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Posted on Monday, October 30th, 2006 at 8:29pm CST by f0fc999b

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Hello Cathy:

My name is Vanita and all I have to do is take your letter, change the name and this is my story.

My husband and I brought a time share on Isla Mujeres at the Avalon Reef Club in April 9, 2006. Part of the package was a free cruise ($179.00 per person and air fare). They gave us the voucher and did not date it so the Infinity Incentive Group returned it. I made a minimum of thirty telephone calls trying to reach Jeff Bredy, the person who gave us the voucher when he took our $2,000.00 down payment and our $798.00 closing cost. To no avail I was unable to reach him for 3 months. On the forth month I reached him and he sent me somthing totally dif. in the mail.

I surprised them and went back to Mexico in August with friends and requested a new voucher, which I had to wait three days for. I came home and sent in the new voucher and guess what, it did not have the sponsoring agency on the voucher and it was also returned to me. Trying to reach a person on the phone in Mexico is pure hell, from the lack of information provided, to not being able to understand what some people are actually saying. I am so frustrated that I could scream.

When I went back in August I was unable to get the 1 bedroom villa that was also part of the incentive. They only had a studio available. I also ended up purchasing a hotel package in Cancun and communiting between the two hotels. This has been the worst experience. I am almost ready to believe that the Avolon people are somehow behind the Infifnity Incentive Group. It is almost like they want to frustrate and confuse you until you say to hell with it. Well Cathy, I will not go quietly into the night. The only thing that they have consistently done for me and my husband is take our money monthy without fail. They send 3 or 4 bills per month.

I am waiting anyday to hear that someone has a class action suit agaist them. I would really like to be in on that. They can not even direct me to an appropriate manager or a member of the board of directors or the owner or a customer service representative. I was just searching the net to find out how to contact the Infinity Incentive Group and they have you send them information, which I am sure did not go through. They do not have a listed telephone number.

I am going back to Mexico in April and when I leave I will have had my customer service needs met. That is, I will think that I have until I try to cash in on the incentive only to find out that I have been duped again. We are on line writing complaints to each other because they are almost non existent unless dollars are concerned. You have allowed me to release some stress. I was glad to find your complaint and I bet there are hundreds more of us out there without a place for our voice.

Thanks for the ear

Vanita -

ps did not proof read excuse all errors :-)


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