Complaint about Tata Indicom Broadband

Posted on Monday, October 30th, 2006 at 10:21am CST by 40bebd70

Company: Complaint about Tata Indicom Broadband

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This is regarding our lousy broadband connection - the so called - Tata Indicom..

I am cursing the day when we decided to go for this connection. After initial hiccups of getting things in order and getting the connection

by calling up non-coperative support staff again and again, we finally managed a connection. 256Kbps at the rate of 1600 Rupees per month.

(There is an interesting story behind this tariff plan as well.. after 2-3 months, they themselves reduced the tariff rate to 1200 Rupees per month.

This clearly means they were lootin us for 2-3 months for higher rental .. Airtel and others provide 256kbps unlimited access in less than 900

Ruppes per month.) Tata Indicom are the real LOOTERS....

Now comes even the worst part of the story.. The connection is intermittent ie we are not able to access for more than 5 minutes before

rebooting the laptop and their state of art , PATHETIC router. I called up their customer support so many times lodging the complaint but

they are least bothered. Once their field engineer called up and told us to call him directly and not to lodge a complaint. Whenever we call

him, he says there is some cable mismatch and he will correct it but it never works.

The result is that we are not able to surf to the fullest because of this menace.

I appeal to everyone - please do not go for it.

Tata Indicom is worst internet service provider that I know of.....


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