove the soffits and paneling at the back and sides of the house lleaving the bare plywood. The crew did not return on the 4 th day so I called both Ace Tilson and Tom to find out what was going on. Ace Tilson did not answer his phone and I left him a message but I spoke to Tom and he told me he had asked Ace Tilson to give him money to purchase materials but Ace said he would not give him the money, because he had to check his references and submit his paperwork to the Village of Arlington Heights to allow him to work on my house. That was another surprising news to me because Ace had told me that Tom had worked for him before at our first meeting, and more so, he had already sent Tom Slotowoski to work on my house. Infact, I was so aggravated with the lies and deception of this contractor. I couldn't understand why he didn't do all that before asking Tom to come work on the house. I therefore called Tom to get some clarification. At that point that Tom told that he had not worked for Ace Tilson before, but Tony Teresi ( who contacted us first for this project) had seen his (Tom's work) and recommended him to Ace Tilson. I called Ace Tilson to find out more about what was going on. It was at this point that Ace Tilson told me he did not ask Tom's Carpentry and Conctrte to come and work on my house at that time. I asked him twice and he confimed again and again. I was so upset and then I knew that we were dealing with a pathological liar and a con artist.. I told him I didn't trust him. Tom and Ace met a week after that and Ace promised to give Tom $5000 on Monday, July 17 and $10,000 on Thursday July 20 to start buying the materials although Tom asked for $36,000. Ace Tilson called and left me a message that he was ironing some small issues with Tom and that Tom was excited to start the work. Later on I came to find out Ace Tilson gave Tom no money as promised earlier. In addition, Ace had asked Tom to use his company's credit to purchase materials. He also asked him to come and take off the roof of the house so that he (Ace) could get the next scheduled payment from me (as per the contract). In that way Tom could get paid. Tom refused to do that and Ace Tilson said he could get another contractor to do that. I got scared about the lies and actions of Ace Tilson so t I reported it to the Police at Arlington Heights barring Ace Tilson or any subcontractor to come and take off the roof of the house without our permission . After the police report I called the office of Ace Tilson to let him know that I will not allow anybody to take off the roof work unless I see materials to put back the roof on the house. Barb Tilson (secretary Affordable Sunrooms and spouse of Ace Tilson) answered the phone and said they were going to work on the house the following week. I have asked Ace Tilson several times that if he was not going to do the job, he should give us back the money so that we can get somebody else to do the job since as of today, we have paid Affordable Sunrooms a total of $69,705 , and all we have to show is a torn-up, uncompleted porch and a dug-out, sloppy concrete at backyard. This has caused pain, agony and frustration to me and my family. I am emotionally and financially devastated . I will not want anybody to fall victim of a pathological liar and professonal con artist as Ace Tilson of Affordable Sunrooms, Lake Villa Illinois..

Additionally I found some articles about the pattern of deceit and fraud of Ace Tilson of Affordable Sunrooms


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rafal h., 2012-09-17, 07:49PM CDT

08/22/2012 I paid $1000 down-payment to Slavic contractor Jaroslav Kresanic and the rest was going to pay after the job. Windows installation was scheduled to be done 3 weeks ago but there was always something: broken car, flood on the job, he was very sick...he claimed he is working long hours so is not able to pick up my windows but I know he was home because he was constantly posting something on his Facebook, and 5 min after we talked he replied from computer on my Craigslist posts (I was already looking for someone else to do it and probably he didn't know it is me). I called Remodelers Supply Center company from Schaumburg where he ordered windows for me and they told he didn't pick up them yet and didn't paid them full. I am calling him almost everyday and he doesn't pick up the phone or lie to me he will be tomorrow and tomorrow. Once My girlfriend took day off because he promised he will come to do the job but he didn't show up. He didn't pick up my phones so my girlfriend called him and when he figured out who is calling, he turned on the TV loud to his cellphone! Window company said they can't give me those windows, he is the only person who can pick them up. I found another contractor to do it but he can't start without my windows or money. Beware!!!!

dan s., 2012-10-01, 09:38AM CDT

We live in Winnetka and had a Derek Dmochowski 847-0630-8578 work on two bathrooms. He gave us a price to do both and essentially did one. We had him do some extra work which amounted to two days worth of work. When my wife paid him last, we were still waiting for a radiator to be shipped. My wife paid him in advance [mistake]and he agreed to be back when it came in. There were several other tasks to be be done. He never came back.

He might have worked a total of 60 hours and was paid $6000.

When he was working, he had more excusses on not showing up or working a few hours here and there. Very unreliable. My wife and I are reasonable and would have negotiated any issues with him if there were flags or under currents. There were none. Im sure it came down to the fact that he couldnt be bothered with the remaining work which was about a week. But then again on Dereks schedule that might be a month. I would find someone else.

rafal h., 2012-10-23, 08:53PM CDT

2nd part of the story : We don't understand why Slovac Jaroslav Kresanic from J&A with no job and no money doesn't want to work when he has the opportunity, lies and steals instead!!! We decided to pay window company and individually get our money back somehow from this person but they said they can't do that without his permission because he made the order so he is the only person who can pick it up. I asked him to call them and give us approve and he said he is not going to do that! We had unbelievable hard time to get our windows. Remodelers Supply Center has a lot of trouble with this person too. He didn't pick up their phones and lied he will pay. Frustrated and very angry, we came to his place and made a scene so he gave as written permission and check... that bounced!!

Finally, Jaroslav ''Jaro'' Kresanic paid for the windows but he still owes us $70 and he said he is not going to give it back because he deserves it for giving us good deal for the windows!!!

We had to pay extra to another contractor to pick up our windows and what we then realized, he ordered wrong type of windows!!! Horror!!!

At the end, he called drunk with his buddy, threatened us and said we should pay him $470 for breaking the contract!! What?!!!

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