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Posted on Sunday, September 10th, 2006 at 4:37pm CDT by 509b38e2

Company: American Airlines

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American Airlines, San Antonio to Dallas to WashDC.

What a nightmare. This flight and back had everything. Last minute gate changes at Dallas, which is not an easy airport to get from one side to the other quickly. After one gate change to the other side, then another gate change back to the original gate. Surly counter agents. Missed luggage, delivered a day later. Late connection which required being booked on another flight. This late night flight was then delayed due to an earlier leg in the day on the east coast. 3 legs earlier, in the morning. Since they could claim it was a weather delay, they denied us overnight accomodations which cost us $120 and we finally arrived a day late.

Why would anyone choose this airline when other options are available?

R. Jones



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