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Company: Nextel

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On or about 1998, I contracted with NEXTEL for Mobil services in Maryland.

On November 14, 2004, I moved to Idaho and I was provided with an exchange number that caused all my calls to be LONG distance and costly. After some research, I discovered what was referred to as NEXTEL Partners and On Feb 28, 2005, I received the correct exchange – 573 – and my contract was extended for TWO years without my knowledge.

On September 21, 2006, after repeated problems with the phones provided by NEXTEL and replacement of two phones that I had to pay for, I said enough and cancelled my account knowing that it would cost me $200 per phone because I discovered the contract until 2007!

On November 6, 2006, I received a NEXTEL bill with not only $600 early termination fees, but $103.33 for transferring the phone to Verizon ($25 per phone); a LATE FEE of $10.05 (I have not been late); prorated minutes $19.80 for ONE day; and the access charges for $17.62. When I called NEXTEL, (Employee #89821)I was told that my account was started on Feb 28 and it was understood that I knew about the charges that could happen if I cancelled. This is not true, I was never told about these additional charges and contend this is corporate theft from clients.

Further, there was no supervisor for me to discuss these charges and no direct connection to the billing department to discuss the bill! I was given this number as reference 29192144….for what pray tell?!?!?!?!

The record supports the problems I have encountered with Nextel and now for closing my account with three phones, I am charged outrageous amounts. I am challenging these charges!

Everyone should be made aware of the underhanded dealings of Nextel….don’t deal with them.



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