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Posted on Thursday, November 9th, 2006 at 3:11pm CST by d9e2e020

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I recently purchased my first home, and decided to go to Trivetts Furniture in Fredericksburg, VA to furnish my kitchen and living room. Boy, WHAT A MISTAKE!!! When I received my sofa and love Seat, they dropped the sofa off the truck and broke the leg, the delivery guy told my husband and I that it should only take two days to have it replaced. It took them a week and a half to have the tech guy come out and fix it! My coffee table was dropped off the truck by 2 men and completely shattered, so I had to wait another 3 weeks for it to come in. My Hutch was scuffed and once again I had to have a tech guy come in to fix it. Now the final battle is over my Ashley kitchen table. There is a black chalky type substance under the table and they claim its not damaged so they won't replace it or send someone out to clean it. This has been an absolute nightmare. Call me old fashioned, but I think its ridiculous when you spend your hard earned money and don't get what you were expecting. I was expecting furniture that was on time, not broken, scuffed or dirty. And if those instances were to present themselves during our transaction of business, I would expect for my issues with my $6,000 furniture to be fixed in a timely manner. I would also expect for them to call back when you leave message after message. I absolutely can't stand Trivetts and I will tell everyone I know *NEVER* to *EVER* buy any of their furniture, not only because the product is terrible but the customer service is disgusting as well. I hope they go out of business.


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cd675868, 2007-10-09, 03:45PM CDT

I only wish I would have read this before giving Trivetts Furniture in Fredericksburg VA my business. I too bought a new home and needed some furniture. I was told the furniture was in stock and would be out in a week. I waited and waited and waited, nothing. I tried calling and got the same thing, no returned calls or just no information. They were big on telling me my furniture was in a container out in the ocean somewhere and they had no idea when they'd get it. After over 2 months I asked for a refund which I was told no. Finally the furniture came, and was delivered.

Since then my leather LANE sofa has the stuffing all pushed over to one side, I called for a tech to come out as well. They said they would call today with a time. Well, it's after business hours and no call. I will say they are consistent. They consistently let their customers DOWN! I won't ever buy from them again either.

f7fa5a7d, 2007-10-11, 12:33PM CDT

I am also an unhappy Trivett's customer, ranging from having to deal with the high-pressure salesman, the fact that I had to carry their ad into the store with me and explain TWICE to the salesman that it advertised free delivery with purchase of a mattress $499 and over, the salesman then trailing me throughout the store, and then, after making a purchase and writing a deposit check, receiving a phone call from Trivett's asking me to either come back to their store because they had forgotten to ask me for my driver's license and could not process the check without it or to fax them a copy of my driver's license in order to process the check; then, their delivery procedure, which defies all reason and lacks the basics of customer service...because "a computer routes it!"...In fact, their delivery service was the final straw and I cancelled my order, preferring not to do business with any company that treats its customers so poorly. This is a store that splashes Christian symbols all over their paperwork and business cards, and this to me is the most hypocritical part of this company. There are PLENTY of furniture stores in Fredericksburg and I will take my business elsewhere.

Like the person above, everyone I meet will know what I think of Trivett's and their abominable customer service. It must be nice to be so confident in your business that you can treat paying customers like they don't matter. I receive better service at the DMV!

e7eed419, 2007-12-27, 07:43PM CST

Its terrible to have such a bad experience with your furniture but you can hardly blame the quality of the furniture for it being dropped. Accidents happen. Furthermore, how many furniture repair specialists (or techs, as you call them) do you know personally? Not too many, I would suspect, as such a trade is a lost art these days since furniture is becoming more and more disposable. I had a lovely experience with Trivett's furnishing 8 rooms between my house and my grandmother's house and since I spent over $30000, everything had to be perfect, and it was.

On a later purchase I spent a mere $600 on a recliner and upon delivery noticed a scuff in the leather; it was repaired in a week and I couldn't be happier with the service I received from Trivett's. So it is unjust to discredit a rather large company and wish them failure when perhaps the complaints you have voiced have been responded to with the same attitude you have just displayed.

fa0cc589, 2008-01-17, 03:02PM CST

I wish I read your complaints before buying...Such a horrible customer service. I will never never never shop there again.

0d826b3b, 2008-02-03, 10:29AM CST

I wish I had read this before we bought our furniture (couch and 2 rocker recliners) from Trivetts. We had shopped around for the best price on lane furniture, with Trivetts meeting the best price and was told by the sales lady that since they were on express ship that they could beat the competition by getting our furniture by the dates we would need it. Well guess what, they lied to us. We were to get our furniture within 2-3 weeks and to be delivered on saturday. It has now been over 4 weeks and no furniture. We have been in contact with Trivetts but keep getting the run around, either it is being made or its on truck and will be in store soon. They also would not return our deposit or let us cancel the order. This store does not stand behind their promises of delivery and should not be a place to purchase furniture.

