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Posted on Saturday, November 4th, 2006 at 11:00am CST by 47829c8a

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US BANK, Hilliard, OH Branch.

My son opened a checking account with US Bank. We thought things were fine until he got an overdraft in August. We went into the branch to clear up the situation and deposit funds into his checking account. After leaving the branch, we discovered the teller deposited the funds into his savings. Why, I ask and the teller told me that was where she would told to put it. Now, he specifically went into the branch telling them what he wanted and I suppose he (according to them), he didn't know what he was doing.

Part II - US Bank - My son called and tells us his account is now 82 in the negative. I drove up to the branch and made a deposit -- I specifically as tell (Rhonda) if the deposit I made would cover the problems with his account. I was told yes it would and he had $8 in his account. Low and behold a day later, he has three more overdraft charges. By the time this whole fiasco was finished, the kid was close to $200 in the negative and still getting charged $7 per day each day he was overdrawn (in the meantime on top of this his pay check was deposited and he was still $200.00 overdrawn). He ended up with over 10 overdraft charges that in my opinion should not have been there.

In reviewing his statement myself, I found that US Bank charges overdraft charges for pending transactions not the actual transaction hitting the account. This is unfair as what happens when the business puts in a higher amount that what was actually charged or the item was returned, which in this case it was.

The teller at the branch called me a liar and said I never ask the question when I made the deposit, the manager told us they would help with the overdraft charges if we opened a overdraft credit account (blackmail??) and a gentleman in line told my husband he was the boyfriend of one of the tellers and wanted to take my husband outside to settle the issue in the parking lot.

We are so disguised with US Bank, we have closed all accounts and will NEVER bank with them again.

Thank you

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f977dc56, 2009-12-05, 05:09PM CST

This a trick that most US Bank branches use to generate fee income. They post debits before credits as well as post the larger debits first as to maximize overdraft fees. They pay their managers way less than other banks and force them to make their incentives by gouging customers such as yourself. I banked there up until this year when my long-time friend left to work for a bank that could afford to pay her a respectable salary and is ethical towards their customers. US Bank is defintely not "the best bank in America" like they claim. Check out JDPowers they are one of the worst ranked banks in America!

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