Pilates Reforming New York

Posted on Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 at 11:38am CST by e5da0116

Company: Pilates Reforming New York

Location: 130 West 42nd Street

URL: www.reformingny.com

Category: Products, Services

Service: Reformer pilates classes.

Complaint: Despite a misunderstanding where the studio's staff member made a vague reference to a policy of the studio, the owner simply yelled and basically hung up on me when I asked for a resolution.

DETAIL: On October 29, I attended an open house for the studio. they offered a 50% coupon for the next class which I bought. The co-owner Ann Toran, handed me a brochure and said to go onlin to sign up for the

class. I was told nothing about the policies except I was to use the coupon within 7 days.

On November 3, I went to the studio for my 50% off class. when I arrived, I was told I was the only person signed up and could either cancel w/ no charge or buy another class if I still want to take the class. After 15 minutes of complaining that someone should have called or something before I got there andthat I should still be able to take the class w/o buying another class, the instructor and I decided I

would do 1/2 hour where she would not get paid. If I liked it, I could stay and buy another class. I agreed.

I stayed for 45 minutes and when I left the class, the front desk told me that I still had to buy another class. Since I liked the instructor, I thought "sure, I'll take at least one more class with her" so I bought another class for full price of 25$.

after I paid, I asked the front desk, "do I have to use this class within a certain time period, like 30 days?"she said, "you just did" I was utterly confused.

I tried calling management the next day. the woman at the front desk there said I should get a reimbursment but to speak with the manager on Monday, Nov 6.

On November 6, I spoke with management and they saidthey couldn't do anything since I took the class. I complained since no one had clearly talked about the policy and that they had added a surcharge which was not suppose to be added. They said, we can reimburse you for the full amount or the xtra. I said that I would like the instructor to be paid with the amount I originally paid with the 50% coupon and to please

credit my card with the extra amount I paid for the "other class".

an hour after I hung with the manager, I received another call saying that the owner said the instructor was already paid and they would not reimburse me.

I then asked to speak with the owner. she yelled at me, saying she didn't want to deal with me b/c she already knew I made the mistake. She put me on speakerphone so that "everyone" could hear me. After I said my peace, she picked up the line and said there clearly was a misunderstanding and that I should have read the policy on-line and what was supposedly written in the brochure (which was never mentioned to

me at the open house and which spoke of a "series" which I did not purchase). She yelled at me more saying that she had bills to pay and that she was not in the business of giving out free classes and that I

got a good enough deal. She yelled that the reason they have the policy is so that I would pay for the 2nd person who did not show. She also yelled that her staff should not have put me through b/c they know

that she gets too upset and would yell at me. When I asked her to stop yelling at me and to at least reimubrse me for the 15 minutes I missed out on she yelled, "No, you can get another class for half-off and that's it. NO DEAL!" She hung up on me w/o a resolution.

Based on her livid concern about her bills to pay and that my money should go to paying those bills, it was clear to me that she did not value me as a customer atall or even a potential customer who could have

purchased a "series" and instead felt slighted herself that she gave out the 50% coupons and only wanted to keep the money so she could "pay her bills". I have never made such complaint as this before and it

gravely upsets me how I was treated.

Desired Resolution: at least that people know that she is unprofessional and does not value her customers. I would also like the extra $28 (if not the full $41.08) reimbursed to me.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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c712ed24, 2008-08-13, 11:18AM CDT

I had a shockingly rude interaction with the boss, Anne Toran of Pilates Reforming NY

130 West 42nd Street


She was completely irrational when I asked about signing up for a class which she did not teach herself.

I still don't understand why she was so out of control during the conversation I tried to have with her.

Yelling at your clients isn't a good method of doing business, especially if it's in front of other clients as was this incident.

Jan Everret

c712ed24, 2009-02-02, 08:00AM CST

I also found Anne Toran to be extremely rude and neurotic. I'll never go back to Pilates Reforming again.