89adff46, 2008-02-05, 08:38AM CST

We certainly do value and respect all of our customers.Its very true that there are so many furniture stores out there to choose from, and we certainly strive to be the best. That is why we were voted the Freddy Award for the best Furniture store 3 year in a row. Unfortunitely the world is not perfect and things don't always go as planned, but we certainly go out of our way to make it right for our customers.When a manufacturer delays an order and someitmes it is out of our control,we make it top priority in satisfying our customers. As you have noticed there is only a few complaints, and being in business for 15 years and having served thousands of return customers , it is a record we are truly proud of. We value any suggestions made but do ask when printing a complaint that you first give us the opportunity to make it right. Unfortunately people don't always tell the whole story.

The General Sales Manager at


6bb293bc, 2008-03-17, 10:28AM CDT

I too had a horrible experience with their customer service and will also tell everyone I know NOT to buy anything from them. Glad to know it wasn't just me. I was really feeling like I had done something wrong.

f14d2ecd, 2008-07-14, 10:55AM CDT

I feel the same way regarding Trivetts. I will never shop there again. Some my family tried to tell me not to go, but we did. We thought we were getting our furniture in 21 days, so said the lady sales rep. It has been 60 days and still no furniture. We keep getting the runaround about backorders of the fabric, to saying the manufacter is closed for the holidays. I will give feedback again once we get the furniture. I am hoping it can be positive feedback regarding the quality of furniture and the representation of the delivery of the furniture.

f96c1333, 2009-02-18, 11:17AM CST

Just an FYI on Trivetts. They recently placed an AD for a large Presidents day sale for Monday, February 16, 2009. In the Ad they had an unbelivable sale on a $700 rocker/recliner. Their price is $297. My wife and I went to check it out and I told her it was probably just a trick to get us in their but she wanted to go anyway. When we arrived and asked about the chair we got a range of excuses for it not being in the store but was told to look at the other products in case we wanted to purchase something else. Finally, we walked up to customer service and asked them where the chair was. A manager, I believe, said that they tried but couldn't get the chairs in for the sale but would honor the price if they EVER did come in. He said they ordered 25 of them and will probably go fast once there in the store. (Of course, thats if they ever make it into the store). So, Trivetts Advertised a product in a newspaper and their flyer for a product they didnt even have in the store and probably wont get. Its the old bait and switch and I will never buy anything from them in the future. You should all do the same.

24bdc1ca, 2010-02-05, 02:19PM CST

This is the worst place to buy furniture ever!!! It has been over 4 months and I dont have my furniture still. I spent over $7,000 there. Tina Trivett, sister of the owner is who I purchased from. Shelly the sales manager is no help either. They keep on telling you they will call you back and a whole bunch of false information. They have the worst customer service in the world. I wish I would have read everyone's complaints before going here. Do not ever purchase furniture from here, they tell you something different when you are there and then ignore you when they have your money. They take your money and run. You have to keep on calling them and they just tell we will call you back with a status, but you never get a call back. I even paid them a visit, and they act all nice to you when you go and then just ignore your call when you call. They should not be in business and I agree with you and hope they go out of business sooner than later.

00049253, 2010-03-01, 07:05AM CST

My parents ordered a couch, loveseat and chair from Trivetts in mid-November 2009. Upon order they were promised delivery before Christmas and a 42 inch HDTV as a "free gift."

Well, when the furniture finally arrived it was late january. The lane reclining sofa they ordered was damaged so badly that the reclining mechanism on the right side didn't even work. The frame was bent. And there was no TV. My mom called Trivetts while the delivery people were still there, they agreed to send a repair person out right away. My mother gave a detailed description of the damage so they would be prepared.

Repair Guy shows up a few weeks later (right away?) with some stuffing and no clue. He reports that the frame is bent (duh!) and that the sofa will have to be completely disassembled to be repaired, if it's even possible to fix it...still no TV...

More weeks pass, my parents finally have the sofa and loveseat picked up and they go to trivetts and buy stock merchandise instead. Then trivetts charges them another Delivery fee..HUH? STILL NO TV. Finally in late febreary, my parents go to best buy in F'berg to pick up their TV. It's HERE! Um no, it's not. The 42 inch Insignia TV they were promised is now a 40" Dynex...HUH? WHAT?

So now I'm involved. I don't think I've ever seen such poor customer service, such an uncaring attitude, such a contrived scheme of problem avoidance or intentional lack of communication. It's as though they are trying to wear their customers down rather than help them. My mom and dad called Trivetts dozens and dozens of times and were constantly ignored and given the run-around. Trivetts misled my folks at every they have furniture they didn't really want and store credit that they can't bear to use because it would mean more trips to Trivetts. Nice.

Rhonda, 2012-11-02, 08:29PM CDT

I have to say I've purchased several things from Trivett's also,but after this last little stint....NEVER again!!!Purchased a bedroom set for my daughter,was told it would be 3-6 weeks!!Bull!7 weeks later...still haven't received the bed,and don't know when I will!My daughter has been sleeping on our sofa for 7 weeks now..and their solution ...we will let you "use"a frame,and box spring,until it comes in...geez thanks!WTH??See they've got their money and that's all they care about!Last dime they will ever get from me!!

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