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Posted on Monday, September 11th, 2006 at 6:23pm CDT by 391c67c1

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Beware when you hire kitchen designers. We hired this designer- the owner of DESIGN TIMES INC Klaudia Spivey otherwise known as Klaudia Norlen to do our kitchen - told her our budget was $50,000- in total for a 10x 10 kitchen. She asked for a retainer and said she would try to do it. Never gave us a proposal nor timeline, sketched out a design plan (which other designers called a floor plan) for cabinets only and it was 35,000 and took our $1500. We told her we couldn’t afford it, so she kept our 1500. We were hoping to get money back as there was NO termination clause and we didn’t have a design, no bills from her, had no clue who was doing what and the amount of hours that were being billed. Here is a part of a letter we sent her to complain with no reply: Proposal and timeline requested and never received- I asked Klaudia for multiple options- best and worse case scenario to meet our budgets. Cost of design plan never communicated Karl and I were told $1500 would go towards the deposit of our cabinets- we never ordered them. Budget never received until 6 weeks after hire. Klaudia Spivey arrives at Heather's house on 6-29-2006 and we discuss another meeting to review the budget- as we are concerned. No one communicated to us about the incremental hours before the next meeting? (16.5 to be exact) billable hours going on prior to the meeting on the 13th of July 2006. Although, we just received the same design with the addition of one window? This took 16.5 hours? Design cannot work- I emailed Klaudia's assistant Jane and communicated an interest in a 36 range and a 36 refrigerator. Apparently these appliance specs are integrated into the overall design plan. If you opened the refrigerator per Klaudia's location of the refrigerator, it would hit a wall. We were told by a colleague who is a builder this cannot work in our kitchen without demo’ another supporting wall. This wall supports our staircase and cannot be torn down. And, we are charged more billable hours for appliance research? Design has serious plumbing, demo’ing, and electrical work which could cost thousands… We are charged for pricing of countertops on the 12th of July 2006- we never received this quote ? And sadly, we are charged $125 on the 13th of July to review the budget.

Here is what we sent to the BBB:

DesiredSettlementID: Refund

Product_Or_Service: Kitchen Design


3c524373, 2007-04-06, 12:36PM CDT

from Sept 11, 2006 from Heather Alcott. The case was settled in small claims court and Design Times was not found to be at fault and all requests for monies to be returned were denied.


Klaudia H. Spivey, CMKBD

Design Times

3c524373, 2010-02-04, 12:42PM CST

It was unfortunate that we were not able to meet the needs of our client in this situation. We have been in business for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to work in many difficult situations so felt that we should be able to reach a "positive" outcome. However, even though we attempted to work closely with this client, there were obstacles that precluded us from reaching a mutual resolution. To work towards a resolution, we needed to go to court to resolve the misunderstandings.

The court found in favor of Design Times, as the worked performed was indeed performed and it was performed in accordance to the retainer agreement that was signed by the client.

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