Just Nasty.

ea7a0e7f, 2010-01-27, 02:36PM CST

It is unfortunate the client had this experience. We go to great lengths to print and post our policies everywhere. The brochure with the attached coupon for 50% off the next class had all of our studio policies explained in detail. We go to great lengths to explain and be clear about our policies and by purchasing the 50% off class we assume that you read the attached studio policy.

Additionally it was reiterated by the staff that a 2 person minimum meant that if you are the only client to show up for the class you can either leave and we will return your class to your account, or stay and use a 2nd class to meet the 2 person minimum. The client chose to stay but apparently did not understand that meant using the 2nd class that day and not next time. The client became irate and irrational and could not be reasoned with.

It simply could not be explained more clearly. We are sorry about her poor experience. In our defense it is very difficult to deal with customers that choose not to accept any part of the responsibility of reading the information we print and is posted.

Again this client received a "private" class for the price of the 50% off coupon and 1 additional class. It was a great deal and should have been a great experience. Again we are sorry it did not turn out to be so.

cd782ba7, 2010-02-23, 08:54PM CST

I too had a problem with this studio and this owner, Ann Toran. They say they offer private lessons, and you spend more for them, but the trainers are never availalbe, since it's the same trainers that teach the group classes. I paid in advance for a set of private reformer courses, and the trainer was never available. The time was running out and they would not extend my period. So, they ended up keeping a few hundred dollars saying that my course expired. Ann Toran was rude, and acted entitled. She's a rip off artist, and the way the group classes are laid out, it's impossible for the trainer to ensure that the exercise is being done correctly, which is why I wanted personal one on one. All I got was ripped off. This place stinks.

bda378db, 2011-07-26, 09:49AM CDT

I recently had the pleasure to deal with this studio, and they really tried to cheat me every step of the way. I finally decided to take actions when they become way to unprofessional and one of the staff verbally insulted me. Now I understand why the staff was so relieved when I asked to speak to the owner, apparently she's the worst. I'm wondering if you have ever received a resolution?

ba131d6a, 2012-08-16, 12:10PM CDT

I walked in and walked out. The admin staff are rude to everyone. I don't understand how the staff can take the verbal abuse from Ann and Toran. I will never do business with this establishment. Very unprofessional, wish i never met their faces.

286c5333, 2012-12-21, 11:31AM CST

This woman, Anne Toran is a psycho ! Unbelievably irrational and rude. I'll never go to her studio again. I haven't met her husband but it seems from these comments above that he's even worse....

286c5333, 2013-12-03, 03:49AM CST

I am not at all surprised to find such a list of complaints about Anne Toran (and her co-owner husband Errol Toran). There is something deeply wrong with these two business owners. The thin facade of 'niceness' falls away quickly as soon as you have paid your money.

There are anger management issues here, and being in the service industry, this is quite a problem.

I asked one of the employees about this and she smiled and rolled her eyes and said that "Anne is kind of a bitch" which really made me laugh.

Anyway, don't go to this place. There are plenty of other choices around town.

Naomi A., 2013-12-30, 02:15PM CST

I'm so relieved I'm not the only one! The instructors here are terrific, but the owner is a nightmare. I complained about the "tone" of the adminstration in my review after the introductory series of classes. Ann wrote back to me and even offered me a free class. So I sign up for my class and AT 9 MINUTES TO CLASS TIME, I get a call that I can't take it because the class had to be with her. I was already at the studio, had a babysitter, etc. I was also told that I was the only person signed up. That just wasn't so because there was another woman waiting to take the class and who would have been cancelled had I not shown up. Anyhow, I cannot even fathom Ms. Toran's business sense of busting me out of her class - would it have hurt anyone to let me take my refund class with Lenny? Now we're at a point that I just won't give Ms. Toran a dime. BTW, this was over a week ago and I've tried to reach Ms. Toran by phone to discuss civilly, but she's not returned my call. She can read it here.

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