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Posted on Sunday, November 5th, 2006 at 5:20am CST by cc243bf9

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Air France

Paris, France

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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are frequent flyers with Alitalia and Emirates and fly to Europe and the U.S. about 4 times a year on Business and Holiday. This time we decided to give Air France a chance and have realised it was a BIG mistake.

I would like to report a very bad experience I had on your flight:

My wife and I flew Air France from Bombay to Paris on 19th October 2006.

After the beverage trolly was brought to us we were asked what we would like to drink. At this point my wife asked for a bottle of Red Wine. The stewardess clearly answered her saying that there was no alcohol being served at the time and she cannot serve it to us. We accepted and asked for some orange juice instead.

The passengers in the next seat who were European and not Indian like us also asked for the same. They were served red wine immediately. And as I noticed, alcahol was served to other foreign nationals as well.

I am completely shocked! I had heard stories about racism in British Airways but never in Air France.

I confronted the same stewardess later and questioned her about why she had done that. She had no proper explanation and said 'You should have insisted for it'. I fail to understand why I should be insisting for a drink when I have the right to get one when I asked for it. AND especially when other people are given a drink without insistting. The matter was then noted by the senior purser and apologies were offered. But the damage was done.

It was a clear case of racism and I am very disappointed. I will make sure this makes it to the press in India and on the Travel Blogs on the Internet.

Extremely disgusting and disappointing. You just managed to loose 2 frequent international travellers.

Yours truly,

Kunal Bhende.


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