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Posted on Saturday, November 4th, 2006 at 8:24am CST by 83d84a4d

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T-Mobile cell phone replacement fee

I have been a loyal customer with 3 phones for about three years. I have

always been happy with T-mobile and just recently signed on the 3 phones for

2 more years. Since January, I listed complaints with a new phone due to

poor service quality during warranty several times. I was instructed to try

several strategies which proved unsuccessful. Finally, I was offered a

replacement phone and was told there would be no charge because the

complaints were reported during warranty. I was asked to check an indicator

of damage on the phone and when I responded the rep said that indicator was

OK and there would be no charge unless I did not return my old phone in the

specified time. I did not hear anything further on the phone, received the

new phone (handset) and returned the old one. I did not receive any

paperwork, correspondence describing phone condition or agreement form in

the mail or box with phone. When I recently went to pay my bill and

surprised by the following:

One Time Charges

One time charge for Equipment Sales Tax


One time charge for Equipment Shipping/Handling


One time charge for Out of Warranty



I called Tmobile several times and was told:

1. upon examination other


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