Lowe's - 10 Table SAW attempted return

Posted on Thursday, November 30th, 2006 at 12:08am CST by fac69b42

Product: 10 Table SAW attempted return

Company: Lowe's


Category: Stores, Shopping

Refused to take back a 10" TABLE SAW WITH STAND because I had written a check for amt $91.35.11/27/06 at 15:09:35pm. My son had requested a SAW TABLE & when asked to see one. I was told that they had this table saw & I told the salesperson that my Son does Construction / Carpenter work & he already had a table saw but had requested the table to set it on. Home Depot had advertised one a RYOBI. I was told by Lowes salesperson that RYOBI was the Home Depot name for "their" saws & Task Force was LOWES product name. When asked IF it could be returned when & if it wasn't what my son wanted I was assured YES! just keep the receipt. The BOX was NOT even taken from the backseat of my car (where salesperson had set it) & my son said take it back at 16:00 pm "I told you what I wanted ~I have the saw I just wanted the table" 10:45 am 11/28 I returned saw to LOWES, I parked in the front row to door Disabled space same one used 11/27. Approached return desk with the Receipt and asked to return item. I was told I could have an in store Credit or ? because I wrote a check it would take 12 days because of return time, & when I said ok I'll just stop the check I was told the bank would charge me for that. I said could you give me a receipt & I'll come back. I was told that It wasn't their saw, It was mine & they couldn't tell me what to do. I said you mean I have to keep this saw ? I was told YES for 12 days, then I could bring it back to return.I asked for a note to this effect to remind me. They placed a YELLOW "STICKY" that says "COME BACK around the 12th of Dec.ON LOWES receipt for the saw. I said Merry Christmas, waved & walked out to my car. I moved boxes into my backfloorboard & then went back in & asked the Head of the Return Desk if he could help move the SAW into the trunk of my car, If I had to drive with it for 12 days I wanted it in the trunk. After making a point of yelling to associates to cover the desk while he helped "this woman". Waving at 2 arriving customers that he would be right back as soon as he helped "this woman" He said Now where's this SAW? what car? I had remotely opened the trunk& said right there it's on this side in the back seat. Then he sat it in various areas of the trunk where lid wouldn't shut. .I suggested that he move the spare over & set saw down flat on the floor. He then said "this Spare isn't necessary in here either". I said I beg your pardon IT IS necessary to me. He then said "I'm sorry about all of this" & I said SO AM I !.

Needless to say He does a very poor job at Customer Service and I was

told there was nothing I could do about it because it is their policy &

EVEN the STORE MANAGER couldn't make it happen. I said well if It's

store Policy, just tell me what to do ~ They DID! I would like to have a

sign to such POSTED in plain sight (if it hasn't been already) All of

the women associates came to help & after being told I'd written a check

GULPED audibly. OHh. I would like this to be noted and approval


Thank You,


Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404


1b3fa606, 2008-07-13, 01:44AM CDT

This woman is clearly an idiot with unrealistic expectations. I do not represent Lowes, I am THE ANGRY BLOGGER.

647aa381, 2010-03-01, 02:22PM CST

Never pay with a check dude!

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