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Posted on Sunday, November 5th, 2006 at 7:15pm CST by f84db01c

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Art Van Furniture- Michigan

This is an inside personal complaint from a former employee of Art Van Furniture. Art Van is looked upon as a very large and reputable furniture store in Michigan. What they say about themselves and how they really are are very different. Supposedly the customer is king,we had a whole ongoing program that stressed customer importance, however in their sales meeting we were instructed to take every dime from the customer.Hours are spent on how to sell all the warranties, but as the consumer try to collect on clearance center warranties, fabric protection and extended warranties plus the sales staff is penalized if they don't sell it. Actually the sales staff is penalized for everything including poor delivery. They are paid $10 a day and the rest is commission. There is no mercy shown for anything especially since Art's kids are running the company. Employees live in fear and intimidation.

I had a customer tell me once they felt they had to drop to their knees and crawl out to get out of the stores. Sales people are not allowed to give customers their own sales card. It is mandatory that another sales person be brought in to close the deal. If you want to shop in a poor quality, totally for the store atmosphere shop at Art Van Furniture in Michigan.I have never felt better because I know longer have to face that suffocating atmosphere every day. Consumer be very aware and be afraid.


530bdf0a, 2008-08-01, 01:45PM CDT

This is as true in 2008 as it was when written. Art Van is a terrible place to work and not interested in the customer.

360d9c75, 2010-07-27, 11:22AM CDT

i worked there for two months and quit because of these reasons. ethically i couldn't work there. they were ruthless, and i felt that they expected us to be bullies. even if a customer said they were just looking we had to "shadow" them, which is the equivalent of stalking, that's just creepy and i couldn't do that. i wanted to respect someone's wishes but telling a customer to come see me if they had any questions or needed help just wasn't enough for Art Van in these cases. i also wasn't wasn't willing to lie to make a sale or to sell upcharges like warranties and protection plans. then there were all the complications with delivery that never seemed to fail. nothing ever ran smoothly, it was a mess. i left there one huge ball of stress after only two months, and i was still technically in training.

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