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Company: Acer Notebook / Warranty/ insect in LCD screen/ No service policy

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I am located in Haasrode Belgium.

Thank you for existing. Let me know if you publish my complaint to the

world and to Acer.

I have lost my patience and respect for the company.

This is a complaint I sent to Acer for which I got a negative response

and giving the impression that it is normal that / dust or insects can

enter the into the inside of the LCD screen (covering multiple pixels)

and that this is not covered by the warranty.

*Complaint after No Service Event:*

Dear Acer,

I am dismayed by the very bad after sales services you have offered

again in less than a year, this time to another family member, my sister.

In a few months after the purchase of her laptop, she detected to her

astonishment a moving black creature in the LCD screen of her

LXT7606040. It turned out to be an insect which passed away a few days

later due to undernourishment. She reported this to you sometime in the

middle of July. She had agreed with someone from your support phone

lines to have the unit picked up and serviced after she finishes writing

and has printed her thesis. I assured her that acer would stick to their

promise and repair the unit in time. Instead of 5 working days, the unit

returned after 2 WEEKS (maybe not surprisingly at second thought!). But,

the height of this is that the unit came back with the creature still in

the screen, and a note with the comment saying: "No hardware problem

found. We inform that here is no waranty on LCD dust/pixels problems."

For two good weeks, nothing was done. This comes as a slap in the face;

and a big insult to my sister and I. You (Acer) are not only wasting our

money and time but your resources as well by letting incompetent people

at your service ends make such silly observations and even making their

more silly remarks official with your logo/letterhead. Is there no

quality control on your processes? I want to know if your head office

will be interested on having a scan of this message and a picture of the

defect published side by side in some of the major laptop review

articles around. Do you have to push all your customers to complain at

this level before you get something finally properly done? Or is acer

just trying to know the limit of their customers' patience? The more I

think about it the more I believe this is your only real objective. I

start to think Acer is just one of those companies that evade tax by

declaring loss.

It is totally unacceptable that your screen contains an opening wide

enough to allow a creature to crawl up to half way into the middle of it

and finally pass away inside of it. Can you imagine how nice it is to be

working every day with a dead insect in your screen? Had the creature

only survived and escaped, then this might have been less of a problem.

However I insist and remain confident that this is a pure manufacturing

fault and there is no way you or any one with a little common sense

could try to convince us that such problems are not covered by the

standard warranty. Such a screen should be well sealed of and may not

allow dust particles, how much more living insects to make a way into it.

I therefore demand you to send a replacement for the unit within the

week and under full warranty and take back the defective unit and as

well request you to compensate us with a full warranty on the

replacement to cover the lost time and nuisance caused again by Acer

staff since just before the problem was first reported to you in the

middle of July this year.

I demand that you do contact my sister on the phone number she provided

you to arrange a replacement of the unit.

I shall not accept less.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Acers Response (translated from dutch):*

Subject: Re: Complaint Customer ID C423798G, Ticket ID 1170384G,

Dear Sir,

As agreed over the phone this morning, I am reacting to your e-mail. It

is indeed true that the notebook came in for servicing under RMA nummer

1170384G with regards to a an insect in the screen. The agreement was

that we would check if there is a problem with the LCD screen. After

diagnoses, it turns out that there is indeed an insect inside the screen.

The fact that an insect or dust enters into a screen, is something that

cannot be prevented. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that this

notebook cannot be repaired or replaced in warranty.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Support Engineer

Acer Support Benelux

Acer Computer BV

Europalaan 89

NL-5232 BC 's-Hertogenbosch

The Netherlands

After the negative response from Acer, I called for the president of

Acer EMEA at head office in Taiwan and got transfered to chinees

speaking people, due to time difference they advised to send e-mail.

This is the complaint I sent for which I have got no response to date:

*Complaint on "No Service policy" received from Acer NL / BE Customer ID

C423798G, Ticket ID 1170384G,*

For Attention of Gianfranco Lanci,

Acer EMEA President.

CC: Cindy Lin (Customer Service Manager)

Dear Mr. Lanci,

Accept my appologies for having to complain on this level. I believe you

have so many other business to do than to address complaints of your

individual customers. Unfortunately, the people you have delegated to

guarantee customer satisfaction on the european level are not doing

their job, starting from your repair and service infrastructure to the

support analysts we get on the phone. This is not the first time I am

confronted with such a bad experience due to the use of your products.

On the purchase of my second Acer notebook, I had an issue with the

mainboard and touchpad which cost over three months and alot of

complaining before your representatives in Europe finally agreed to

provide a solution. Though it took unacceptably long time, the problem

was finally resolved by replacing the unit with another one without the

known manufacturing fault. Like this my trust in your product was fully

restored, and I have no problems so far with the replacement.

The problem now is that my Sister happens to have an acer notebook as

well serial number serienummer LXT760604052224058ED00 which we have sent

to your repair center for servicing. An insect has crawled into the

screen and remains in the middle of the screen leaving a dirty black

mark in the middle/ inside part of the screen which is very frustrating

as this laptop is mainly used for word processing/ editting text. This

was reported for the first time in July this year, just about 9 months

after the purchase date.

The laptop was returned to us after two weeks and without prio

contacting us. There was a note from your servicer included with the

comment: "clean and, No hardware problem found. We inform that here is

no warranty on LCD dust/pixels problems". This came despite the fact

that multiple pixels in the middle area of the screen are covered by an

insect and could not possibly have been overlooked by anyone who

diagnosed the unit.

We are completely shocked to see that nothing was done after two weeks.

My sister immediately called Acer in Belgium, and could not be helped,

the people that she had on the phone were not even giving the impression

of listening to her. She then phoned the office in the Netherlands and

there, they insisted that they follow the results from the diagnoses and

so there is no problem. I then myself wrote the e-mail below to Mr.

Maichel van den Bersselaar who was very helpful the last time I had a

problem, but this time, he responded that Acer does not cover this

defect in warranty and that ways exist to prevent insects from entering

the screen. The whole time he is referring to the diagnoses which in our

view is completely wrong.

May I request you to delegate a revision of this diagnoses and authorize

an in warranty repair or preferably replacement of the unit which was

still in warranty before it was sent to you and before the problem was

reported for the first time. This is a manufacturing fault, and your

screen should not be designed in such a way that insects can crawl into

it. An LCD screen is supposed to be air tight and not allow particles,

how much more insects to enter.

I wait for your response.

Kind Regards

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c3c21f1c, 2008-10-29, 11:53PM CDT

I bought an Acer ferrary a little more then a year ago, I last the OS disc, so the laptop drive crashed once and I order a set of recovery discs from Acer, they sent me Norton ghost image instead of OS or an OEM disc and got charged.

the ghost image disc worked once but again had the same problem which laptop won't boot normally and it complains about missing system 32 file which only can be find on original disc, I called Acer technical support department several times, wasted my time and put lots of charges on my cellphone bill, even sent tones of email but didn't get any results.

Acer computers and customer support department really sucks, they don't have enough knowledge about computers. they just playing people around.

Never buy from them again and I hope they go to hell.

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