Whirlpool Microwave Model # GH6178XPS0

Posted on Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 at 2:33pm CST by a74d7db6

Company: Whirlpool Microwave Model # GH6178XPS0

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I purchased several Whirlpool appliances when I had my new home built in June, 2005. Since I had been satisfied with Whirlpool products in the past, I decided to not go with the GE appliances the builder was pushing. Instead I purchased a Range Model # GS475LEMS2, Refrigerator Model # GS5SHAXNL01, Dishwasher Model # GU3200XTPS0, and Microwave Model # GH6178XPS0.

We found it necessary to have both the refrigerator and microwave repaired under warranty in March, 2006. The repair technician suggested that we should purchase the Whirlpool Service Plan as the repairs done under warranty would be very costly outside the warranty period. Subsequently we elected to do so and had all the appliances covered.

At the time of this repair, one of the items was the door handle on the microwave. The repair technician stated that this was a common occurrence as the design of the handle was such that the 3 1/8 inch screws into the plastic handle frequently were breaking. The handle was replaced under warranty at that time.

Yesterday, November 6, 2006, the handle failed again. I inspected the mounting method in the design and realized that using only two 3 1/8 inch, self-tapping screws into the plastic handle, was a poor design and doomed to failure. But, since I had the extended warranty, why be concerned, just call Whirlpool and have the handle replaced again.

But, to my surprise, the fine print excluded items like the handle. After contacting Whirlpool, I was informed that they would provide the handle free of charge, but I would have to pay the labor to have it installed. The microwave is an over-the-range model and I am not able to remove it and take it somewhere for repair. So, the labor cost for an on-site installation would be more costly than the handle!

So, since I am something of a handy-man, I asked the handle be sent directly to me. For some reason, this isn't possible. This situation is unbelievable.

Since the design is flawed to begin with, I'm positive that these handles will continue to break. So, instead of depending on Whirlpool to correct this, I will need to develop and manufacture a handle that is more suited to the application.


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c9adeba3, 2008-08-30, 10:12AM CDT

We have Whirlpool built in Microwave/Oven. Model: GMC 305PDS07. This was an upgraded Stainless steel appliance from our builder John Weiland Homes. It is covered under warranty for 5 years. we bought the home in 2004. Since we moved into this house I have had problems with this microwave which stops abruptly in the middle of heating food. And, on the display panel where you see the time, all weird characters appear. Then we have to restart the clock setting all over again. We have been reporting this annoying problems since 2004. John Weiland Homes sent Appliance Connections and A&E repair service to check. We were told that they can't fix it and they have to replace the built in Appliance. It was never taken care of. This is a major defect and very frustrating. Last month when we requested the builder to resolve the issue, Larry Logan a manager at the JW Homes stopped by and apologized and promised that he would contact Whirlpool and replace the existing defecting one with a new one. Now I have recieved a letter in the mail saying that Whirlpool doesn't think its a problem and can't do anything about it. According to our contract, this is still under warranty, which will expire in the next 5 months.

We hope Whirlpool takes this issue seriously and resolve the issue. Also we hope others who experience similar problems come forward and post them on the web.


784117f0, 2008-09-22, 08:23AM CDT

My Home contains several Whirlpool applinaces purchased in 2005. The Over the Range Microwave, which was used very little, had the magnatron (?) go out. The part was under warranty, however the charge to install the part was more than what I paid for a new microwave. The service people missed an appointment which really ended up saving me money.

I am now having issues with my electric stove also Whirlpool purchased in 2005.

Looks like I am going to be whirlpool free as I am not replacing these item with Whirlpool appliances.

b2e09f44, 2009-11-05, 07:44PM CST

We had the same problem with ours. Not acceptable! We paid a lot of money for something that should have lasted more than a year and a few months.

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