Enterprise Who's Who/online listing

Posted on Sunday, September 10th, 2006 at 9:38pm CDT by be7c35f7

Company: Enterprise Who's Who/online listing

Category: Online Scams

Enterprise Who's Who.com

4320 Winfield Rd.

Warrenville, Illinois 60555

My complaint is I am being charged for service that I was unaware even of enlistment in. What appeared to be a call asking for information that I provided is now being relayed to me as an enlistment in their service directory. There was not a mention of being charged by this while I was answering the questions. All I thought I was answering was verification of my business address.

Now I am being charged for enrollment in their on line business directory. I believe they were deceptive in their phone conversation by never mentioning this was a business enlistment call. And I believe this is a deceptive fraudulent business practice. I never received any mailing until now of owing money to them. We asked for a fax of what they say we committed to and in that fax there is no mention of being charged.

There has been harassment in the phone calls, some strong pressure in providing bank information for an electronic check which I have denied. Also my phone is on a do not call list by phone solicitors so is phone solicitation available when you are on a do not call list.

Can your office give me a report of the legitimacy of this company ... Enterprise Who's Who.com. And a report of their business practices.

Thank you for your inquiry in this matter.

Janet Allard

Owner / Operator of Blessing on Main Bed & Breakfast

1204 Main Avenue Clear Lake Iowa 50428

Telephone 641 357 0341


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ec32f41b, 2008-07-01, 08:35PM CDT

It just happened to me the same way. I own a Martial Art School in Puerto Rico. They called and asked me for verification of my business address regarding the Internet Yellow pages. And then, I received an invoice without a date for the amount of $359.40 I asked them for the phone recorded and they told me I had to pay $40.00. But never happened. I told then I was not going to paid.

185ced5a, 2008-07-09, 06:37AM CDT

i was charged an amount i did not authorized

83242692, 2008-07-31, 08:06PM CDT


This company is a scam, a fake and fraudulent. My brother's wife had the same problem. They sent a letter with the same address 4320 Winfield Rd, Warenville, IL 60555, but with this phone #: 1-866-371-9468. The only problem is that she gave her bank account number. She called the bank a week later, and hoppefully no charges has been made, so she decided to close and cancel the account. So how can we get this people to the authorities and apply legal charges?

b75f4af0, 2008-09-22, 12:06PM CDT


I think I was ripped of by this company too. I answer to an offer for a web page to promote my business. Now the web page under www.lanuevapachanga.com says is under construction and I can't make any changes like adding promotions and stuff. I call the phone 1-866-370-9467 to ask what's going on, they keep sending the call to an answering service. If somebody related to this company read this I would like an explanation.

9f69f893, 2010-01-27, 03:08PM CST

who ever encountered problems with this company.. one of the owners is Rodolfo Garcia, number is 514-726-8588.. this guy is a fraud....

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