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Posted on Thursday, November 9th, 2006 at 10:21pm CST by a66de67a

Company: Home Depot

URL: www.homedepot.com

Category: Stores, Shopping

After years and years and lots of money spent at Home Depot, my husband and I decided that ordering from their website would be just like any on-line big retailer...easy and carefree. We were wrong! First of all, when the items arrived at our house they looked very different from the internet photo. So, right away we decided that we were going to return the items. I called their customer service number the next day and set up to have the items returned. I was given a RMA# and told that I should be receiving UPS labels in 10-14 business days so that I could ship the items back. That was fine. But, 10-14 days passed and I heard nothing. So, I called them back and the person I spoke with knew nothing of my previous call and my RMA# didn't exist. So, she proceeded to set me up with another RMA# and said that I should be receiving the shipping labels in 5-7 days. I also made sure that she was aware that there were 4 boxes and that 4 labels would be needed, she said that she could see that and would be sure that 4 labels were sent. A a week later, UPS showed up at our door with 1 label and a weight limit of 4 lbs. (keep in mind there are 4 separate boxes weighing over 4 lbs. each). So, we sent the UPS carrier away and got right on the phone to Homedepot.com. This time my husband called and spoke with a supervisor (after being on hold for 20+ minutes). The supervisor assured him that 3 more labels would be shipped within 3 business days. Surprise! They weren't. So, we called again and they knew nothing of the last phone call about the 3 more labels. I won’t bore you with any more of the finer details about our horrible experience with HomeDepot.com, however I would like to say that we still have the 4 boxes (2 months later) and are still attempting to return them. We have called at least 20 different times and have been given a direct extension to a supervisor (Serle) who ACTS like he's trying to be helpful. However, he says that he will call us back in a day, after he talks to someone else or sends an e-mail to someone else, and then he never calls back. So then I have tried to call him back and he's been "mysteriously" gone for a few minutes and will have to return my call, which he never has the 3 times I have done that. They keep blaming the problem on UPS, but UPS knows nothing about the mailing labels until they are contacted by HomeDepot.com (I have also talked to UPS). To make it worse, you can’t return anything that you bought online to the Home Depot stores, so we are stuck with these items until they figure out how to process a simple return. I have never felt so helpless as a consumer! Home Depot is a great store, but their e-commerce business needs to be shut down. I am telling everyone I know to never use HomeDepot.com,!!!


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