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Posted on Monday, November 6th, 2006 at 7:41pm CST by f0735ba8

Company: Panasonic DMC-FX01K camera from

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Dear Sirs,

I placed an order for a camera from on 11/5. I was requested to follow up with a phone call. When I called on 11/7. The "salesperson" was extremely forceful in his attempt to sell additional products. First it was more memory. I explained that I already had additional memory and didn't need any more. He went on to tell me how bad the battery was that came with the camera, how they sell these 2 hour batteries on "their website for $99.95 all day long". But they would sell me one for $59.95. I answered "NO" repeatedly. That's when I was told that he would sell me the battery and a camera case for $49.95, " Take or leave it". I explained that the camera already came with a case according to their website. He was very adamant I was wrong and it did not come with a case. I finally agreed (mostly just to end the conversation). I was then informed that the amount charged to my card would be $271.00 and change. A restocking fee of 20% would be charged on any canceled orders once the telephone call was over. The original cost with shipping should have been $207.49. The numbers just didn't add up.

I waited until the customer service department opened in another half hour. I called back to question the charges and to explain about the treatment I had just received. I was immediately put on hold then transferred to the same salesman!! He once again became abusive and told me "that's what you wanted". I explained that I didn't appreciate his "strong arm tactics". The salesman went on to say that the order was now canceled and to "get the camera elsewhere". I called him an "Ass" and hung up before he could continue his personal assault.

So what's the complaint? This company sells the product at a low price to get a customer to buy it. When the customer calls in to confirm the order, they are coerced, berated and pretty much forced to buy additional products. Even though their website suggests that they be emailed, there is no way to do so.

This company uses deceptive and unfair trade practices. I can only hope that others do not fall prey to them.

Thank you,

Eric E.


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