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Posted on Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 at 4:55pm CST by c61e90ee

Company: FH Furr

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My name is Janice Boyer and I want to file a complaint against FH Furr a company located in Woodbridge, Va that specializes in plumbing and heating.

I called Furr for service to connect two washing machine type hoses to my jacuzzi or to replace the hoses with copper piping as there was a leak. The service technician came to make the repair. He was here for about 10 minutes and could not find anything wrong. He said that he needed to cut a hole in my ceiling to see if it was leaking below the hoses that I pointed out to him. He cut a hole and still could not find a leak. He came back to me again and said that my toilet was loose in my second upstairs bathroom and that was where the leak was coming from. I told him that the toilet has been loose for sometime and that was not where the water was coming from. My downstairs ceiling showed the stain to be coming from the tubing at the jacuzzi. He insisted in resetting the toilet and insisted that the leak was coming from the toilet. I knew better as I had seen the leak in the tubing at the jacuzzi with my own eyes. I told him this. He still insisted that I was wrong and insisted that it was the toilet. I said ok put another seal on the toilet and tighten it down, which he did. I then took him to the jacuzzi and placed my hand up where the hoses connect to the faucets and pulled out a hand full of water. The service technician said what did you do....like it was something I had done to make it leak. I said you were standing there and watched me and as I told you before the leak is coming from the connecting hoses at the hot water side of the faucet. He also suggested that I replace the faucet which I refused to do as it was only a year old and I had paid over $1,000 for it.

Once I was able to convince this guy where the leak was coming from, I wanted to have the rubber hose changed to copper piping if it were possible to do so. He said that I would have to have all the information on the faucet in order for him to do the job. I said oh, just forget it and replace the hose. He said I dont have one on me and that he would have to order it in as it was a special type of hose. I said I dont think so as I had the bathroom refurbished and had the Jacuzzi installed. The tubing, I told him was purchased from Home Depot. I told him that I would not order it from Furr that I would get it at Home Depot and call him when I had it so that it could be installed.

Furr charged me $153.00 to look for the leak. $95.00 to cut a hole in the ceiling which I did not need, $279.00 to replace a toilet seal which I could do myself for roughly $10.00 and wanted to charge me another $351.00 for what he termed a "Major Repair" I called the Manager and complained and he said that he would send me a check for $130.00 back. Later on he told his employees that he was not sending me any money back.

I called another plumbing company; Woodbridge Plumbing, in to do the same job. They did not ask for paperwork on the faucet. They saw the leak and trusted that I knew what I was talking about. They changed out the rubber hoses to copper pipes and charged me $224.00 for the entire job.

FH Furr is a real rip off and I want people to know it. Their motto is "We stand behind our work". They stand behind the big pile of money that they just stole from you. If they were allowed to come back on that same job, they would have billed me again.

Please let people know. I am an older woman and have not worked in a year. I have the money but they should not be allowed to get away with this type of theft.

Thank You,



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8835e056, 2008-03-25, 05:46PM CDT

I COMPLETELY agree. I think FH FURR is a horrible company...a HUGE rip-off! The manager (in my opinion) is deplorable and downright rude. I feel they make great promises in their ads and use those promises to justify MUCH higher prices. Then after the money has changed hands...pray that nothing goes wrong, because they turned their back on me in an instant! Forget about customer service. They said that I clearly misunderstood their plainly-written, elementary-level advertisement.

They wanted to charge me a fortune to fix the broken ~$3500 heat pump they installed. Their ads say that (A) They GUARANTEE 100% customer satisfaction and (B) They will replace faulty heat pumps installed by them for the first 2 years. Let me just say emphatically, THEY DO NOT! They won't even give you a break on the labor charges! This should be criminal! Their Yellow Pages ad (the one that earned them my business) was NOT honored by company. For me, their promises were all jokes. Their manager was insanely rude and very unsympathetic to my plight. I called ARCTIC SUN who replaced the compressor for less than half of FH FURR's estimate. Thanks to ARCTIC SUN, it's been working great ever since (for two years now).

I am saddened by the great extent to which FH FURR has left people unhappy. Have you ever noticed the large number of FH FURR complaints there are on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website? My complaint is one of them and it is labeled as "the company made every reasonable attempt to resolve this issue." Well, I don't know where they got that...I never heard a word from anyone.

I will ALWAYS check with the BBB when selecting any company...I will just take the whole "they tried to resolve it" thing with a grain of salt. A good company shouldn't make that many people unhappy in the first place! Oh and by the way, at the time I wrote this, ARCTIC SUN still doesn't have ANY complaints. The difference between these two companies is astounding...and the number of complaints reflects that perfectly.

742b85d8, 2010-12-09, 11:34AM CST

F.H. Furr gives a great sales pitch when the sell you a heating system, i.e., a full ten year warranty with free service calls, parts and labor included. I was so impressed with the talk of the salesman that I referred three of my friends to them. I bought a top of the line Lennox system. and they promised me that I would be a priority customer when service was needed. Well, it quit working after 18 months in the middle of a cold spell. When I called for service, I was told that I would have to wait a couple of days before they could get a service technician to my house. (I still haven't seen one). When I complain that I'm a priority customer and have no heat, I was told that I'm not the only one.

4029ee3b, 2012-02-26, 02:00AM CST

I want to warn customers to please get estimates from other companies before doing business with F.H. Furr. I had them come out to give me an estimate to repair my hot water heater and two pipe valves in two different bathrooms. They gave me an estimate of $1100 to do the work. The repairman recommended that I replace my hot water heater and estimated that would cost $2000 to do so. I had a feeling that the estimates were ridiculously expensive, so I called Baker's. The repairman from Baker's came to my home this morning and did the repairs and a little more for $420. Before repairing the hot water heater, he told me it would be approximately $700 if I wanted to replace it. In addition, he did not try to scare me into getting service on things that I didn't need as the repairman from F.H. Furr tried to do. I can't imagine why a company as well known as F.H. Furr would overcharge by that much and think that customers would not know any better. Well, I'm glad that I knew better. Good Luck.

7ef7e4d6, 2012-04-03, 07:39AM CDT

I don't understand how they can stay in business. They just charged an elderly friend of mine over $600 to repair leaks in the toilets!!! 2 brand new toilets would have only cost around 400!

biggest rip-off in the area...

and they take advantage of the elderly.. shame shame shame on them!

bf1ea132, 2015-05-21, 10:02AM CDT

Two weeks ago, FH Furr stop by to provide an estimate to repair a water heater at my rental property. After waiting for the representative to arrive 40 minutes late, he then proceeded to spend 5-10 minutes examining the water heater. As I watched him fumbling about, something told me that he had little knowledge regarding the water heater. He then went to his truck, wrote and handed me a $3,000 estimate to replace the water heater. I was shocked and asked him why. He proceeded to tell me that the heater needed to be replaced and that his price was fair. Needless to say, I told him that I'll get a second opinion and had someone onsite within two days.

That company, Chuck the Plumber, arrived promptly, spent 10 minutes looking at the heater and then got it running immediately. Chuck said that he thought that this was a joke as all someone had to do was flip the on/off switch located at the bottom of the water heater. He said it wasn't easy to find but that any plumber should've known to turn on the device.

I am very grateful to Chuck the Plumber and will never refer or use FH Furr. The person providing the quote was clueless and although I tried to reach FH Furr and explain what happened, their customer service manager never returned two calls. I'm better off without them as are other people

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