Rip off auto body shop

Posted on Monday, October 30th, 2006 at 6:46pm CST by 003dd3a1

Company: Rip off auto body shop

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I recently had my car repaired as a result of an accident, at Executive Auto Collision Located at 224 East Main St in Bay Shore. Although the work that was finally performed was very good, my car was returned to me with additional damage. I had a brand new 2005 Monty Carlo in mint condition. I told the shop how picky and fussy I was with my car before they took on the job. That did not seam to be a problem at the time, however upon picking my car up I noticed a row of dents spaced about 2 inches apart going all the way down the hood of my car. The body man himself pointed them out to me and said he never saw them when I dropped the car off to him. Well I happen to have a very close friend in the automotive business that immediately recognized them as dents made by someone who was using my car as a work area while it was in the shop. When I pointed this out to the owner he said he would look into it. I spoke to the body man who actually did the work and he too agreed that it must of happened while it was in the shop, however the owner would not agree to repair the damage even after his own employee said it happened there. My insurance company which is Nationwide uses them as a drive in service, so naturally I felt they would be honest and reliable. Now I am left with perusing legal channels or filing another insurance claim. All of which I should not have to do. This company is a rip off and very dishonest and I want to warn anyone who brings their car there to be very careful, you may want to reconsider giving them your business. ...Deborah Fairchild..


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