Mazda MPV New Purchase

Posted on Tuesday, October 31st, 2006 at 12:39pm CST by 3cf85740

Company: Mazda MPV New Purchase

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Bay Mazda

60-A Millennium Parkway

Fax: (613) 962-6200

Belleville, Ontario K8N4Z5

Performance Mazda

1469 Youville Drive

Fax: (613) 741-7835

Orleans, Ontario K1C4R1

To Whom It May Concern:

We have been dealing with originally Bay Mazda about our first new car purchase as a couple. We had all paper work done, financed and all our features that we wanted were chosen three weeks ago, with two vehicles that fit our description available. However, when it came down to purchasing the vehicle and finalizing the deal Bay Mazda knowing our situation chose to try to get us to pay $10000 on top of our financing, denying us full promotion deals and charging us for things that we should not have been charged for. When we took our deposit back, we started getting calls daily about how we could get this vehicle with $4500 down and a trade-in. The deal was on and then off again, depending on if someone was looking at my husbands’ truck.

After calling various dealers to find out where our vehicle was located, talking to many sales reps, we decided to try another dealer for the same vehicle. We went to Kingston Mazda, and within an hour the deal was finalized with only $2400 down for the same vehicle, same terms and less money per month than what Bay Mazda was having us pay, even with them ‘throwing in a DVD player’ that we paid for with Kingston Mazda. This is very concerning.

Now three weeks later, after going through everything we have with Mazda one of the vans we wanted is supposedly sold, and the other which is located at Performance Mazda will not be released to Kingston Mazda, because he wants the vehicle to be sold by one of his sales reps. The owner of Performance Mazda refuses to let it go even with everything we have been going through with Mazda. The owner has even marked it as sold so that no one is able to search for the vehicle on the system as “he wants to sell them.”

We have tried to rectify this situation, which can be proven by our high long distance bill, our long drives to secure this vehicle and our complaints with Mazda Canada, call and email complaints, which still own the vehicle located at Performance Mazda today. Of course contacting Mazda Canada to forge a complaint that has no real escalation department to correct this situation, just write the customer complaint down and keep it on file for these dealerships.

Our whole experience, other than with Kingston Mazda, has been taxing on our whole family and has caused much undo hardship. I feel for Kingston Mazda, because most likely due to this situation, and because we are unable to get the vehicle we wanted, we will not be purchasing a Mazda now, we will be taking our financing to a competitor dealer. This is upsetting because Kingston Mazda has been straight forward, and have assisted us in a way that should have been done when we first sat down to buy a Mazda. We will also be forthwith ensuring that everyone we know that wants to buy a foreign vehicle our issue with Bay Mazda and now Performance Mazda.

I would like to express to anyone that is purchasing or thinking of purchasing a Mazda vehicle, to think twice, to get two quotes from different dealers and really do your research before dealing with a Mazda dealer. There is no help nor customer service unless you get a respectable dealer like Kingston Mazda in Eastern Ontario who do not try to hide costs, promotions or the vehicles they have. The only way you can try to get the help you need is by talking to the District Sales Manager, which only visits Mazda dealers once a month.

Thanks for this opportunity to express our complaint so other buyers will be aware.

Jeremy and Leeanne Villeneuve


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