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Posted on Tuesday, September 12th, 2006 at 5:17pm CDT by d38437f1

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I purchased a ticket in March of 2006 and had to cancel it the same date because I had given them the wrong return date. I cancelled that ticket and immediately rebooked another for the correct return date. I was told in an e-mail, which I have a printout of, that I would be receiving a refund for the 1st ticket in "1 to 2 billing cycles (30-60 days)." It has now been almost 6 months, and I have contacted Cheap Tickets approximately 20 times and have been given the run-around all this time. I found out today from the airline that issued the ticket that Cheap Tickets was the party who was responsible for refunding the ticket price. I was told by several people at Cheap Tickets that the airline was responsible for refunding the money. I was placed on hold for many, many minutes at a time while the Cheap Tickets personnel supposedly contacted the airline to find out the "status" of the refund. I was informed yesterday that I had to fax my bank statements to the airline so that they could determine that a refund had not already been made. I had had a conference call the previous week with a Cheap Tickets Supervisor named Marcello, who was in Manilla, and a representative of my bank. The bank advised the Cheap Tickets rep that a debit had indeed been made to my account in March and no refund in that amount had been credited. Today, I called the airline directly and was informed by one of their refund agents that they would not have requested that I fax my bank records to them and that Cheap Tickets was responsible for giving the refund. I then spoke with a supervisor at the airline refund office. The supervisor placed me on hold and called Cheap Tickets, talked with a rep there and believed she had convinced them to make the refund to my account. She then handed me over to the Cheap Tickets rep, who stated that we would have to have another conference call with my bank. I did not believe this was necessary and hung up and called my bank. The bank informed me that all Cheap Tickets had to do was to use the debit card # I originally used to book the flight and credit the amount back to my account. I called Cheap Tickets back and advised the rep of that information. I was then placed on hold and subsequently disconnected. I do not believe this was an accident. I believe I have been given the run-around for 6 months and I now dispair of ever gaining satisfaction and receiving a refund as I was promised. If a class action suit is going to be initiated, I would certainly like to be a part of it!

Carol C. Smith


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kent h., 2013-02-23, 05:31PM CST

I agree and will never use cheap tickets again. I have not even taken my vacation yet.

They billed me twice for airfare.

Once through United and once through delta. I guess they found a cheaper rate so changed it to save money.

So they billed me twice for 1920.00 dollars each time


have 1800 credit left after the first charge. The second charge made me 108.00 dollars over my limit. The denied they made a mistake, denied they ever billed united on my card.

it was the exact amout and only 2 minutes later. I only used them and never gave my card to any other travel site.

I went to get gas on my way to work and my card was denied.

I knew i had 1800 limit left so what gives.

After 3 hours of calling cheap tickets who told me to call united who told me to call the bank who told me to call cheap tickets and so on and so on. I finally got it worked out and got gas and was late to work Discover card is who corrected the mistake for them not cheap tickets

I then called cheap tickets to complain and the represenative told me there was nothing she was going to do to help me.

I said fine Ill blog you guys and let everyone know about this and she said!!!! quote "ok your not the only customer we have". WOW!! Im taking my trip because its to late to book someone else and to expensive to cancel but will never use CHEAP TICKETS. COM again.

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