24 Hour Fitness - Rudely Threw Me Out; not Honoring Full-Access Contract

Posted on Monday, September 11th, 2006 at 3:34pm CDT by Alyse R S.

Company: 24 Hour Fitness

Category: Health, Beauty

As I told 24Hour Fitness, I am posting my complaint about 24Hour Fitness because three of their locations have failed to respond to my complaint by today.

I had sent my complaint to the following 24Hour Fitness locations:

* online, at www.24hourfitness.com's Contact page on August 5, 2006 -- see letter furthest below.

* Carlsbad office on August 18, 2006 -- see letter furthest below.

* Headquarters (12647 Aocosta Blvd., 5th Floor, San Ramon CA 94583-4436) on August 29, 2006 -- see letter

at top, attached to letter furthest below.

Dear 24 Hour Fitness Headquarters:

I sent 24 Hour Fitness the below online e-mail on August 5, and mailed the Carlsbad office the same e-mail on August 18. I have received no response from 24 Hour Fitness.

Please reply to my below comment and request by September 11. If I don't hear from you by then, I will place my complaint on complaints.com, allowing more people than my mere co-workers, family, and friends to hear of your employees' rude behavior, your company's rude method of informing long-time members of new access policies, as well as your company's dismissal of members' complaints.

Thank you for any cooperation,

Alyse Simon


From: Alyse Simon [mailto:COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_12512#]

Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 10:54 AM

To: Alyse; Alyse Simon

Subject: To 24Hour Fitness Online re: Club Access (radio button selected)

Dear 24Hour Fitness --

This is to comment on the despicable way I was treated today when trying to get into what I thought was one of my allowed 24Hour Fitness facilities. It is also to ask for you to honor what I thought was all-gym access privileges granted by my Family Fitness contract.

As background, I have a membership from Family Fitness that dates back to February 15, 1985. $198 with $5/month dues. It was my understanding at that time that I had paid above and beyond the normal initiation fee in order to be granted access to ALL Family Fitness facilities instead of just the La Jolla Village facility I was signing up at. For over 20 years, I have been primarily going to San Diego's Miramar and UTC facilities.

Today (Saturday, August 5, 2006) I entered the Rancho Penasquitos facility, and was called back by the girl scanning my ID card. Then came along a second guy, and ultimately a big bouncer-type guy. The big guy said I'd need to pay an extra $7/month dues to use that facility. I pointed out that I have a contract and he said "it won't do you any good." I then said I'd decide after today, and started to walk in the gym, at which time he called me back, saying "You can't work out today," at which point I walked out.

At the very least, the 24Hour Fitness guy should have let me work out today. And, to be fairest of all, 24Hour Fitness should honor my contract that I had understood to have allowed me into all Family Fitness (now 24Hour Fitness) facilities. In now reading the "fine print" on the back of my Contract -- yes, I still have my 1985-dated Contract -- I see that the various facilities ("reciprocating facilities") can, in fact, do anything they want in terms of allowing access at any given time. That's news to me, and if Family Fitness were still around, I'd sue them for verbally misrepresenting the written Contract. Not being able to do that, I simply ask you to:

1. Please re-train your employees to at least allow members to work out on the day that they are surprised with the news that their membership is no longer good at that facility, per some new rules about that facility no longer being a "reciprocating" 24Hour fitness facility for all (some?) membership types.

2. Grant me access to all 24Hour Fitness facilities as was my understanding of my written Contract.

Thanks for any cooperation.

Alyse Simon


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